January 26, 2010


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The Show That Always Begins On Time Delivers What New York Concert Goers Have Been Missing. A Great Concert!

Tuesday January 26th, 2010 - Almost directly across from where the famed venue CBGB's once stood, there's been a fire burning at 308 Bowery (The Bowery Poetry Club; The BPC) every month since 2008 with embers so bright that they can't help but be noticed. Touted as “The best place for an aspiring emcee to take the stage” by Time Out New York just a few weeks before the event's first anniversary in 2009, the momentum of A Monthly Bondfire: Mic Open & Concert Series has continued to build exponentially and tonight's show shall prove no different as Raye 6 and My Brother's Keeper take the stage.

Question: Who is Raye 6? Answer: An über beautiful, milky chocolate sultry vocalist, described by many as Prince's female equivalent. Accompanied by the jaw droppingly sexy 'Bubble Girls', who's tantalizing stage motions complement and accentuate a mood that will make both male and female hearts palpitate.

The mighty Bronx team of My Brother's Keeper open tonight's Concert Series, making their debut performance as a full group with a guest appearance by Brooklyn's coolest emcee/producer Coole High. Think Outkast meets Wu-Tang Clan as far as musical diversity and true essence can take you. They also celebrate the release of their single, “Master Musical Minds”.

Of course a true Bondfire wouldn't be proper without real campfire treats. The Lower East Side Girl's Club contributes special toasty smores from their newly renovated Cafe space located at the entrance of The BPC. If you want to feel even warmer on the inside while you enjoy the show, speak to 'Shappy' at the bar and he'll serve you his special hot toddy potion mixture, consisting of four different rums, fresh apple cider, cinnamon, spices and cloves.

FREEHIPHOPNOW.COM Presents “A Monthly Bondfire” is hosted by The Bronx Über Villain and TastyKeish of WBAI 99.5 FM - Music Provided by DJ Boosh Wheelz - Live Art by resident artist Marthalicia - Photography by MLLT Photo

Door opens at 10:00P.M. Show begins (on time) at 10:30P.M. The Bowery Poetry Club is located at 308 Bowery btw Houston & Bleeker.

If 'Ushouldnoaboutit' we're talking about it. I Are PRomo is more than your would be, run of the mill, email blast spewing, wanna be PR company. We deliver the goods on unique happenings on and off line and are devoted to issuing quality entertainment from our growing list of superb clients, not just any ol' folks that can toss us a dollar for our extensive promotional campaign methods. We have the right to be selective, since we do all the work. I Are PRomo seeks only to provide the world with interesting and valuable content. Guaranteed, you won't get any mind fluff from us.


If you'd like more information about A Monthly Bondfire: Mic Open & Concert Series or to schedule an interview with Conscious Walker please contact: I Are PRomo via email at iarepromo (at) gmail.com

January 21, 2010

Help Haiti @A Monthly Bondfire: Raye 6 & My Brother's Keeper Perform

It's 2010!

Bondfire Welcomes Raye6 & My Brother's Keeper with Special Guest Coole High to the Concert Series Stage!

*Special Live art guest, with Resident Live Artist -
Nelson Santiago
Native American "Yatika"
Mister Metro, and famous graff artist CERN one.

Mic Open with 15 Slots available broken up in sections of 5 spread out through the show! Same deal. Be on time you to get your slot. No call ins, text ins, emails or tweets. That’s just not fair…

If you miss this one. Well, just don’t miss this…

As always A Monthly Bondfire is hosted by The Bronx Über Villain & co Host TastyKeish [WBAI 99.5FM] Rise Up Radio

DJ Boosh Wheelz! [Tah Phrum Duh Bush]

MLLTPhotos Resident Photog!!!!

The Bowery is an All Ages Club.

$5 B4 10:30PM $10 After

308 Bowery btw Houston & Bleeker

ADVANCED TICKETS RAYE6@RAYE6.NET or call 347-247-0717

Universal Lover on ITUNES or text UNIVERSALLOVER to 69937 for the RINGTONE


January 15, 2010

Duck Down iTunes Sales Donated to Yele for the Haiti Relief Effort

Starting January 16th at 12:00AM, for a 24 hour period, Duck Down's complete iTunes Catalog sales will be donated to Yele to assist in the relief effort occurring in Haiti after the devastating earthquake struck on Tuesday, January 12th.

When a consumer purchases either full album downloads or singles, Duck Down will donate the proceeds.

Participating Artists Music includes: SEAN PRICE, KRS-ONE & BUCKSHOT, B-REAL OF CYPRESS HILL, KIDZ IN THE HALL, 9TH WONDER, SKYZOO, MARCO POLO, TORAE, RUSTE JUXX, BOOT CAMP CLIK, SMIF N WESSUN, HELTAH SKELTAH, BLACK MOON, GENERAL STEELE, BLUE SCHOLARS, & DJ REVOLUTION. Fans can search for these artists' catalog at iTunes and donate to the Haiti relief effort by purchasing the music.

For more information on YELE and how you can make a donation today visit: http://www.yele.org/

[Video] Plies - Medicine (Featuring Keri Hilson) [Explicit Language]

Alright when we saw the email about this video, we didn't think they'd do this twist on things. Keri Hilson is looking pretty serious as Nurse Keri. Who would've thought that Plies could make a good doctor. Ha ha ha. Video is nice to look at.

Coffee Shop 2 - Jinesis & Prickly Pear

A collaborative effort between Jinesis and Prickly Pear that is full of BEATS, BEATS & BEATS. A handful emcees (Kept See, JL and T-Jay) and a vocalist (Maritri) lightly scattered about this project don't interfere much with the flow of this mostly instrumental selection. Have a sip.

Download Coffee Shop 2

Follow Jinesis on Twitter www.twitter.com/Jinesis

January 14, 2010

Kamikaze Picnic 93

'entertaining, intelligent production that anyone with a sense of humor and or an appreciation for genuinely eclectic art offerings will dig...' - 60 Second Reviews

Yes that pretty much does describe this record. We concur! Take a tour of Junk Island if you dare...

Click Here To Download Full Album FREE!
Zip file contains, mp3's, album art, liner notes and lyrics.

Quickie Mart Brain Salad Surgery

Quickie Mart Brain Salad Surgery has some majorly insane Mashups and a few a little on the 'Meh..' side but all in all its worth the download. You definitely won't stop moving your feet if you're looking for some mood music to help you sweat off a few pounds for the new year.

Download Here

Talib Kweli + Hi Tek Are... Reflection Eternal "The RE: Union"

It's been a minute but the duo is back, preparing to release a new LP. THE RE:UNION mixed by Statik Selektah has a blend of old and new tunes featuring MOS DEF to Styles P.

Download Here

WordSpit - Poet's Haiku

WordSpit turns to his pen and pad to find salvation from the world around him to create...Poet's Haiku.

Directed By Robin Winter & DP'd by Adam Donald.


January 13, 2010

A Conscious Twinterview Double Feature: SoSoon & Spills

It's early in the morning. The sun's still asleep and I'm supposed to be catching up on work. I wanted to see who else was up and decided to toss out the question, "Who wants to be Twinterviewed?". The 2 night owls who responded are two very talent individuals that love making music and have a whole lot of good information to share. Meet SoSoon and Spills... Oh yeah, by the way I'm Conscious the Twitter Interviewer...

How'd you come up with your performance names?

SirSoSoon: I used to have the name JSkillz; was lame so I wanted something with no J's or initials (J's 1st letter of my given name). I also wanted something that represented hip hop and my idea of the mark I intend to leave on this culture. I'm also an acronym fiend!

Spillsmusic: I almost ruined a club PA system by knocking over a drink on to a DI box.

Good enough answer for me. How long have you been rhyming and what made you even start to begin with?

SirSoSoon: I've been rhyming since 14, seriously since 17. I was sheltered as a youth so I spent much time in my room listening to hip hop. Ultimately the decision came about because it was the only thing I knew I was not only passionate about, but genuinely good at!

Spillsmusic: I get inspired by another song, and rip it off, i.e, steal an element/idea. Then I build on it until its something different.

When sitting down to create, what's the process like? What generally sparks your best work?

SirSoSoon: Every moment of everyday my mind is thinking of a new concept. I write em down as soon as I think of em. I listen to my collection of production to see if I have something suitable. If I don't have it, I hold the concept until I come across one for it. The writing process for me is a puzzle; I may work on the 3rd stanza of a 16 bar verse before I finish the 1st stanza! Very particular about bar and verse placement. Very detail oriented, very particular with how words and syllables flow.

How'd you come up with the Michael Jackson tribute song? Did you deliberate much or was it pretty easy to knock out?

SirSoSoon: #whosbad was a beat I had for a while from my producer SK. Originally I had no immediate intent on doing anything w/ it b/c of obvious sample clearance issues. Team SoSoon and I decided its perfect for the 1st album; The Bandwagon... Directors Cut is my audio movie of songs that won't make the The Bandwagon be it b/c of sample issues, or just because they don't quite fit the order of the movie.

You play a few instruments. Are you self taught or have you had any instruction in the past?

Spillsmusic: I was classically trained in flute, tuba & trumpet, taught myself guitar, Reason, Logic, Sonar / Pro Tools. Online tutorials are amazing as well. Learning new things about music in general is my vocation.

What's the first real song that you remember writing and recording? The first one you were sure about. This is good.

SirSoSoon: Keeping in mind the difference between good and great!!! Revolution. The song Revolution was my 1st "conscious" (pun intended) song. It was the 1st song I wrote that meant something to not only me but the listeners. I wrote it as a college freshman; prior to college I didn't have any significant life experiences to talk about.

Spillsmusic: Wrote a lot of songs w/o recording them... First songs I ever recorded were in college... here: http://bit.ly/5iRJXP

Do you ever fear the possibility or your pen running out of ink?

SirSoSoon: Not now!!! I've been writing more since the new year than I've ever written in one shot. I keep all my concepts just in case I have temporary lost of creative energy. For me, as long as I have a dope concept, a song WILL brew.

Logic is an amazing program to work with. What is your favorite feature of that particular DAW?

Spillmusic: The plug-ins are on point. Especially love the analyzer feature of the chan-eq plug-in. The bulit in sounds are amazing as well...

Is the album complete yet? What will stand out the most about the project in your opinion?

SirSoSoon: Just had a session today; album will be done before the end of the month; what will standout is the versatility. It's my belief that those who've seen me perform still don't know what to make of me (what type of emcee I am). b/c I constantly switch gears. I honestly believe that I've found the PERFECT formula 2 bring 2gether all the subgenre of hip hop in a non contradictory manner.

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January 8, 2010

H&M and Wal-Mart destroy and trash unsold goods?

This week the New York Times reported a disheartening story about two of the largest retail chains. You see, instead of taking unsold items to sample sales or donating them to people in need, H&M and Wal-Mart have been throwing them out in giant trash bags. And in the case that someone may stumble on these bags and try to keep or re-sell the items, these companies have gone ahead and slashed up garments, cut off the sleeves of coats, and sliced holes in shoes so they are unwearable. Yahoo.com
Are you thinking what we're thinking? Why in the world would any company do this? It takes time and effort to actually destroy this unsaleable merch. The action alone costs money to execute. It'd be most likely easier to donate the loads of clothes to a number of local charities. Why in one of the riches cities in the world, that's known for a simply embarrassingly high rate of homelessness is this happening?

January 4, 2010

Behind the Scenes with Mickey D's, WordSpit, Joya Bravo, & Dollar Van Demos

Check the making of one of McDonald's new 2010 breakfast commercials featuring WordSpit, Joya Bravo, and the creator of Dollar Van Demos, Joe.

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