December 31, 2010

Shades In The Dark (Douchebags In The Club) introducing The Brooklyn Dütes

Shades In The Dark (Douche Bags In the Club) by EklekticGardens

December 30, 2010

THE MAN - Top $ Raz

Last year introduced you to Queens emcee Top $ Raz during what we called 12 Days OF RazMas, where we revisited daily each track of his debut album "Spilled Milk". The feedback was great and not only did a host of new people become aware of Raz but those that were already avid listeners to his music came to learn much more about him after reading his very introspective commentary on each songs creation.

Today we're proud to present to you a song from his forthcoming sophomore release,
"The New Flesh" entitled,"The Man" produced by J Monopoly. A mighty way to enter the new year. (We just wish he'd put a price on the download. Too much hard work to give away.)

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December 23, 2010

Yule Prog 2010: Willie Green

Willie Green play the tracks live on Korg Kontrol Pad in this clip of coverage during the 4th annual Yule Prog event at Southpaw in Brooklyn, NY.

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December 22, 2010

A Monthly Bondfire's "Holiday Soiree"!!!

Uploaded with

2010 a great year for "A Monthly Bondfire" we celebrated our 2nd anniversary and even went to Tokyo. We're looking to end this year off with a bang just like we did in 09. (it's funny saying '09'.)

This month we invite all the way from Japan, DJ Polstyle.
And special guest 'MeccaGodzilla'.

We have some tricks up our sleeves that we're not going to announce just yet. We're sure you're going to love them. We want you to be surprised!

A Monthly Bondfire is brought to you by

Hosted by The Bronx Über Villain & TastyKeish
DJ BooshWheelZ on the 1 & 2’s
Marthalicia makes the art work.

Door Opens at 10PM
$5 Before 10:30PM $10 After (THERE IS NO GUEST LIST)
Mic Open sign-up… 10PM (15 slots available. No calls, no tweets, no signing up for anyone but you…)

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December 16, 2010

Yule Prog 2010: Warren Britt Interview

Beaming with optimism and genuinely enthused for what possibilities may be conjured via movements of a progressive nature within an artists community, Warren Britt is a beacon of inspriation in an at times very dark and jaded underground music scene. In our interview he discusses being unapologetic about making an EP, filled with a number of 'party' tracks that most underground 'rappers' will likely not appreciate.

December 15, 2010

Yule Prog 2010: Cavalier

We braved the fierce cold and made our way to Southpaw last night to document the 4th annual "Yule Prog" event. We'll be releasing video footage from the event for the rest of the month of December. Something new everyday. Stay tuned.

Cavalier Links:

Uncommon Records Links:

December 13, 2010

Black & Yellow (The Red & White Remix) Aka Shiro by Kojoe

Download: Black & Yellow (The Red & White Remix) MP3

"Red & White" Remix (English) Translation by Kojoe

Yea uh huh u kno what it is/ (red and white×4)

Yea uh huh I'm so ill with a risin sun on my shoulder holdin a pen that I inherited from my ancestor/

Yea uh huh/ u already know its me/ I'm the only anchor of legend/ that's me/

Imma ride for this island til I die/ (red and white×4)
I put it down for my japs and my kamikazes/

Red dot (hinomaru) with white back drop/
Buzz steady spreadin/ I call it JAP HOP/
A real soldier spits w/ pride and got nothin to hide/
put my life on the line w/ my japs to claim our kingdom/
Money can't buy change but a mic and a pen is my weapon to lead the next generation/
From NEW YORK to Japanese islands/
I'm the truth/ takin the crown/
(Sizzlin noise) hot boiled water/
Watch me carryin YAMATO (Japan) wherever I go
spiitin til I throw up and grindin for gwop/
where all my samurais whose ready to die for honor/
I swear to spirit that's made in japan/ (solute)


Sound of exhausts of kyusha (old japanese gangster's motorcycle)
echo when the rays from the sunset pierce my old wounds/
I'm hustlin for more/ either become a ruler of the under world or a hero of the real world/
pressure is massive but my woofa would blast it off/
better order KOJOE's product cuz it's so addictive/
people can't help but to come back for more/
this is a crime version of intelligence to build short cuts to the top/
you see a dragon?/ spiral staircase/


everybody get up/ always straight talk/ never get swallowed by trends/
if you are chained to the money then you ought to break them/
I'm carrying YAMATO (JAPAN) no matter what they say/
the whole hood is dancin cuz I brought truth with me/
I'm fully loaded/

under the name of YAMATO OMATSURI (we gonna party)


Concept & Promotion:

ENTer. ENTertainment. Tokyo.

MED feat. Aloe Blacc - Where I'm From

December 5, 2010

John Graham Presents: Light Reality

Download Link: John Graham's Light Reality
Listen to stream: Click Here

Crafting A Lane: An iAreConscious Triple Play

In an effort to reach new fans and satisfy those that already follow him. iAreConscious is releasing a brand new song or verse every week. That is, at least for the rest of 2010. All material is furnished with lyrics but there will be followups after each song has begun to make its way around the net. The followups will include breakdowns of the songs and insight on what they really mean. This information privy to those that are currently subscribed to his website, have purchased his music or downloaded it via iAreConscious is crafting his own lane and in doing so is showing fans and artists alike that what he creates and shares is rooted in purpose. There is a definite meaning behind all of the 'art pieces' and he hopes that people will appreciate the experience of listening to music in a less conventional manner. With so much 'Free', iAreConscious is attaching genuine value to the work he shares by thinking beyond the normal methods and making an effort to make a connection with listeners. He encourages his audience to share the music and discuss it. To say that the listener is 'important' is a massive understatement for without them, what exactly is the point?

To get you caught up with what you may have missed we're making his first three songs from this series available for listening here on Free Hiphop Now.

P.S. Be sure to download the songs so that you can received the exclusive followup correspondence about them.

Michael's Faith

Devil In A Bubbled Vest

Maybe, Rob Reiner

Clipse ft. Pharrell – Life Change

November 26, 2010

Coupon Cuttin N Stuff With TastyKeish

In this clip we're treated to a brief lesson in coupon clipping by new-media personality TastyKeish. This world travelled lady knows a thing or two about getting the most value for her dollar.

You can find out more about NYC's nightlife exciter and follow her many adventures on her official site:

Follow her right NOW!!! http://Twitter.comTastyKeish

November 25, 2010

U Already Know by Narubi Selah

Let's all stop pretending that dope emcees of the female gender are a myth. That it's all black and white. Either they're 'super sexed' or hyper 'conscious cosmic'. Honestly, some are both and many are not. It's time to give attention and props to those that are great at what they're doing and support their efforts instead of having this futile conversation about the lack of skilled and talented female emcees. Stop it.Let us be the first to introduce you to Narubi Selah. Jersey and Brooklyn please stand up and salute this soldier.
P.S. If you really want the face of music to change. Stop complaining and get behind the artists you truly feel need to be heard and deserve the spot light. Or Shut it!

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October 22, 2010

TK Classics: Designers Speak - Part 1 - Funk The Formula

In this edition of "TK Classics: Designers Speak" Mustafah Greene and Colin Lawton of Funk The Formula discuss their company's mission and the motivation behind their collaborative effort with TastyKeish, creating limited edition T-shirts that are apart of the "TK Classics" signature line.

October 13, 2010

The Bronx Once Burned; Now The Lower East Side Too?


The Bronx Once Burned; Now The Lower East Side Too?

NEW YORK, N.Y. Wednesday (October 13th, 2010) - For nearly two years tremendous fires have been set monthly on the Bowery and no manner of reputable press has had the guts to report on the occurrences, except for that of Time Out New York (October 2009 Issue 733) last year. It seems, the general fashion is not to cover events that may upset the norm, by rattling the ‘machine’ and loosening its cogs.

On Tuesday October 26th at 10PM yet another ‘bonfire’ will be lit. presents “A Monthly Bondfire’s 2nd Anniversary Show” with an encore presentation of the very successful, “Future Insomniac”. It’s summertime debut which filled “Santos Party House” from wall to wall, can be simply described as remarkable. A collaborative effort unlike anything New York’s independent underground scene has ever witnessed. "Future Insomniac" will amaze you, as Tah Phrum Duh Bush and Coole High combine the themes of their individual projects for a theatrical concert under the direction of Gus Gauntlet. It’s cast consists some of NYC's best underground talent. (Bisc1, Cypha Blak, Mariella, Rabbi Darkside, Sleepwalkas, SuperKingArmor, Why-G. Music by M-Tri).

Consider this an open invitation to come and participate in a gathering that can only be fathomed if experienced first hand. It is also the celebration of the event host’s “The Bronx Über Villain” day of birth. (Well the idea of it. No one knows when this character was conceived or if he was actually even ‘born’). Co-hosted by the charming and energetic TastyKeish (WBAI 99.5FM’s Rise Up Radio), Bondfire gives you a well balanced night of entertainment including ‘live’ art by resident painter, Marthalicia Matarrita. (Bring a gift)

A Monthly Bondfire’s celebration of anniversary marks a major accomplishment in a city where venues close just as fast as they open. Cultivating a show with a following that’s grown exponentially since it’s inception while continuing to be regarded as the best “Mic Open/Concert Series” in town, is news worthy. If Waka Flocka’s southern flame can be voiced by the villagers, why not as well the sparks of New York City natives that populate the Bondfire.

Door opens at 10:00P.M. Show begins (on time) at 10:30P.M. The Bowery Poetry Club is located at308 Bowery btw Houston & Bleeker.

WE.PRMO PR+(Pro)Motion... We provide PR and Promotional Services. The two are NOT one in the same...

If you'd like more information about A Monthly Bondfire: Mic Open & Concert Series or to schedule an interview with an of the show organizers please contact: wePRmo via email at weprmo (at)

September 24, 2010

Jah C :: "Summer Love" featuring Jaison Spain & Hotep

Oh the love is in the air...!

A Monthly Bondfire! featuring Misnomer(S) & SuperKing Armor

This Month A Monthly Bondfire invites the Misnomer(S) & SuperKing Armor to the Concert Series stage...

A Monthly Bondfire is brought to you by

Hosted by The Bronx Über Villain & TastyKeish
DJ BooshWheelZ on the 1 & 2’s
Marthalicia makes the art work.
Joann Gomez is our official fotog…

Door Opens at 10PM
$5 Before 10:30PM $10 After (THERE IS NO GUEST LIST)
Mic Open sign-up… 10PM (15 slots available. No calls, no tweets, no signing up for anyone but you…)

Follow A Monthly Bondfire at

September 19, 2010

Tah Phrum Duh Bush- Randomatic Idiosyncratic (Part 1)

New video from Flatbush, NY Emcee Tah Phrum Duh Bush! From the soundtrack to the film "The Quiet Arrangement". Also featured on his album LUMINOUS DARK ALLEYS: THE INSOMNIAC WORKS.

September 15, 2010

Unbreakable - Eagle Nebula - Produced by Daru Jones

If you don't know Eagle Nebula by now, 'What's going on?!' Well let this be your introduction to the west coast lady residing in the east. Brooklyn that is. "Unbreakable" produced by mister Daru Jones. A free sample of things to come on Eagle's forthcoming EP entitled, "Love Bomb" being released in October.
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September 9, 2010

Digable Planets Presents "Sounds from the 7th Dimension" mixed by DJ Alex J.

Track Listing:
Digable Planets presents “Sounds from the 7th Dimension"

1.Digable Planets-Rebirth of Slick (King Britt Rmx)
2.Digable Planets-Rebirth of Slick instr (DoodlebugftDOR Outtaspacefunkadelic acc)
3.Doodlebug feat D.O.R.-Outtaspacefunkadelic
4.King Britt-Instrumental #18
5. DJ Shadow Feat Blackilicious-Swan lake
6.Ghostface killa feat MF Doom-Angels
7.D.O.C.-Its Funky enough
8.Kai Chi-Got Green
9. DJ Alex J-tribal drums (Doodlebug vox)
10.Butterfly and Doodlebug-Fresh Out
11.J.Period and K’naan -Relationships Lay (Bob Dylan Tribute)
12.Butterfly (Shabazz Palaces)-Sparkles
13.MF Doom-Dead Bent
14.Digable Planets-Brooklyn Sky
15.Young Buck-Bang Bang instr
16.Cee knowledge feat CFO Allstars-These Eyes
17.Black Moon-Buck ‘em Down-Beatminerz instru
(Doodlebug feat D.O.R.-Back in da Daze Accap)
18. DJ Premier-Its All Real instru
19.Chali 2na Feat Talib Kweli-Lock shit down
20.Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth-T.R.O.Y.-They Reminisce Over You instr
21.Talib Kwela & Hi-Tek-Back Again
22.Buster Rhymes-Put ya hands where my eyes can see instr
23.Camp Lo Feat Butterfly-Swing
24.Butterfly (Shabazz Palaces)
25.Sonny Bonoho-Judge Brown
26.J Walk-Soul Vibration
27.Digable Planets-Where I’m From RMX
28. DJ Honda Feat De la Soul-Trouble in the water instru
29.Digable Planets-The May 4th Movement
30.9th wonder-Nightriders instru
Bonus track
31.Doodlebug Feat D.O.R. JBizness,The Tones-Sweet Music

September 6, 2010

Hiding Bhillboards In NYC?

Our friend TastyKeish had a conversation with New York City, visual artist Bobby Hill about his art and this interesting thing he's been doing the entire all summer. Hiding art for you to find in New York.

You're this awesome artist that I met while you were selling your prints down in Williamsburg. I had no idea you were this international phenom until I got home (with two of your awesome pieces) and googled you! Do you surprise people like that often?

Phenom…thanks, I’ll take it. Yeah, I’ve been told that I surprise people before. It’s not that I plan it like that, it’s just that a lot of times I don’t really think about all the stuff I’ve done. To me you’re only as good as your last painting/ hit etc. It’s really about what’s next and what I’m doing as I move forward.

Every time I see you, you always ask me what I think and my opinions of how you can improve... Do you find that when an artist reaches a certain amount of acclaim that they shy away from people or are closed off to what people think? What makes you different (or similar)?

In regards to whether or not artists shy away from people when they reach a certain acclaim, I think that everyone is different. Some artists might be like that while others are different. As an artist, it’s definitely easy to get caught up in your own world of making pictures etc and losing touch with reality. That’s just part of the zoning out/ creative process. I’ve definitely lost touch with reality a couple times as I was making art before. That’s why I now make it a point to be out in public and to hold conversations with others on a regular basis.

You have this crazy contest going right now, "Bhillboards" where you've hidden 1,000 one of a kind pieces of art all over NYC for people to find. What is "Bhillboards" about? And why hide and seek?

Bhillboards is actually the name of the show. I don’t even have an official name for the art hide n seek. Naming it Bhillboards is not a bad idea though.

I first played around with the idea of art in the streets during the late 1990’s. From time to time I would leave prints of my art in the phone booths around NYC with my name and “beeper number” written on the back (it sounds funny now, but that’s what we were using at the time). When people found them, they beeped me and I would call them back. They would tell me they found my work and ask if they should return it. I always told them to keep it as a gift.

Years later in 2008, while visiting London, there was an artist doing something similar to what I did in the 90’s. That event brought back memories and I told myself that the next show I had, I would do it again on grand scale as promotion for the show. This time I would make 1000 pieces with each one being an original and hide them around the city for the duration of a month or longer. This has never been done before to my knowledge.

The next show I had was at a sneaker store in Harlem called The Vault, so I proceeded to make a bunch of Multiple Originals featuring an image of Muhammad Ali sitting in a bank vault, to leave around NYC. However, I underestimated the time necessary to pull it off correctly so I had a lot of pieces left over. Fast forward to 2010... The Bhillboards event is on 9/11 and I’m finally executing the plan that first began as an idea in the 90’s. This promotional event is unlike anything that has done before. It goes on for a month’s time and every piece is an original.

If someone finds a Bhillboard, how should they go about claiming it? What if someone thinks they're stealing? :)

That’s funny. First off... Congratulations to anyone who is lucky enough to find one in this big city of New York. All they have to do is save it and bring it to the show with the raffle ticket still attached and get it signed. Hopefully nobody thinks they’re stealing.

Can you give me a clue where I can find my own Bhillboard? ;)

Yes, There are 1000 works of art on corrugated cardboard being placed throughout the NYC train system and streets of Soho, the Lower East Side, the Meatpacking District, Chelsea, Harlem, Williamsburg and Bushwick. Me and a couple friends of mine have been hiding them since early July. We will continue until Fashion’s Night Out . Then the show is the following night on September 11th.

July 12, 2010

Q & A: Simple X of Herma Puma w/ TastyKeish

It wasn't too long ago that we did a pretty interesting Q & A with NYC's Lady of the Night "TastyKeish". So when she hipped us to the project "Synchromystic" by Herma Puma, it only made sense to ask her if she could holla at those kats for an interview. The following is TastyKeish's interview with Simple X on behalf of Herma Puma (Pimpernel was not available at this time)

1. "Synchromystic" is clearly filed under the Hip-hop genre, but it seems to carry so much more weight then that. What do you attribute that to?

First and foremost we are fans of good music. Our dusty crates contain records from the rarest funk 45's to the most experimental fusion lp's. We felt that while Synchromystic will get tossed in the "Hip Hop or R&B" genre depending on the outlet, we wanted to represent our love for good music at the same time.

2. What's the story of Simple X and Pimpernel Jones? During the making of this project, were there any compromises/concessions made by either of you to get it done?

Its quite ironic how we got connected. Way back when we were both downloading some mp3's to sample from each other on a file sharing program. Basically we both were like "dude is downloading my shit," then messaged each other. Turned out we liked each others work so decided to turn it into a project.

During the making of the record, there were so many tracks in the vault that it was hard to decide which to roll with for the LP, but at the end of the day we were both happy with the tracks that made the final cut.

3. When you envision a person's first listen to "Synchromystic"....What type of person is that? Where are they listening to it?

A listener of Synchromystic is hard to categorize, because it can be anyone. The majority will probably be hip hop junkies and those who dig listening to instrumental music aka Dope beats. It is hard to pinpoint what the initial point of contact is, but it is probably on their computer or phone (either via a internet radio show or some blog) , then they toss on the ipod or burn a CD to bump in the whip, etc.

Some people may get thier first exposure to Herma Puma on the online game by the makers of Grand Theft Auto called APB. We are featured on there, and you can hear it while driving a (stolen?) car.

4. Largely an instrumental album, there are a few rappers on the album; Who are they and how did you select them?

The MC's on the record are evenly split between UK artists and US artists. Pimpernel rounded up the UK Mc's while I got a few folks I know from around the Chicago Hip Hop scene. We stuck to our respective area of residency because we wanted to give people from around the way a chance to shine. You will see other projects produced by us showcasing some of these artists individually in the not so distant future. You can find all these artists on Myspace or Facebook.

US Artists (Chicago)
Sensei of Soul: Sensei is my long time friend from diaper age, knowing that I was gonna put out a record I had to get my brother from another mother on board.

MC Scud One: Scud One is one of the very raw lyrical spitters from Chicago, he had an dope idea for that tables turn track so we had to lace it.

The Gent$: The Gent$ are comprised of three very talented vocalists in their own right. Ill Legit (Must Be Illy), Wes Restless (Jordan Years), and Pugs Atoms (Grant Parks, DJ Vadim). They picked a track and killed it.

UK Artists
Rider Shafique: Rider was just coming off the release of his album Black Canvas which is more of a modern Reggae vibe, and was looking for more stuff to get into. He blessed us with Space to Breathe.

Elemental: Elemental is part of a group called The Menagerie, and is a lighthearted MC. We didn't quite have a vocalist like him on the record and felt it was good to add something a little different.

ASM: ASM is a well know hip hop crew in Europe, they are also label mates on First Word Records we had the chance to work with them and capitalized on it.

5. My favorite track is "Disposable Rappers". I think we all know some artists that are just taking up space. What are your experiences with "Disposable Rappers"?

HAHA there are plenty of things just taking up space. Hip Hop has always had a love for battling and crushing wack mc's what better way than making a public service announcement about it!? Speaking from personal preference, I have heard a lot of them either on the TV, the radio, or on the street. Why not do the hip hop community a favor and take out the Trash??

Artist Of The Week - Willie Green

Many great producers don’t get the face time they deserve, which is why this week I made a trip behind the boards to catch up with beatsmith extraordinaire, Willie Green. Originally from Hartford, CT, but now residing in Brooklyn, there’s a good chance you’ve heard Green’s work, but just don’t realize it. He has production credits on the Super Chron Flight Bros’ latest album, Cape Verde, and on Premonition’s just released The Build. Green’s latest solo release is Dirty Jordans and when he sat down with me we discussed the album, why he likes the idea of dirty, rather than clean, Jordans, and what he has in common with some other famous Willie Greens, including an NBA player and an organic farm.

July 9, 2010

"To The Show" by Bread Crumbs

Directed by Ralph McDaniels. Artists: At'Las, Frsh Aire, M-Tri, and Shake Dizzy. These 4 emcees were awarded a video for their sensational performance in H2C2's Annual Rapathon.

June 22, 2010

2nd Annual "All Ladies" A Monthly Bondfire @ The BPC

We're back, better than ever, and the ladies are taking over!

It's the 2nd Annual All Ladies Bondfire!

We have our usual 15 slot mic open with one's only for the ladies!

In our quest to bring you quality acts for our Concert Series we have the sexy, alt/Jazz/ soul vibes of Nucomme and The Curators.

Likwuid fresh off her much anticipated album release of "Gummi Bears & Champagne".

And just incase you didn't know......
A Monthly Bondfire is brought to you by

Hosted by The Bronx Über Villain & TastyKeish []
DJ Leecy T on the 1 & 2's (special guest!)

Resident artist Marthalicia & special guest painters.

Danielle Mastrion, Mio Puma, Lexi Bella & Erica Shermarica

Joann Gomez (MLLTPhotos) is our official fotog...!!!!

Special Homemade Ice Cream samples by Sweet Rikki! (while supplies last)

Door Opens at 10PM
$5 Before 10:30PM $10 After (THERE IS NO GUEST LIST)
Mic Open sign-up... 10PM (15 slots available. No calls, no tweets, no signing up for anyone but you...)

Follow us at

June 14, 2010

Q & A With Emcee Jermaine?

1. What are the Gone in 60 Seconds video promo clips all about?

These promos (there will be three installments) are basically meant to showcase some of my talent as well as my content as an emcee. I wanted to make something just long enough for people to determine if they would like to hear more of me or not.

2. As an emcee what is your main goal?

I would say my main goal is to help bring honest, QUALITY hip hop to the forefront once more. There are already people out there doing this as well, so I would just like to contribute wherever and however I can.

3. What led you to participate in the art form;What have you learned about yourself during the process of becoming an emcee?

I think like a lot of young kids growing up in urban areas, I initially started out by pretty much imitating what I heard on the radio...for me that was the likes of Public Enemy, De La Soul, Rakim, and my hometown group Poor Righteous Teachers. It got really serious for me when I started "battling" other rappers. It made me really sharpen up my presence, my delivery, and content. In most rapper circles growing up I was an unknown, but I wouldn't allow that to deter me.

4. What's your process for rhyme creation like?

For some reason I usually think of a concept for a song well before I've written it. On most occasions I'll just let the thoughts from the concept stew in my head for a couple of days. By the time I sit down to write, the song usually writes itself. There are also other occasions where I'm inspired and am able to write a song literally in minutes.

5. Who do you feel most influences your style?

As far as my style, there are two people who I would have to say were the most influential: Kool G. Rap and Ghostface. I remember Kool G. Rap (in my opinion) had some of the most well constructed verses. Everything made sense and also rhymed almost perfectly. My delivery is where I've been heavily influenced by Ghost. Here's a dude who can say just about anything and make you feel it...because the way he delivers his verses is almost like what electricity would sound like if you put it to a hip hop beat.

June 13, 2010

June 10, 2010

Warren Britt - In The City

Everyone in this fair city isn't a hustler, baller or a thug. Some folks, like Warren Britt, YC The Cynic & J Monopoly are just cool, mellow, down to earth and appreciate what it means to be a party of the city every other city wishes it could be.

June 7, 2010

Cee-Lo & Greg Street Present Stray Bullets

Wondering where Cee-Lo is? Well he's teamed up again with long time collaborator Greg Street for a new mixtape entitled, "Stray Bullets" for all of those fans waiting to hear something new.

Download - Cee-Lo & Greg Street Present Stray Bullets

May 20, 2010

9TH Wonder Interview: The Art of Sampling

Hip Hop producer 9th Wonder on his trip to London in April 2009. He talks to about the art of sampling, why producers that sample are misunderstood by older generations, current work with Wale and David Banner - and why putting his face out there is so important now in an age where, often, music is seen before it's heard.

David Banner Talks "Death Of A Pop Star," [Explicit Content]

David Banner is passionate as usual as he speaks on "feeling trapped musically" and expresses contempt for the proliferation of the mixtape, citing its contribution to the death of contemporary black music. He exclaims, "9th wonder beats ain't free! David Banner verses ain't free!"

May 19, 2010

Video: Imagination - Amber Rose Instrumentals - Judah

This video is quite simple. Makes a very strong observation. Question is; Will those who need to get the message, 'get' the message?

The best way these days to promote music online is with a video seems like, especially if that music is of an instrumental nature. It's intriguing how beatmakers tend to attach a woman's name to their productions. Amber Rose. Hmmm.

Download Amber Rose Instrumentals by Judah

May 14, 2010

Hollywood (Remix) ft. Raekown, Wale, Tabi Bonney and Raheem DeVaughn

Raheem Devaughn's 368 Music Group in collaboration with Okayplayer, DJ Booth, Cmonwealth and Sneaker Pimps present Phil Ade's sophomore mixtape The Letterman hosted by Don Cannon. The Letterman features guest appearances from Raekwon, Wale, Tabi Bonney, Raheem Devaughn, Skillz, Kingpen Slim and more.

Tree City "Say It Again"

"Say It Again" is the newest single from Ann Arbor, MI based 5-man (4MC's + 1 DJ) hip-hop group, Tree City. Off of their upcoming project, "Thus Far," the track showcases each MC's lyrical dexterity over a stripped down, latin-influenced beat, courtesy of producer L05 (who also sings the hook).

Tree City has been making music together ever since early 2006. They have released two previous projects, "The TreE.P." (2007) and the "Black Trees" mixtape (2008), which utilized beats from Black Milk's "Music form the Purple Tape" free download. Both are available at their bandcamp site:, as well as "Say It Again."

May 11, 2010

Common - Next Time feat. Queen Latifah

Even though Common has been making major strides in his new chosen field of acting, he's still crafting tunes for listeners. Obviously gaining a new audience for his work due to his movements on silver screen, at times how much his original fans are digging his newer material is questionable. All in all Common never fails to at least bring us something , whether we dig it or despise it. He's not going to stop being productive, which is more than can be said for a lot of his peers.

May 7, 2010

Death Of A Pop Star - David Banner & 9th Wonder

(May 6, 2010 - Los Angeles, CA) Grammy Award winners David Banner and 9th Wonder, two of hip-hop's heavyweights, are teaming up for the collaborative album Death of a Pop Star slated to be released this summer on Big Face Entertainment. Serving as the artists' first collaborative work together, Death Of A Pop Star offers fans of both David Banner and 9th Wonder a fresh and unique perspective on the music industry.

9th Wonder has a history of teaming with legendary emcees and crafting dream projects that have resulted in both critical and commercial success. With top-selling hit maker David Banner at his side, it's obvious that the respected producer's winning streak isn't slowing down. David Banner's most recent successes include writing, producing, and arranging (with guidance from Jimmy Smith and The G Team at Chalt Day) the new non-hip hop Gatorade theme song "Evolve," performed by Kermit Quinn. To some, pairing with Banner, who is also a celebrated producer in his own right, having produced smash hits like T.I.'s "Rubberband Man," might seem like an odd thing for 9th Wonder to do but this project was a wholly mutual vision between both artists.

The duo's driving creative force for the album stems from shared feelings about the state of the music industry and the de-valuing of music. Concerned that listener's today exist in a world where style wins over substance to the detriment of both the music industry, and the arts, the pair decided to take action. "We first were going to make it a free mixtape release, but then we realized it was bigger than that," explains Banner on their intentions. The duo set out to create a set that would help bring the focus back to music; not image.

While their project began in earnest with their eye on the state of hip-hop, a mutual respect for each other's artistry helped drive the partnership. "9th Wonder is probably one of the most soulful cats in our generation," says Banner, praising the North Carolina producer know for his work with Little Brother, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and more. "Death Of A Pop Star is needed for a balance in the music landscape right now, just like 2 Live Crew and A Tribe Called Quest were once needed at the same time."

9th Wonder adds, "David Banner and I both share the same views on topics such as manhood, being black in America in present day, and the state of black music in general. David and I hash out a lot of options before we actually do a song. Once we get past all the options, the end result is always clear." For fans looking toward the summer release, this David Banner and 9th Wonder collaboration may serve as only a beginning, rather than the pinnacle, for the Death Of A Pop Star concept. Visualized as an ongoing concept, the duo is keeping their options open. Satiating fans, Banner says, "Who knows what concept Death Of A Pop Star may be in the future, next year it might be Lil Wayne and Pete Rock. 9th Wonder and I would still oversee it, but we don't know what it's gonna be." He continues, "This concept is bigger than hip-hop music. It shows us that young people do have soul."

May 4, 2010

The Flaming Clipse: The Clipse Meet The Flaming Lips co-founder and rapper/producer Domer is back with another pun-tastic remix creation. Combining the dirty south raps of Virginia natives Clipse with the epic sonic wash of indie-rock innovators The Flaming Lips, Domer has carefully blended the best of both worlds for this surprising remix/mashup experiment.


The Last Gash
Yoshimi Battles Virginia
Feeling The Wamp Wamp
Grindin At The Gates
The Gangsta That Leaned
Fight Me Too
Kinda Like A Superman
A Spoonful Weighs A Cot Damn Ton

April 23, 2010

Kalae All Day | O.G.LYRIKALBOOKBAGGER f/Homeboy Sandman

Noisemaker Media aligns creative forces with emcee/singer/songwriter Kalae All Day to present her debut music video "O.G.LYRIKALBOOKBAGGER" featuring Homeboy Sandman.

As the first in a collaborative video series, Director Mark Carranceja paints a vibrantly swift invitation for viewers to be the first to experience "afromatic-neo hippie-rockstar-soul music." His signature aesthetic, combined with Kalae's wellspring of soulful Hip Hop flows and neo afro punk melodies, provides a snapshot of the next phase of visual and genre-bending experimentation.

Title: Kalae All Day | O.G.LYRIKALBOOKBAGGER featuring Homeboy Sandman | Directed by Mark Carranceja [Noisemaker Media] | Grip: Justin Denmark | MUA: Laura Santos

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April 7, 2010

Q & A With Jessica Estevez of

When you did you say, you know what I'm going do to a site and its going to be called

Well, I'm going to break it down for you. (It's a long but necessary first answer)

I lived in a small town called, Ocala, FL. So just imagine the hip hop scene there (no scene at all). Back in High School I took all four years of Television Productions. I was highly involved with this program. I was consumed and took what I did very seriously. I was a part of a live show that was aired weekly to the entire student body called, "Knightlife" and I also was in charge of the sports section. (So just like hip hop events, I was attending games, recording, and interviewing athletes).Being involved in this program is what made me have a "calling" on what I wanted to do as a career and that was in broadcasting/communications.

I moved to New York for college to pursue my passion. I always applied for positions at the major networks but never received a call back for a lousy interview. You cant really get to know someone from a one sheet resume. You have to meet them face to face, but unfortunately I never got that opportunity. I thought what I had always longed for would just be something that I could only dream about.

With all that said, I have always been a hip hop head. Last year, I started to check out the underground scene and I saw the passion and talent in all the artists that came to the stage. And because the females in hip hop are scarce people would approach me and always ask, "What do you do?." "Are you in the music industry?."

Back in February I attended the, "Jay $tay Paid" listening party. I so happened to get asked the same questions again. I had pondered the question and said to myself, "I should be in this industry!" I so happened to tell a friend Warren Britt that I had this idea of creating a website. A website solely for the purpose of promoting underground hip hop artists.

You know that saying, "always have to know somebody to be somebody." Well, that's the complete opposite of what I wanted to promote. Because, I too know how hard it can be to get noticed. The name iHEARTDilla was already in existence with my old Myspace URL and the newly made Twitter account. I had decided to go ahead and name my website and launch on June 23, 2009.

The meaning behind the name iHEARTDilla is simple; J Dilla is Hip Hop. When you think of Jay Dee you already know it's going to be nothing but pure greatness. The embodiment of what it should be. So when you think of iHD you know it's promoting great music.

Like Ghost Dog, seems you went in head long. How much of an adventure has it been to cultivate this burgeoning web portal?

I am still learning new things for the website within itself. About two months ago I relaunched iHD with a more professional redesign. Honestly, in a million years I would have never thought anything of it.I always get told that I literally came out of nowhere. I still don't see what I have done to catch the attention of so many people. I feel grateful, humbled and happy.

Seeing that there would be no site if it not for the existence of a man named James Yancey; How does it feel to have the support of the woman that birthed him?

Receiving the phone call from Maureen "Ma Dukes" Yancey was probably one of the happiest moments of my life. I can only say great things about that woman. When I explained to Maureen "Ma Dukes" Yancey and The J Dilla Foundation, what the site represented, they became very enthusiastic about it.

What have you learned about yourself while developing this site?

I have learned that if you put yourself out there in a positive and consistent way people will listen and start to take you seriously.

Do you realize how much of an inspiration what you do is for numerous onlookers that may never voice their affinity for your site or your movement?

I didn't even realize that I had a movement. So thank you for pointing that out. I'm just a real person, that loves hip hop music and believes in the talent.

What do you do to ensure there's a level of quality with everything you post? How do you decide what goes on the site?

I try to avoid posts that are already on the more popular hip hop sites. When it comes to music it's actually screened before being posted. I consider myself to be a very very picky person when it comes to music so that rule will continue throughout the content that's on iHD. My contributing writers have the freedom to write about anything hip hop related. I'm the cool boss to have. :)

Since launching your site, what social media tool or tools would you say have been the most useful in creating awareness about iHEARTDilla?

One of the top tools is myself. I am a people person. I have literally gone up to perfect strangers, shook hands and verbally promoted iHD. You will see me at a hip hop event weekly. It just never stops.

The second top tool is it has been the most helpful media tool to reach viewers outside of the underground scene in New York City. I am very supportive of this site. Without this Twitter my supporters/followers probably wouldn't be spammed as much, haha.

The third top tool are actual people. My supporters, followers, and aspiring hip hop artists.

How did you get involved with Beatminerz Radio?

Before I was with Beatminerz Radio, Evil Dee was my 1,000th follower on Twitter. He has said, that he likes my style and what I am doing. I had invited him to the "One Won't Do J Dilla Tribute" event that I was apart of back in February and he offered to Live Stream it. That same night is when DJ Bazarro, and DJ Wayneski of Beatminerz Radio had basically suggested that I needed my own show on Beatminerz Radio. Evil Dee and Mr. Walt offered me my own show which is now called, "The Independent's Day Show" with Jessica Estevez.

What has it been like to now be in front of a live camera interacting with your audience?

I absolutely love it. I have the best dj's spinning on my show. Every Saturday from 4-6 est. on My audience tells it like it is. If they hate or love the track that's airing on the show.
So, don't worry if you missed out on "The Independent's Day Show" Beatminerz Radio has an archive! ;)

You record a lot of video at shows. In the future, should we expect to see video segments produced by

The videos that I record will start getting posted to the iHD video section. I post the recorded videos on the iHD Facebook Fan page, and on Twitter so that my followers can see acts live.. At the end of the day I'm helping to promote these artists. As far as producing I'm up in the air with that idea.

In five years, what will be the look of Where do you see it's evolution transforming it into?

In five years I'll be old. haha. No, but seriously I'm looking for it to be one of the popular hip hop sites fans go to on an everyday basis. A brand that I'm able to make an affordable living off of. Many doors are opening for myself and iHD and I'm very proud that it's being noticed. iHD will have more writers, more content and of course more supporters.

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April 6, 2010

MOSDUB by Max Tannone

Mos Def + Reggae is most definitely a good thing, right? Maybe or maybe not! You be the judge.

Click Here To Download MOSDUB now!



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Ciph Diggy w/ Cavalier & MC K-Swift performing Think Freely @ A Monthly Bondfire [Explicit Content]

Ciph Diggy w/ Cavalier & MC K-Swift performing Think Freely @ A Monthly Bondfire, Bowery Poetry Club, NYC on March 30th, 2010.

For anyone that has a doubt about the skills and passion of NYC emcees, the proceeding video should be enough to change that mindset. If you haven't been to A Monthly Bondfire yet, it's in your best interest to make it out to one. The show quite simply is like none other happening right now in New York City. No independent concert series and mic open event compares...

Final Outlaw's "Hip Hop 4ever" Directed by Janelle Ryan

Final Outlaw's "Hip Hop 4ever", directed by Janelle Ryan, is a powerful story of struggle, maturity, and the path towards freeing oneself from the mental prisons of society, addiction, and past pain.

April 5, 2010

ScholarMan "Hopes & Dreams" supports ScholarMan who always has some strong and powerful message in the music he releases. This time out we have a video to share with you that's quite good. It's obvious time and effort was taken to craft this creative piece of work that's a lot more sophisticated in it's subtle intricacies than most Hiphop videos that get so much undeserved attention.

March 26, 2010

The First Flight - Diggy Simmons

Diggy Simmons is making an attempt to make a name for himself outside the shadow of his famous father. He wants to be recognized for his skills. He writes his own rhymes. The production on The First Flight debut mixtape of Diggy Simmons is pretty stellar as mixtapes go. Quite frankly a lot of these songs are single worthy.

We need a 14 year that makes music for 14 year olds. Respectable music for 14 year olds. This one gets a major thumbs up!

Download The First Flight Mixtape Here

March 17, 2010

The Light [MyInLine] feat. I Are Conscious produced by Jinesis

Another collaboration 2 years in the making. I Are Conscious rocks over production by Jinesis from his 2008 instrumental album Bonker's Vol.1

Click Here To Download - The Light [MyInline] feat. I Are Conscious
MP3 is encoded at 320kbps with original album art.

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Drop a line. Comments are appreciated.

March 10, 2010

Bang - Kalil Kash

So he just recently released his debit LP, "The Exit Method" and follows it up shortly afte with a pretty slick looking video for his single "Bang". What's next for young Kash?

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March 4, 2010

Air Wave feat. I Are Conscious produced by Jinesis

To celebrate his 10,000 tweet, I Are Conscious (Eklektic Gardens) delivers brand new material over a track from producer Jinesis' instrumental LP 'I'll Be' (available on You can listen to it here.

MP3 includes album art and lyrics encoded within.

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