December 3, 2015

Lil Young Conscious - Bear Arms

December 2, 2015

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Up the ladder, down the ladder
hold your liquor, spill your bladder
control, data overload
slang enigma nigga, pull the trigger, unload
i remember the winter when the video killed the radio slow
overdose of jimi mixed with Kendricks
musical pron, similar to listening to skin flicks
word sound power with  the strength of Bill Bix
Valdez spill, bounty will provide a quick fix
picker uper she down, for the count Basie
big band expand, fill the gap in for niggas was rappin
but niggas been rappin since the fields
peel back rhythm hit'em, split'em give them riddim stead'uh ritalin
sunshowers, children of the sun plantin sunflowers
she push crack, that nigga push Watch Towers
same difference, depends on how your eyes focus
came by surprise the locust, high rollers
i'm soular, makin planetary visits
teaching remedial physic to idiots
frankly i'm sick of this earth, birth demons
plot thickens, super villains schemin
honestly i'm here to get even…

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November 2, 2015

@PicketFence1 ft.Himshadow - Parasites

Father and son combine to drop knowledge about parasites on this track from Picket Fences' new album "Guts: A Practice In Space Conscious Theory" available on Bandcamp

August 27, 2015

@JB_SoulNerd and @PlanetPremRock Converge on the Dance Floor to "Party Rock"

On Party Rock ft. PremRock by Jeanette Berry and the Soul Nerds the drums modestly channel EU’s 1988 record Da Butt. Remember it from Spike Lee’s classic film School Daze? It’s obvious the old school party rocker vibe meets a new school that turns up but not exactly for typical Trap music in the club, still reflecting the sentiment of being uninhibited and free on a Friday night out, or going up on a Tuesday if you will. Some may feel Party Rock to be the most left of center of the overall ‘love’ music theme on Allegiance To Love, but love is an immense emotion with levels and complex compartments. Whether you love to dance solo, with a partner or as a part of the crowd give this track a listen. Let us know if it's two-step worthy or nah.

March 22, 2015

dubbing (this ain't Yeezus) lyric video

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