October 3, 2006

Who are Can Joann ?

Well Can Joann is a band. Duh. And why are they on the Free Hiphop Now's Syndicate Blog? Er Uh... because we think they're rather cool. That's why. Check for an interview with the band in the near future on www.freehiphopnow.com In the meantime you can check out these tunes...

(from Hurt People Hurt People, self-released 2006) Indecision's Way, After the Seizure's Gone
(from The Aiden Grace EP, s/r 2005) Lady Luck

Can Joann will be playing the Durham Music Festival (Oct 18 - 21st, www.troikamusicfestival.org) alongside The Mountain Goats, Okkervil River, The Rosebuds, and Portastatic.

Check them out on Myspace. Tell'em what you think.
Album available on CD Baby.
Also, the official Can Joann Website.

Special thanks to Regnyouth Archives for making this connection between FHHN and Can Joann possible.

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