November 2, 2015

@PicketFence1 ft.Himshadow - Parasites

Father and son combine to drop knowledge about parasites on this track from Picket Fences' new album "Guts: A Practice In Space Conscious Theory" available on Bandcamp

August 27, 2015

@JB_SoulNerd and @PlanetPremRock Converge on the Dance Floor to "Party Rock"

On Party Rock ft. PremRock by Jeanette Berry and the Soul Nerds the drums modestly channel EU’s 1988 record Da Butt. Remember it from Spike Lee’s classic film School Daze? It’s obvious the old school party rocker vibe meets a new school that turns up but not exactly for typical Trap music in the club, still reflecting the sentiment of being uninhibited and free on a Friday night out, or going up on a Tuesday if you will. Some may feel Party Rock to be the most left of center of the overall ‘love’ music theme on Allegiance To Love, but love is an immense emotion with levels and complex compartments. Whether you love to dance solo, with a partner or as a part of the crowd give this track a listen. Let us know if it's two-step worthy or nah.

January 13, 2015

The Lesson Moments [Video]

"The Lesson Moments" is a glimpse into the incredible weekly live music event The Lesson held at Arlene's Grocery. Filmed by H2L and edited by myself in 2014. I was asked to create a video. Offered the opportunity to present what I saw by an individual that believes strongly in this movement. This is just a small portion of what goes on inside the venue. My artistic vision from the footage gathered passing through one part of the evening. I implore you to attend in order to understand what the full experience is like. I was moved by the energy of the bodies in the room. The band and vocalists. The performances of the artists invited to the stage to participate. So much talk about what's lacking in music and how venue after venue is closing in new york, here we have an example of something real happening right under our noses that needs to be recognized. I can't promise you you'll get in but it's worth a try. Show up early. Just make sure you're prepared to be present and show some love because that's what's happening. If you can get with that you're in for an empowered night. - Conscious

Likwuidity Mix Show debuts 1-14-15 on @BondfireRadio

Bondfire Radio starts of the new year with that 'new new' hump-day mixshow spun by talented New York based artist Likwuid.

"We’re always enthusiastic about the daily operations at Bondfire Radio but there’s a special excitement shared when we launch a brand new show. Proudly we announce that on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 “Likwuidity Mix Show” joins our programming grid following directly behind our flag ship morning show “TK in The AM”. So from 11:30AM to 12:30PM EST every Wednesday, Likwuid is now in charge of your hump day sound selection, blending everything from Baltimore/Jersey Club Music to Afro Deep House to indie and old school Hip Hop to Rare Grooves to newly emerged genres such as PBR&B. If you happen to be seated when her set begins you won’t be for long. “I’m so excited to play good tunes and have fun; it’s every DJ’s dream to play the music that we genuinely like. Bondife Radio is truly Real Radio for Real People” says Likwuid. Mark your calender and tune in. We can’t wait to meet you." 

For more information visit:

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