March 29, 2007

“I Don't Know Why (I Love You)” The Brand New Heavies Featuring N’dea Davenport

First Single From The Original Brand New Heavies In Over A Decade!
And Lead Song In The New Chris Rock Movie!

Single Release Date - Digital: 30th April 2007

The legendary Brand New Heavies have reunited with original lead singer N’Dea Davenport and are set to release their first single together in over a decade with the forthcoming 'I Don't Know Why (I Love You)'

Billboard Magazine recently described NDea’s voice as “one of the seven wonders of the world”, and that is an apt description for this powerful vocal performance, on this cover of the timeless Stevie Wonder little-known classic, “I Don’t Know Why (I Love You)”.

This song will also be the lead music over the intro credits for Chris Rocks directorial debut “I Think I Love My Wife”, an adult comedy, which will premier this summer in the UK, and opens in the US on 16th March. Footage from the movie also features in the video. The band will be in the UK for promotion around the single release, before returning to international tour dates.

As is customary with the Brand New Heavies the single is supported by a dazzling remix package including Masters at Work supremo Kenny Dope, hot dance producers and remixers Seamus Haji and Paul Emanuel, the Mercury prize nominated 4Hero, US superstar DJ Spinna, and the legendary Tom Moulton, the original master of soul mixes (Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer, etc).

The mixes have received outstanding support from DJs all over the nation, from Graeme Park to John Jones, are enjoying heavy rotation in clubland and have debuted in the top 10 of the Buzz and Coolcuts charts. So far they have been played on Radio 1 essential mix show, supported by House FM, Ministry of Sound, BBC 1Xtra, Kiss, and GALAXY. Described by London’s top DJ’s as a “Peak time bomb waiting to go off”, “awesome”, “Perfect for peak time mayhem”, “Brand New Heavies do it again” prove the Heavies are back in full force on the dance floor.

The Brand New Heavies have had a busy 12 months. Since re-uniting with N’Dea, they have written, recorded and released a new studio album, Get Used To It, in the US in July 2006 via their long standing relationship with Delicious Vinyl, the label that signed the band in the early 90s and introduced them to Davenport.

The new album has met with universal acclaim by their fans and media alike, with the band completing over 30 US tour dates in 2006, including the Voodoo and Essence music festivals. The band has also performed on the Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O’Brien TV shows in the US as part of the promotion for their new album. “Get Used To It” was released in the UK in October 2006, ahead of schedule to meet fans’ demand, on the band’s own label, TBNH, and the band have dates lined up in a myriad of countries going into the spring and summer.

Recent live performance highlights included an invite to perform at the legendary Harlem Apollo in New York last October, and a February sell out show at the Barbican, London as part of the BBC Soul Britannia series, and 7 dates in Japan in December 06.
The Original Heavies Are Back!

The radio edit, Haji and Emmanuel and Kenny Dope Mixes can be heard at:

Scarface, The Godfather of the South, introduces the future of Texas with Green City

New York, NY, March 29, 2007 - On top of being one of the most influential artists in Hip-Hop, Scarface has proved to have one of the best ears for talent in the game. Check his track record: multi-platinum and Grammy award winning Ludacris and underground hero Devin The Dude to name a couple. Next up is Green City- the Killeen, Texas collective who plan to usher in the next wave of Southern hip hop.

Scarface has always had a lot of clout and influence in the South, staying aligned to the streets, recognizing talent and creating cutting edge music going back to the days when he was a member of The Geto Boys. Ever since those days in the early 90's, Scarface was aware of the untapped talent brewing in the South. Later he launched his solo career, breaking away from his group and eventually his influence in the South became so evident, Def Jam put their faith in him and made him head of their Southern division.

After dealing with majors, Scarface decided it was time to make his move and start his own label, giving birth to Underground Railroad. His first project was the critically acclaimed group, The Product, which was an immediate independent success. Scarface knew he was on to something and it was time to go full steam ahead with Underground Railroad.

Scarface discovered Green City while working out at his local gym in Houston, TX. Two Pro-boxers, also at the gym that day, had attended high school with the members of Green City and were working out to the group's music. Scarface approached them to find out what single they were playing. Thinking they were already signed, Scarface was ready to go out and buy their album. When he found out that they were a local group from Killeen, TX who did not have a record deal, Face was so impressed by their skills, he was ready to sign Green City on the spot! Scarface explains his knack for finding talent nationwide, “I am the best in the business when it comes to finding raw talent. I brought Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Lil' Flip and TI to Def Jam, but they didn't bite. I end up going to Killeen TX and found Green City. They are on some different shit, something you've never heard before. I stepped out of the box for Green City cause they bring a new flavor, they just do what they do. They party 24-7, for them it's just a big ass party, but they get things done. They have the best presentation I have ever seen for a group trying to get signed, people have been sleeping on Green City. They are young and I don't want anyone I need to baby-sit, but they don't need a babysitter. The people I got on Scarface Presents - you can buy any of their albums without looking at it, it is going to be that kind of high quality every single time. I take into consideration what I am up against since the industry is shifting. I am trying to make the best stuff for the listeners and I am going to make Scarface Presents one of the biggest brands in music”. Two weeks later, Green City was signed to Underground Railroad and were in Scarface's studio in Houston, TX recording their new album, Brand New Money.

Green City is comprised of 7 members - Spark Dawg, Mike Hee, Yung Texxus, MJ, J. Scott, Big Spade and G-Ni.
All the members met in Killeen High School except for G-Ni, he originally hails from Atlanta and is also the group's in house producer. Big Spade is featured on a track or two on Brand New Money, but is currently locked up on a parole violation. The name Green City comes from their hometown, Killeen. It's slang that represents both money and the city of Killeen. Green City is not only a rap group, it is also a click, and a movement in Killeen with over 50 members.

The group is still in awe of the fact that they are signed to Scarface's label. Spark Dawg expresses his amazement and gratitude, “It's surreal that we're working with him - he is our hero, and a legend in all of our eyes. No other person in Texas or even the South can give you such a big co-sign other than Face. We can't lose with him backing us up/having our back, we are blessed to be working with him.” Mike Hee agrees, “Working with Face, it was kind of unbelievable, I thought I would never meet him, he is the King of the South and for him to have our back was like him giving us a G pass to anywhere, everybody respects him - he started this shit out here! He put Texas rap music on the map!”

Green City's first single off the album will be “Like A Porn Star (Party like a Rock Star)" - featuring Mannie Fresh and will be serviced nationally in the coming weeks. With their debut album, Brand New Money, set to hit stores June 19th

March 22, 2007

Make Hip-Hop Not War Tour LAUNCHES!

The Hip-Hop Caucus Launches its Make Hip-Hop Not War Tour

Reverend Lennox Yearwood and the Hip-Hop Caucus was in DC this week to launch their Make Hip-Hop Not War Tour. FreeMix Radio was there and caught up with some of the artists involved including Head-Roc, Hasan Salaam, DJ Chela, A Alikes, ReadNex Poetry Squad and Akir. For more visit and click below to download these interviews.

Listen : Download

March 20, 2007

El-P Interview with Chuck D - Podcast!

Much many thanks to Chuck D and Matthew Ianni for providing the audio from the recent interview withEl-P on Air America Radio. Believers in the importance of shared media, as are we, we are proud to share with you all this momentous interview where the master crowns his student a master in his own right. Much respect due.
PART 1: El-P & Chuck D on Air America Radio [DOWNLOAD]
PART 2: El-P & Chuck D on Air America Radio [DOWNLOAD]
Pictured: El-P with Chuck D at Air America studios (photo by Jenny Applebaum)

March 17, 2007

Subway Beat - NBC Tease

El-P Smithereens trailer

Here's it is! Watch The Video

March 15, 2007

Jake Lefco "Wonder Years"

Jake Lefco music video for the song "Wonder Years" off the album "And You Are?" available from

March 13, 2007

Sean Price feat. Block McCloud "Mess You Made" feat. Block McCloud "Mess You Made"

Sean Price debuts his newest video, "Mess You Made," directed by Dru Ha and NoHa. Set in a classic barber shop, Sean Price plays the owner who can do no right. Watch how Sean Price disrespects his barber shop, his customers, and how he deals with an African Trafficker selling goods. It's truly a MESS!

Special thanks in order to Todd Nisbet and the crew at Frank's Chop Shop for providing the location in their brand new and beautiful barber shop: located on 19 Essex Street, New York, NY. Make your next haircut appointment at the Chop Shop: (212.228.7442).

New: Wise Intelligent : I'm Him

I’m Him
By Wise Intelligent
"I'm Him - Wise Intelligent" length: 03:37
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March 12, 2007

NYC Subway Series On NBC

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