December 31, 2010

Shades In The Dark (Douchebags In The Club) introducing The Brooklyn Dütes

Shades In The Dark (Douche Bags In the Club) by EklekticGardens

December 30, 2010

THE MAN - Top $ Raz

Last year introduced you to Queens emcee Top $ Raz during what we called 12 Days OF RazMas, where we revisited daily each track of his debut album "Spilled Milk". The feedback was great and not only did a host of new people become aware of Raz but those that were already avid listeners to his music came to learn much more about him after reading his very introspective commentary on each songs creation.

Today we're proud to present to you a song from his forthcoming sophomore release,
"The New Flesh" entitled,"The Man" produced by J Monopoly. A mighty way to enter the new year. (We just wish he'd put a price on the download. Too much hard work to give away.)

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December 23, 2010

Yule Prog 2010: Willie Green

Willie Green play the tracks live on Korg Kontrol Pad in this clip of coverage during the 4th annual Yule Prog event at Southpaw in Brooklyn, NY.

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December 22, 2010

A Monthly Bondfire's "Holiday Soiree"!!!

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2010 a great year for "A Monthly Bondfire" we celebrated our 2nd anniversary and even went to Tokyo. We're looking to end this year off with a bang just like we did in 09. (it's funny saying '09'.)

This month we invite all the way from Japan, DJ Polstyle.
And special guest 'MeccaGodzilla'.

We have some tricks up our sleeves that we're not going to announce just yet. We're sure you're going to love them. We want you to be surprised!

A Monthly Bondfire is brought to you by

Hosted by The Bronx Über Villain & TastyKeish
DJ BooshWheelZ on the 1 & 2’s
Marthalicia makes the art work.

Door Opens at 10PM
$5 Before 10:30PM $10 After (THERE IS NO GUEST LIST)
Mic Open sign-up… 10PM (15 slots available. No calls, no tweets, no signing up for anyone but you…)

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December 16, 2010

Yule Prog 2010: Warren Britt Interview

Beaming with optimism and genuinely enthused for what possibilities may be conjured via movements of a progressive nature within an artists community, Warren Britt is a beacon of inspriation in an at times very dark and jaded underground music scene. In our interview he discusses being unapologetic about making an EP, filled with a number of 'party' tracks that most underground 'rappers' will likely not appreciate.

December 15, 2010

Yule Prog 2010: Cavalier

We braved the fierce cold and made our way to Southpaw last night to document the 4th annual "Yule Prog" event. We'll be releasing video footage from the event for the rest of the month of December. Something new everyday. Stay tuned.

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December 13, 2010

Black & Yellow (The Red & White Remix) Aka Shiro by Kojoe

Download: Black & Yellow (The Red & White Remix) MP3

"Red & White" Remix (English) Translation by Kojoe

Yea uh huh u kno what it is/ (red and white×4)

Yea uh huh I'm so ill with a risin sun on my shoulder holdin a pen that I inherited from my ancestor/

Yea uh huh/ u already know its me/ I'm the only anchor of legend/ that's me/

Imma ride for this island til I die/ (red and white×4)
I put it down for my japs and my kamikazes/

Red dot (hinomaru) with white back drop/
Buzz steady spreadin/ I call it JAP HOP/
A real soldier spits w/ pride and got nothin to hide/
put my life on the line w/ my japs to claim our kingdom/
Money can't buy change but a mic and a pen is my weapon to lead the next generation/
From NEW YORK to Japanese islands/
I'm the truth/ takin the crown/
(Sizzlin noise) hot boiled water/
Watch me carryin YAMATO (Japan) wherever I go
spiitin til I throw up and grindin for gwop/
where all my samurais whose ready to die for honor/
I swear to spirit that's made in japan/ (solute)


Sound of exhausts of kyusha (old japanese gangster's motorcycle)
echo when the rays from the sunset pierce my old wounds/
I'm hustlin for more/ either become a ruler of the under world or a hero of the real world/
pressure is massive but my woofa would blast it off/
better order KOJOE's product cuz it's so addictive/
people can't help but to come back for more/
this is a crime version of intelligence to build short cuts to the top/
you see a dragon?/ spiral staircase/


everybody get up/ always straight talk/ never get swallowed by trends/
if you are chained to the money then you ought to break them/
I'm carrying YAMATO (JAPAN) no matter what they say/
the whole hood is dancin cuz I brought truth with me/
I'm fully loaded/

under the name of YAMATO OMATSURI (we gonna party)


Concept & Promotion:

ENTer. ENTertainment. Tokyo.

MED feat. Aloe Blacc - Where I'm From

December 5, 2010

John Graham Presents: Light Reality

Download Link: John Graham's Light Reality
Listen to stream: Click Here

Crafting A Lane: An iAreConscious Triple Play

In an effort to reach new fans and satisfy those that already follow him. iAreConscious is releasing a brand new song or verse every week. That is, at least for the rest of 2010. All material is furnished with lyrics but there will be followups after each song has begun to make its way around the net. The followups will include breakdowns of the songs and insight on what they really mean. This information privy to those that are currently subscribed to his website, have purchased his music or downloaded it via iAreConscious is crafting his own lane and in doing so is showing fans and artists alike that what he creates and shares is rooted in purpose. There is a definite meaning behind all of the 'art pieces' and he hopes that people will appreciate the experience of listening to music in a less conventional manner. With so much 'Free', iAreConscious is attaching genuine value to the work he shares by thinking beyond the normal methods and making an effort to make a connection with listeners. He encourages his audience to share the music and discuss it. To say that the listener is 'important' is a massive understatement for without them, what exactly is the point?

To get you caught up with what you may have missed we're making his first three songs from this series available for listening here on Free Hiphop Now.

P.S. Be sure to download the songs so that you can received the exclusive followup correspondence about them.

Michael's Faith

Devil In A Bubbled Vest

Maybe, Rob Reiner

Clipse ft. Pharrell – Life Change

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