September 24, 2009

Bondfire Featuring, Joya Bravo, Tah Phrum Duh Bush & Jahmed

Another Bondfire Tuesday September 29th. 10PM Fall Is Here!

Hosted by The Bronx Über Villain & TastyKeish [Rise Up Radio on WBAI 99.5 FM}
Resident Live Artist Marthalicia

All Ages. 21 to Drink...
Admission $5 before 10:30PM $10 After...

(This show is sponsored by the audience. Let us know who you came to support! So the artists can get their fair share. There Is No Guest List... DON'T DEAD-BEAT THE ARTISTS!) Of course if you don't have it you just don't have it and we'll never turn anyone away at the door.

Bondfire Concert Series Welcomes Featured Acts...

11:45 Joya Bravo - The Young Dynamo! [Emcee/Musician/Singer]

12:15 TahPhrum Duh Bush - Hiphop's Hardest Working Most Innovative Creative Showmen!

12:45 Jahmed - The Super Emcee Performance Artist!

Ridiculous dynamic talents. Great performers take the stage at every Bondfire.

10:30PM - 11:30PM Bondfire Mic Open Show

Mic Open. Sign up is at 10PM... 10-13 slots open. No call ins. No sign ins for your friends. Everyone can not rock. It's only an hour. (We're working on a weekly event so everyone will be able get on for a Open Mic Only Show).

All types of performances welcome. Feel free to sign up on the list... Bondfire Mic Open is not a Hiphop Show. It's an everything show...

[Please be respectful of all performers. Everyone loves a good cipher but a mass exodus midway through the event because you've had your chance to rock and now you have more to say is plain ol wack. Participate and support everyone and you will be supported too].

September 21, 2009

Artist Of The Week - J.Monopoly

Hollis, Queens has been home to a number of hip-hop’s legends. From Run-DMC to LL Cool J, the small section of NYC has always seemed to produce great emcees. J.Monopoly has spent his entire life in Hollis. Want to take a guess at what he’s great at? Yeah, he can rock the mic. For J.Monopoly the obsession started early and he pushed all other potential hobbies and distractions to the side to focus on music. “When I did well in school,” he remembers, “my pops would reward me with a trip to Tower Records and I got to pick out anything I wanted and for Christmas I always got CDs and cassettes.” Now, at the ripe old age of 21, J.Monopoly is poised to be one of the leaders of the next generation of NYC hip-hop artists and this week I caught up with him to find out more about his music, his history, and if there’s anyone in the game that the “Right In The Kissah” emcee would like to give a “boom, pow” to.


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