November 30, 2011

J. Ivy "King James" A Tribute to J. Dilla

November 26, 2011

Lupe Fiasco: Friend Of The People Mixtape

Looks like Lupe's returned from his Lazer space... 

Lupe Fiasco - Friend Of The People - Mixtape - Lupe Back Download Here

November 22, 2011

Kendrick Lamar Ft Busta Rhymes - Rigamortis (Remix)

Should have Bustah left it alone?

Charles Hamilton returns? "Happy 9th Birthday"

Can't call it. Don't know what to say. Seriously, you have to listen for yourselves. Perhaps he and Lil B should do a project together? I really wonder how 9th feels about this record. Think 9th is a part of this?

yU Debuts The EARN's Lead Single & Talks Musical Progression

The Song: "If U Down" starts with the question what's going on? yU then reveals the struggle and march of life he's been living through. With a keen eye yU comments upon Uncle Sam's destructive forces, prayer, honest living, and asking people who are down if they want to get up. The musical backdrop is laid by yU's 1978er collaborator SlimKat78 who uses piano keys to pull a rainy heartstrings while the drums drive the beat forward into a fruitful blossoming of chorus "Hearts frozen, why do we be on that cold sh*t, We used to be cultured, influenced by the vultures they've been scoping, analyzing with a motive Its.. like we've been tied up with an invisible rope and Them jails open, they get paid when they put month in-side, kinda currupt.. Its time for us to just expose them Its wild, especially when ur skintone's brown, but right now we boutta turn it around U wit me? Hit me if u down.."

@DREMURMUSIC - Maybe Ima Prophet (feat @topdollagoit)

November 21, 2011

NSFW: "TMZ Too Many Zeros" Master P Mixtape - No Limit Records

A little bit confused, but the last time we checked Master P was spear heading a campaign against artists that make music that's detrimental to the youth and the community. Lil Romeo was finishing up college and reaching out to make the world a better place. Come to find out he spent that Nick money to cop bricks. Well he said it, not us. Maybe we're being too judgmental. Download the new mixtape and you tell us what you think about it?

Download Link:

November 15, 2011

@iamthegif - If They Only Knew (Free Download)

November 14, 2011

Lil B - BasedGod Velli

Just when you thought he'd run out of fuel, Lil B is back with more stream of conscious audio notes for his BASED congregation. Is this any different than the last few releases he's put forth. Surely the image and title alone offend many. Perhaps he knows this and it's exactly why he continues to do it. You be the judge of that.

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