April 7, 2014

She Hulk - @TigressZoo prod by @DJJimmyGuapo

Tigress Zoo gives us a sneak peak of her future release with her first single "She Hulk" (produce by DJ Jimmy Guapo) from the forthcoming "The Escape" EP. Here's what she had to say about the project:

"The escape is the realization of the power of your voice. A struggle is not all yellow brick roads and friends to comfort you along the way. It's a rite of passage about a strength inside to turn your back against adversity and start listening to your heart. When you know you have something worth tapping into and it feels like you have nothing to lose, just go for it. Take the leap of faith and soar. Go for what comes natural; we were created in the natural wild after all."

April 1, 2014

"ERROARS 2.2: Metal Sakura" produced by @MeccaGodZilla

Whether you're an emcee searching for the next cosmic soundtrack to vibe to and pen the realest verse you ever wrote or a lover of raw hard hitting beats, MeccaGodZilla's "ERROARS 2.2: Metal Sakura" will give you something to study for a long while. 

Go get it! http://bit.ly/MetalSakura

February 14, 2014

@NickiMinaj Issues Second Valentine's Day Apology

Seems Nicki Minaj can't catch a break on this Valentine's Day having issued a second apology today, this time for the 'unofficial' album art for her 'non' single release "Lookin Ass Cat". The trio of ASPCA, PETA and The North Shore Animal League have united in solidarity petitioning Nicki Minaj, Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records, and Universal Music Group to do away with such album art and song totle that misrepresents our feline friends. #lookinasscat #tkintheam #meme #nickiminaj #blackhistorymonthstunts

December 12, 2013

Eminem - Rap God (Explicit)

Finally watched "Eminem - Rap God (Explicit)" #GoodStuff I heard the song and was like cool. Saw the video it drove it home even better. There's so much going on; he pays homage, he drops subliminals and he overtly responds to taunts. It's a masterfully crafted rap. And it's better for you when you know all the things he's referencing.

November 25, 2013

Kanye West, Seth Rogen & James Franco Bound 2.5 (Side by Side)

October 30, 2013

More Fuel For Flames: @BondfireRadio Proudly Announces Two New Live Programs.

Bondfire Radio (www.bondfireradio.com) was recently described as "the future of radio" by a respected source in terrestrial radio. The statement is a lot to take in. Now internalized, we gladly acknowledge, accept and agree with the sentiment. An integral part of building up said future is the gradual addition of new and unique programs that push forward the Bondfire legacy. We are proud to announce this week, two fresh new faces and voices to our schedule. 

New York, NY October 30th, 2013 -- DJ Jimmy Guapo makes his Bondfire Radio debut with The BodyRock Show at 12:00 noon today following up your morning coffee brewed to perfection, that being the TK in The AM team (10-11:30A.M.). Anyone can play music, or even mix records, but Guapo is here to provide an experience. Take off your cool, and lets have a good time. Tune in every Wednesday for a LIVE mix that will keep you moving through your lunch hour.

Forward thinking and ever expanding, we’ve extended our new live programming to the weekend, The first show to inaugurate our Sunday inspirational block belongs to our second addition to the Bondfire Radio team. Wellness Professional Tiffany Denise presents Sweet Success Sundaes with a mission to motivate aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers. Get ready to be inspired and empowered every Sunday at 1:00 P.M. by Tiffany and guests with stimulating conversation and just a touch of music.

As we grow at Bondfire Radio we hope to provide a few tools to help our listeners grow with us. Bondfire Radio is the future of radio. We claim that. Real radio, for real people. Tune in.


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