May 26, 2011

Introducing PERFECT 天. An intense sonic journey orchestrated by Ryu Black.

Indie Hiphop meets gamer culture as (artist/producer) MeccaGodzilla unveils alter ego “RYU Black”, protagonist of his current release PERFECT 天 (ten/ heaven); a homage to Capcom’s classic fighting game “Street Fighter II” which recently celebrated it’s 20th year anniversary in March. The “Hip-Hopera” has already been recognized by the Japan Times and numerous publications both on and offline. PERFECT 天 is an ambitious and uniquely dynamic project merging multiple sub-culture circles that are not generally synonymous. PERFECT 天 demands and deserves attention, it is not your ‘typical’ free underground Hiphop release.

A quote from RYU Black:

“While living in Japan, Tokyo opened it’s arms to me with full support. I got to model with Tokyo Street brand Applebum, appear in a few magazines, work with a great producer from the Japanese label Jazzy Sport, and really connect with the Hip Hop scene. Japan is beautiful and I want to give back. I will commit to donating proceeds to Japan for the lifetime of the “PERFECT 天 ” musical, in addition to Haiti and Ovarian Cancer Canada for sure.” – RYU BLACK


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