April 8, 2013

Brad Paisley - Accidental Racist (feat. LL Cool J) A Conscious repsonse...

I think it was a poor song. I think the sentiments relayed are relatable to a whole lot of people . I feel if Brad Paisley is being genuine, it's brave of him to sing such a song considering his constituents. There are a few lines that are very powerful. I think LL Cool J's verse was wack but still it expressed some real issues. This type of song is in no way new. I think seeing as we're in this made up 'post-racial' Amerika this song is regarded as tremendously terrible not because of how bad it is songwise but by how it's speaking on something that hasn't changed in America. I think that another emcee could have penned a more profound verse. But it still wouldn't matter for the most part.

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