October 29, 2009

Bisco Smith - Fresh Water

Fresh Water by Bisco Smith aka Bisc1, produced by J.Vegas. Directed and Edited by Hector Nava of Lasek X. Video from the new Bisco Smith LP titled, The Broadcast. In Stores Jan 19th 2010.. video features J.Vegas as the program director and Bisco Smith as the Disc Jockey..

October 26, 2009

10/27/09 A Monthly Bondfire's 1st Anniversary! With Poison Pen & Eagle Nebula

FreeHiphopNow.com Presents...

Tues Oct. 27th 2009

"A Monthly Bondfire's 1st Anniversary"

It's The Bronx Über Villain's Bornday Celebration! Nuff Said.

Bondfire Welcomes Poison Pen And Eagle Nebula to the Concert Series Stage!

Special guests that will celebrate with bonus performances:

Spills & Felecia Cruz
StarPower (Of the Dugout)
MC ~Kswift
Coole High
Super King Armor

+ Special Surprises Throughout the evening...

Such a big show makes for an even larger Bondfire Mic Open with 15 Slots available broken up in sections of 5 spread out through the show!

Same deal. Be on time you to get your slot. No call ins, text ins, emails or tweets. That's just not fair...

If you miss this one. Well, just don't miss this...

As always A Month Bondfire is hosted by The Bronx Über Villain & co Host TastyKeish [WBAI 99.5FM] Rise Up Radio
Resident Live Artist - Marthalicia
And Our New DJ - DJ Boosh Wheelz! [Tah Phrum Duh Bush]

The Bowery is an All Ages Club.

$5 B4 10:30PM $10 After

308 Bowery btw Houston & Bleeker

Artist Of The Week - YC The Cynic

YC The Cynic is an emcee I’ve been aware of for a number of years. I’d not only heard his name from some artists I trust and respect, but I’ve even had a handful of conversations with him. What I hadn’t seen until a few weeks ago, however, was YC The Cynic perform. Thankfully he was able to jump on the mic at the last Bondfire show and it didn’t take long for me to figure out what all the talk was about, YC The Cynic is seriously dope. He’s also young, which makes him part of the next generation of emcees in NYC. This week I caught up with him to find out more about what that next generation has to offer, if he’s really as cynical as his name might suggest, and why there are certain hip-hop shows were you definitely don’t want to just hit on anyone in a dress. Read more...

October 19, 2009

Artist Of The Week – Nyle

Anti-machismo, lonely stoner, and a post-Tribe/Pharcyde type of vibe are just three of the ways Nyle feels his work can be described. Most people who hear him rhyme, however, have found a shorter, one word, description for his style – dope. Nyle’s fan base has been growing steadily since his arrival in NYC from Philly a handful of years ago and he points to his content as one of the reasons for this, saying “the stuff I write about is easy to relate to.” Nyle also has a great range when it comes to his music as he point out his body of work includes everything from “straight rap jawns like ‘Gangrel,’” to “a T-Pain parody song called ‘Fuck A Nice Guy.’” No matter what he may be spittin about, Nyle has developed a reputation for always gettin busy on the mic and this week I caught up with him to ask him about making it in NYC’s crowded hip-hop scene, which kind of naysayers he loves, and why so many people know him by so many different names. Read more...

October 8, 2009

The Noisettes + Kanye West... UK Rockers.... Remixed!

Mick Boogie and Terry Urban once again unite with some of their favorite artists and producers to curate a unique remix project... this time remixing one of biggest sensations in the UK music scene, The Noisettes.

Taking the acapellas from The Noisettes album Wild Young Hearts and merging them with the samples and ideas from Kanye's sublime 808s and Heartbreaks, Mick, Terry and friends provide a completely unique and soulful take on the exciting music being created by Shingai and the gang.


1. The Noisettes f/ 6th Sense: Say You'll Be Noisy (Remix by 6th Sense)
2. The Noisettes f/ Esso: Never Bad (Remix by nVMe)
3. The Noisettes: 24 Winters (Remix by Matt Friedman of ILLFONICS)
4. The Noisettes: Cheap Cops (Remix by Double 0)
5. The Noisettes f/ Christian Rich: Saturday Night Paranoia (Remix by Christian Rich)
6. The Noisettes: Upset Lockdown (Remix by 6th Sense & Apple Juice Kid)
7. The Noisettes: Amazing Heartbeat (Remix by The Cataracts)
8. The Noisettes f/ Dao Jones: Sometimes I'm Heartless (Remix by Apple Juice Kid & 6th Sense)

Download Link

A Conscious Twinterview w/ YC The Cynic

@Conscious How do you approach creating a new rhyme/song/verse....?
@YCtheCynic Me? I don't have a set ritual. Its more so a feeling that I'm in a creative mood. Then I try to figure what flow sounds best.
@Conscious How do you go about choosing tracks to rock over?
@YCtheCynic At this point, I just choose tracks that I like. Beats that I'd listen to, on a regular, w/o words. Plus, if it'd fit my style.
@Conscious What do you consider your style to be?
@YCtheCynic I'd say funk or jazz inspired stuff, that leaves space for the words to be heard/felt/understood. Like a Rebirth of Slick...
@Conscious How long have you been performing? What is your goal with this rap thing?
@YCtheCynic My first performance was about 2 or 3 years ago, but I haven't had many, until recently. I've been rhyming for over 8 years now. My goal is 2 provide good music, an alternative to the detrimental stuff out there. Financially, I'd just like 2 live comfortably. I don't care to be rich/wealthy. I'd just like to, not worry about working...and completely focus on doing what I love.

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