July 31, 2012

Check My Resume (prod. Oddisee) by Substantial

July 24, 2012

And For My Next Trick by @HRapgun

Someone sounds hungry!

Cayoz - Retrospect (Feat. Ensilence)

Gonna just let this track speak for itself...

F.Y.I. feat. Rhea Monet - Christmas In July

They used the green screen well in this one... Good looks... Christmas in July... Has ha. I see what you did there. This is July!
Behind the scenes below:

July 23, 2012

Water For Chocolate by @ToriNicksWho

You gottah have some nerve to jump on Mos Def's Umi track right? Perhaps you just gottah be pretty dope and moved by the production to share your feelings on it. Tori Nicks has definitely got something so don't just stop at this track. Explore that Soundcloud, you will not be disappointed.

July 21, 2012

JManifestO (@JdotOdot) (Mixtape)

It's Saturday evening and we just clicked play on this new JManifestO(Mixtape) streaming from a Soundcloud on the net. A far cry from the days when a mixtape was literally a tape that you'd pop in your boombox or Walkman. Listen up!

July 19, 2012

DJ Lord Ron & Wildelux "Negrophobia"

From east to west coast in America the story is pretty much the same, there are far too many people who suffer from Negrophobia. Who can blame them though? Consider the influencing mess of media from news to television and film that depicts a certain portion of the population as persons that should be feared. This video is loaded with powerful images both fictional and true to life all relevant in supplying a visual montage of the life of many who can not simply change their appearance in an effort to become less of a victim or a be perceived as a threat.

Øs Crunc - STUNT DUBL (The Exorcism of Papoose & Kay Slay)

Aye Boi! What up though!

@NarubiSelah LIVE on WBAI Radio

We told you before about Narubi, but of course you slept. Here's your second chance to be anointed by the flow. Considering some of the stuff lottah yall think is 'hot' if you can't feel this, you're corny. Yep that's about it... Don't hate! (and what you know about your pineal huh? What you really know son?!)that's word life sometimes you need to to be schooled by sisters. Do the knowledge RIGHT NOW!

July 14, 2012

F*ck a job, Chase Dreams. Judah 1.

F*CK A JOB & CHASE DREAMS... A simple yet powerful statement by artist, activist, entrepreneur, and dream chaser Judah 1 as he shares the inspirational path that led to the birth of Machine Pomona. The video speaks for it's self and if you're someone with a dream larger than where they currently stand do yourself a favor and take a look and then get to work.  - Shaylay Kimberly


Amazing Spider Man Who? Let's get familiar with Miles Morales...

An innovative group of self described "normal people trying to be superheros" have created an amazing project introducing the world to Miles Morales. And who exactly is Miles Morales well folks he is Spider Man not the well worn Peter Parker we are still seeing movies about. According to the comic series Parker is actually dead and Miles the half Latino half African American teen is now the beloved superhero. The group consisting of Wes Armstrong, Rita McMillin, and Donnie McMillin are seeking funding via their rocket hub page in order to fund more projects like "Miles Morales Ultimate Comics Spider Man". They may be regular folks but the work they are doing is anything but. 

http://rkthb.co/9077 <------ Fundraising link

July 13, 2012

Danny Brown - Grown Up

This is cool. If you got somethings adverse to say about this. Kick rocks!

July 10, 2012

Iron Cobra by @LiKWUiD

Iron Cobra was written on the A train one afternoon. "People kept asking me to describe my sound and I honestly had no idea on how to explain it. I figured, the best way to do it was to describe it to myself in song and maybe they'd hear it and get it. Deep had just sent me this beat and it was on repeat in my head....hence Iron Cobra emerged." (Yes, the song is named after the drum pedal.)

@SocietyHAE MF DOOM performs at Splash Festival 2012 (@TastyKeish)

July 6, 2012

Stop, Look & Listen​*​The Dirty Version* by @Dj_MentPlus

Oh god forbid you place an image of a nude woman on your Hiphop blog. Oh Whelp, I kinda sorta want you to hear this and I'm not going to censor album art to please anyone who objects to such visuals. So, perhaps you close your eyes and listen to Stop, Look & Listen​*​The Dirty Version* by Dj MentPlus. That's all I care for you to do right now.

July 2, 2012

J. ManifestO (@JdotOdot) - Wake Up

Another one of dem O.I.S.D. boys "J. ManifestO" delivers his solo effort after a bit of anticipation. Gottah love how these guys all sound different and aren't in any rush to put out music devoid of meticulous intent.

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