March 31, 2011

A History Lesson For Chris Brown

6 Foot 7 by iAreConscious

I’m livin for the weekend,
but please don’t call me Ojay,
no way, gettin even with Steven in Bruno Magli’s bloody hallway
Play list All Day, Tamar Kali girl talk, punk and rock...
no, Nicki barbie STOP!
Now this is why I'm hot...
Fur coat in the summer
clear coat when she hummer
Daru he’s a drummer
I are Mr. Drummond, takin care of black kids
got my 10,000 hours of private practice

Most dangerous game
Shadrach, Meshac, I bet he go in flames
I mean Abednego my name
Blacken both of my eyes and my face
white gloves on, are you entertained?
asphyxiate the game, wa wa watch yah boy hang
like his pants, or a needle in his vain
aim high, no air force, no clear port, no fame
just this independent mane,
so Voltron, you know lions have manes?
five zion on the brain
five zion on the brain
five zion on the brain
five zion on the brain

well you can bring the pain
I’ll bring the piece/peace?
just don’t get stained with the markings of the beast
by default us stained with the markings of the street
rest in peace to my folks got capped
orthodontal heat
accidental tourists of the forest
I am Boris Karloff with a sawed off
worth our weight in soul, you can’t afford us
Who you finna beat street been closed
wire hanger flow, Iceberg grim
put uh fire to your hoe
while you so spare tire, I’m re-tired and go!

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March 29, 2011

Art Episode #24 ::: Presents ::: 5pointz Fundraiser 2011

5 pointz reopening fundraiser, with: Live art, Paintings, Silent auction, live music, meres one, UR NY, Siende, Zimad, Cortes, Demer, Clue, See TF, Marthalicia, Cern YMI, Rid, Zim, Bishop 203, Charm, DJ Milk Money, Bisco Smith, Dj Lokash UAB, session 73.

March 28, 2011

Algiers Point - Vesuveo feat. Evelyn Harris

The first single off the album "Algiers Point" features Evelyn Harris of iconic Grammy winning female acapella group Sweet Honey In The Rock. Vesuveo wrote the song after reading an article in The Nation magazine entitled "Katrina's Hidden Race War" that exposed unsolved race-based crimes in the Algiers Point neighborhood of New Orleans after the floods, which have yet to bring a conviction.

March 27, 2011

12's (Beamer, Benz Or Bentley), by iAreConscious

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All my life been rollin on 12’s or 11 and uh 1/2’s/
unleavened in the stash, green thumb but never, horticultured grass/
modern day, it’s a horror culture clash/
chameleon in The Town wit a flyin nun mask/
iAreConscious wit a magnet, Attracting all I have/
Ab Fab, Comedy of Eras (Errors) with a Monty Py past/
to the moon with these Alice’s that wonder how I last/
wonder why I’m fast (I fast), well Wonder Bread is bad/
bleached flour got yah by the collar, now wonder why yah lag?/
wonder why you’re last… born to be first/ now it’s norm to be worst/
perform, do the jerk/preparing for a hearse/
inspect the purpose of this verse/
diggin in the dirt… man, what will you unearth/
do a bid stretch, what will you rebirth/
stretch marks, after life of the girth/
the metaphor purports to growth and
or enlightenment in post…/ Midnight, he a poet,
you don’t know it yet, just remember line end quote
most definitely, prominent when spoke
no apprehension of this apparition
i are gone.. i are ghost…

March 25, 2011

Donald Glover - Freaks+And+Geeks EP

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If you watch Community on NBC you know who Donald Glover is. If you don't he plays the character Troy Barnes on this insane comedy. He also can rap and sing. His EP Freaks And Geeks is hard to get a grasp on seeing as he's a comedic actor so one doesn't know whether to take the music serious or not. Listen for yourself and let us know what you think.

March 24, 2011

Milly Mango presents No Filters EP

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Milly Mango sounds kind of like Kayne, Lil Wayne and Drake mashedup and channeled by a female MC with a Chicago accent. She's only twenty so in a few years her sounds will most likely shift a bit and we'll get a clearer grasp on who she is. Looking forward to it.

[Explicit Content] Starksologism [Ghostface Killah Mix]

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To me, Ghostface Killah is the illest Wu-Tang member, and one of my favorite MC,
he can rhyme about everything and nothing and still sounds like he said the craziest thing in the world. Long story short, I want to share this 2 hour mix (and the video of me recording the mix) full of my favorites songs/ features by Pretty Toney aka Tony Starts aka…aka..aka…

@justdizle - Starksologism [Ghostface Killah Mix] by justdizle

March 21, 2011

The Greeks by Carterficial

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Sum Majere "Lotus" (Ode To Ninja Scroll)


Heirlooms feat. Has-Lo Clouds by Apollo Brown

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March 18, 2011

Video: Clipse "Freedom" Six Years And Still Ticking!

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Yep, it's been six years for us. How many of you remember the full site? Well we're working on getting back to full website status. We're proud that we're still around and you guys are still with us. We recently were cleaning up our links and finding so many sites that we originally linked to are no more. The flier above brings back memories. We've stood the test of time and haven't given up. Our motto still remains, "Educate, Entertain & Empower!" and we intend on relaunching a brand new site very soon, with quality original content. Thanks for sticking around. We've only just begun!

@UncommonRecords Presents the "Pop Up Album" for Japan Relief!

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Uncommon Records humbly presents the first of our new "Pop Up Albums". This first one, in particular, is extremely important to us. All proceeds from this release will go toward relief funding for a Japanese Charity called "Second Harvest". They run soup kitchens and food pantries in Japan and are now assisting with disaster relief as well. Information on the charity and further donations can be made at this web address:

"The Sun Never Sets" as we said, is one of our new "Pop Up Albums", and just like a Pop Up Restaurant or Pop Up Record store, it will only be around for a limited time. In this case, we will make this available for 30 Days (3/18-4/18). ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE MONEY RAISED FROM SALES OF THIS ALBUM WILL BE DONATED FOR JAPAN RELIEF. We hope to make an announcement on the total, large or small, one month from now. We hope it's as large as possible.

March 17, 2011

Scott Campbell - Noblesse Oblige

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Scott Campbell
Noblesse Oblige

Opening Reception Saturday, March 19, 2011 6-9pm

OHWOW Los Angeles
937 N. La Cienega
Los Angeles, CA 90069

LOS ANGELES - OHWOW inaugurates its Los Angeles gallery with a solo exhibition of recent work by New York based artist Scott Campbell. In Campbell's West Coast debut, Noblesse Oblige, he uses copper, currency, graphite, ink, and neon, to transform tattoo subculture iconography into delicate and tempered work.

Campbell expands his use of cut currency, sourcing uncut sheets of dollars directly from the United States Mint, to create large, intricate work with a sunken relief effect. One piece uses $5,000 worth of currency sheets to create an over two-foot cube, into which a three dimensional skull is carved-out. These works employ the familiar blue-collar vernacular of tattoo flash-boards - a skull smoking a cigarette, a skeleton's hand in a provocative gesture, a single eye emitting a penetrating ray - and highlight the irony that exists within that imagery.

Noblesse Oblige also includes a suite of prints. Using a tattoo gun, Campbell has engraved a collection of copper plates to make a group of etchings. By using the same plates to compose the separate prints, the artist plays with visual semantics - how meaning changes through arrangement. A series of drawings, executed onto the interior of ostrich eggshells, also flirt with interpretation. Morbid images, rendered in graphite onto these fragile surfaces that represent birth and transformation, point out the delicacy of opposition.

The title Noblesse Oblige implies that whoever claims to be noble must conduct their life accordingly, and in a manner that conforms to one's position. In Campbell's case, his "nobility" is his tattoo-artist origin, and it is to that position and reputation his compliance is fashioned. In exhibiting a chronicle of working class imagery, customarily inked onto skin, Campbell seeks to construct a new context for the genre - an alternative narrative for consideration.

Katz - You Owe Me Five Dollars

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This one is brought to you by the founders...Domer did all the production...SmutVillain held it down on the wheels, and dug up all the uncleared samples...and Kats did all the lyrical damage on this 7-song project. Rumor has it this could be the last solo release by Kats, so be sure to check it out!

D.J. Rob Swift kicks the fundamentals of turntablism with MTV.

March 16, 2011

Video: Donwill - "Breathe" Feat. Nicky Guiland

"Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale." It's not that hard of a concept. But for Donwill, these acts take on a much bigger role in his new single, "Breathe," off of Donwill's concept album, Don Cusack in High Fidelity. The Cincinnatian turned Brooklynite released his debut solo album a little over a year ago, and continues to embrace the infamously heartbroken Rob Gordon character from the cult classic film High Fidelity.

Chuck D releases "By The Time I Got To Arizona"

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Each canvas in the series measures 60 by 33 inches, but the statement each makes looms way larger. Arizona’s SB 1070 law, which many feel encourages police to racially profile Latinos, takes America a large step towards fascism. Ultimately, the decision to allow America to turn on the come-one-come-all philosophy that once made it the most progressive country in the world rests with we, the people. And it is the people whose minds Chuck D seeks to move with By The Time I Got To Arizona, his limited edition fine art collaboration with notorious Los Angeles creativity house SceneFour that was released to the public March 4th and has rapidly become their fastest-selling piece in a line of artwork that includes collaborations with RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan and Bootsy Collins. “This statement of artwork is maybe reminding people that they gotta have more of a voice,” says Chuck. “We can’t rely on the people who are scrutinized – quote unquote ‘illegal immigrants’ – to speak up, because they’re terrified by some sort of terror law that has been enacted upon human beings. And the United States has bogarted their territory under the Manifest Destiny principle which basically doesn’t speak to human development as far as sharing the planet. Where do we go with that? Make a statement in art, and hope that they will stick.”

Few figures in music are better suited to tackle this topic than Chuck D. From the moment he stepped on the world stage in the ‘80s with Public Enemy he has crusaded relentlessly in the name of America’s oppressed. Arizona in particular has drawn Chuck’s ire in the past, from Public Enemy’s 1991 song “By The Time I Get To Arizona” which slams the state for not recognizing Martin Luther King Jr Day, to last year’s “Tear Down That Wall”, the musical counterpart to the art piece. Chuck stresses, however, that he doesn’t consider Arizonians bad people. “I think [all this] is a coincidence over the last 25 years. For years [Arizona] was a refuge for a lot of people to take their attitudes, build a space apart from each other, and just go down there in a different type of climate and kinda sit still without having to capitulate to other beliefs, just like a lot of places in the West. So I think a lot of those beliefs happened to travel with people wanting to get out of areas where they didn’t really feel like living with people as much. It was a latter-day coincidence that Arizona turns into the Alabama of now. Arizona is a beautiful state, people know it’s beautiful. I think the people who are actually taking these attitudes in the wrong places, they actually know it’s beautiful too and they want to keep it.”

Each canvas in this limited series of 300 is signed and numbered by Chuck, comes with an authenticity placard, and bears an aerosol stencil of the Public Enemy logo. Hidden within the piece are more than 30 various figures, lyrics, and messages for viewers to find, making it an artifact that reveals itself fully over time. Visit or for more details.

For information on Chuck D, please contact:
Jolyn Matsumuro
The Brookes Company

March 15, 2011

Ski Beats On KarmaLoop TV

UMA Faas TV Spot #1: Blam! Blam!

Pumas' new campaign rocks! Hilarious commercial. Go Jamaica for the 2012 Games of the XXX Olympiad.

Now In Black: TK Classics - "The Showman" Tee

If you're up on the underground music functions in the city of New York or happen to be a avid supporter of public radio, chances are you've heard of WBAI Rise Up radio host/producer TastyKeish. She's headed to SXSW to cover a litany of events for (Random Acts Of Music Blog) and most likely she'll be wearing one of her "The Showman" t-shirts designed by "Funk The Formula". Now how many show hosts do you know have their own name fashioned in the shape of a blazing microphone. Well, one now.

You can order your own "The Showman" t-shirt here:

Prince Aries Announces Clean Ass Whip Mixtape For May Release + Video

(March 15, 2011 – Brooklyn, NY) Bay Area DJ Prince Aries is excited to announce the release of Clean Ass Whip. The mixtape, which features original tracks from DaVinci and Bambu along with a variety of west coast classics from Aries' personal collection, will be released this May via SWTBRDS (Sweetbreads). Joining the mixtape will be a series of limited edition silk-screened art prints, designed personally by Aries, who is an accomplished graphic designer.

A veritable jack-of-all-trades, Prince Aries has become an established name in the Bay as one of the city's most well known personalities, becoming a sought after DJ, promoter, graphic designer, and producer. However, it was his talents as a VJ that garnered the hip-hop renaissance man his first notice. Originally from the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City, Aries moved to the Bay Area in the mid-90s and shortly there after went about founding the Bay Area's first hip-hop television program, Distortion 2 Static, which allowed Aries up-close-and-personal interaction with many of the artists that inform the music on Clean Ass Whip. Since starting the show, which fans can now watch on air or online, Aries has interviewed and featured artists including DJ Spinna, DJ Premier, The Pharcyde, Too $hort, Biz Markie, and many more.

It was also Aries' move from the east to west coast that largely influenced much of the music and the overall concept and theme of Clean Ass Whip. "A majority of the songs on the mix are songs that were significant to a certain time in my life, when I first moved to the Bay Area," says Prince Aries. "The sound and feel of West Coast music made a big impact on me." Those influences shine through with the inclusion of songs like "We Roll Deep" by Conscious Daughters and the "I'm A Player Remix" from Too $hort, both of which easily pair with the newer songs, like the mixtape title track with DaVinci or "And We Mobb In That..." with LA rapper Bambu. The tape also features Aries' own mix of "Distinguished Gentlemen," from fellow SWTBRDS artist StreetMedia.

While many of today's DJs can be found Google searching for their tracks, Aries went to the source for Clean Ass Whip, digging into his extensive vinyl collection, many of which are original pressings straight from the artists. "I've been collecting vinyl for some time now," explains Aries. "Some of these songs I got from the artists themselves, and the newer songs can be tied into the work I've done with Distortion 2 Static, which is how I met a lot of these artists in the first place."

Prince Aries' Clean Ass Whip mixtape will be available for free download this May.

In addition to releasing official music videos for "Clean Ass Whip" and "And We Mobb In That...," Prince Aries will be releasing a number of short videos leading up to release, each offering insight into Aries' history as well as the new project. This first video features Aries discussing Walkman Day, and how the tradition first put him onto Too $hort and N.W.A.

Clear Soul Forces - "Gon' Get 'Em"

You can't deny their energy and enthusiasm.(Dig the I Love Grandma t-shirt). What do you think about these guys? Drop a comment.

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"Gon' Get 'Em" is available on their EP "The Departure" that can be found on their website:

Pusha T ft. 50 Cent - Raid

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That Neptune sound has surfaced once again with the release of Raid by Pusha T of The Clipse with a surprising appearance by 50 Cent. Seems 50 is hungry again, at least as far as his delivery, revealing a return to the old flow he found previous success and recognition with. We like when 50 focuses on rappin. Never dug the wigs, Curtis.

Lil B - Illusions Of Grandeur Mixtape

The Based God is prolific when it comes to mixtapes and Youtube. He does have his moments, but you be the judge of that.

O.I.S.D. - Houston & 1st (EP)

Five young men from the mighty city of New York bring a fresh more refined approach with their new release,"Houston & 1st (EP)". Showing much growth since their 2009 LP Leaders Of The True School. Looks like they're going with the less is more methodology this time out. There's nothing like a consistent theme throughout. That's what makes an album an album. The 5 that are O.I.S.D. are proving to be getting better with age.

Drop us and comment and let us know what you think about the Houston & 1st (EP).

Sav Killz - Wonder ft. Darnell Mcclain

This video is for Scratchin the Surface mixtape hosted by Superstar Jay and J-Ronin.

The chorus features Baltimore native Darnell Mcclain. Cameos appearances by Illa Ghee, DJ J-Ronin, DJ Toshi & Hess.

March 14, 2011

Sir Michael Rocks - The Rocks Report

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Download: Sir Michael Rocks - The Rocks Report

Cool Kids emcee Sir Michael Rocks has hooked up with to bring fans his latest street release, The Rocks Report.

The artist’s solo debut, the set features a whopping 25 tracks’ worth of original records and skits from the Windy City mainstay.

Guest appearances throughout The Rocks Report include Like and Mibbs of Pac Div, Sir Charles, DJ Thunder, Trademark Da Skydiver and Phil Adé. Production comes courtesy of Ski Beatz, Madlib, Tyehill and more!

JAY-Z - "Evolution Of My Style"

JAY-Z opens up about how his style has evolved over the years. This video can also be found on Jay-Z's official "Decoded" iPhone application.

the Mursworld Winter Spring Sampler 2011

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Midway through a national tour concluding April 2 in San Bernardino, CA for his annual Paid Dues festival - this year featuring performances from Mos Def & Talib Kweli, E-40, Sage Francis and more - Murs serves up this sampler featuring songs from his recent Melrose collaboration with Terrace Martin, songs from his upcoming Varsity Blues 2 and a few extra surprises.

Bootsy Collins Reveals Limited Edition, Holographic 3D Album Art

While supplies last, CDs of Bootsy Collins' new album 'Tha Funk Capital of the World' (out 4/26) will be available with eye-popping holographic 3D album art designed by Roy Koch, Mascot Records' in-house artist. Bootsy says, "The album cover art work breathes like it is a living being/city... it's alive."

HAS - Lo Antelopes & Lions Mixtape (Mixed by Mr. Sonny James of IllVibe Collective)

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The Making of "Kenya" - Music for RAIN (#musicforrain)

March 13, 2011

Q-Unique "Crack Era"

If you wanna jump in a time machine and go back to the 80's celebrating the 'hippty-hop', chances are it ain't gonna be all 'poppin n lockin' and LEE patches. You'll look down at some sidewalks in NYC to see them littered with bright and colorful crack viles. If you wear a chain on the subway, tuck it. The streets were more dangerous then, than they are now. Just a lil something to think about, in the case that you get all nostalgic about the way things were, but you were never there.

Eternia & Moss | GOODBYE |

Sneakas, Hebonics 101

Last year Sneakas and Mazzi of S.O.U.L. Purpose bridged the Jewish/Muslim divide in the mic booth with their single "Most Hated" (video). Now, Sneakas presents the sound of Jewish rap in 2011 on his mixtape Hebonics 101. Features "Hebonics", a Hebrew twist on Big L's classic.

Download Hebonics

March 12, 2011

Dear Tokyo, a Konnichiwa (K)ninja sends his love…


I was there. In Tokyo in November. I didn’t want to leave. I met so many great people. Received so much love and hospitality.

Now they’re going through it. They need support and they need aide. While I’m happy to know that my family and friends there are safe, still their lives and countless others have been affected tremendously. While we’re still finding out if there are ways we can directly help all of those folks that so graciously hosted us during our stay, we intend on doing something this month with Bondfire. Not exactly sure what yet, but there will be something going on.

After a random conversation with the founder of Edward Aten, I crafted a grand scheme (You know I like to do things BIG!). I enjoy using Swift to upload and share music. Why not stream the entire album Konnichiwa (K)ninja, Sending out a vibe of peace and solidarity.

Today I’m uploading the album here and will leave it up indefinitely. It’s also available for download on > There’s no minimum to download it. That means you can have it for free.

It’ll be tweeting out each song with a little background info about each one. So you will be introduced to some new producers and other artists that made the project possible. Please feel free to ask questions, leave comments, interact and share.

It’s all about intent. Working on figuring out how else I can be of service to those in need, but for now I’m going to share my music. I put much into my words, while they may not seal up broken grounds, I am sure that this impulse will reach and contribute to the collective healing energy being sent from around the globe toward our extended family members in Japan.


Mazzi and Sneakas (Feat. MC Serch) "Most Hated"

If only it were true across the globe. It can be, right?

March 10, 2011

Lil B - Base For Your Face feat. Jean Grae & Phonte (Prod by 9th Wonder)

Ha ha ha! Check this one out. It's good money. Great to see collaborations in Hiphop. It's what's needed. If you listen to this without bias, we'll it'll make you feel good. Great verses from all on the track.

Download Here

March 7, 2011

Robot Koch And John Robinson "Smorgasbord"

John Robinson over interesting sonics and dude with a featured mask. Interesting to say the least. What do you think?

Cavalier - Week 19 X-mas Eve

One of NYC's Monsters Cav Cavski with another deep verse accompanied by black and white visuals...

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