April 30, 2006

P.S.A. - Chuck D

Chuck D brings the noise about DJing and the origins of Hip-Hop...
88HIPHOP Presents P.S.A. FEATURING: C-Rayz Walz DJ Skizz Chuck D
DJ Mecca

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April 26, 2006

The Better Man From the Netherlands

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Cypher In The Sky

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all city

The term "all city" comes from graffiti culture and refers to getting ones tag up in all fi5e boroughs in New York City. This project places City Council member based graffiti tags on or around the offices of representatives of each of the five boroughs. Likeness of the Council Members are rendered from a custom DOS application which draws text from current anti sticker graffiti legislation in New York City. Check out the site... http://ni9e.com/acc.html

April 24, 2006

Goose "Get It How I Live It"

Goose "Get It How I Live It"

I sat and listened to this song for about 15 minutes and this is what I came up with. It is a half-assed song it sounds as if the man is depressed about rapping. Throughout the song there are adlibs that cause confusion as to what is being said, the beat is catchy yet annoying at the same time. Overall, this song isn't a single you'd hear on the radio, but something you would skip when playing the CD in your car. The main problem isn't really the lyrics, just the mixing overall and the energy in Goose's voice. Even though this wasn't the best review, I still see great potential in this song and this opinion should not be something to make you stop making music but simply try harder the next time around.

Rating : 4/10

Review by Crizpy

Stats Don't Lie

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Is God Perfect?

Why do we spend our entire lives trying to please God? If God is perfect he should not want or need a single thing. I believe in God personally, but I think we got him all wrong, because it is impossible for God to be all the things we say he is: all good, all powerful, and all knowing. The existence of evil alone is one of the things that shows God cannot be what we have been taught our entire lives. Read more...

April 22, 2006

T-West - Crackle Of Light

A glimmer of hope for the future of Hiphop resides far north in a region known for montées suited in red uniforms, brandishing accents that Americans can't seem to stop mocking in film and animated shorts. Read it...

April 17, 2006

Hasan Salaam


This week we were joined by Hasan Salaam and the Fifth Column for some powerful hip-hop and conversation.? All of this and more plus DJ 2-Tone Jones on the boards and mix.? The Blackademics airs from Washington, DC as part of the Decipher Hip-Hop Politics Block on Pacifica's? WPFW 89.3 FM weeknights 11p-12a. Click to listen? or visit voxunion.com

April 9, 2006

Kid Lucky, Belief, Chuck D...

Kid Lucky

Brooklyn, New York, USA

“Kid Lucky is a beat MC. He has the unique ability to beatbox and speak in rhyme at the same time. Kid Lucky combines beatboxing, spoken word, scatting and electric vocals. He has performed all over NYC and the US.

In August of 2002 Kid Lucky founded the first production company to promote human beatboxing: Beatboxer Entertainment. Their first show was called Beatboxing and The Art of Spoken Word, and was the first series of its kind ever created. It opened to rave reviews with the NY Daily news declaring the show as ‘The real beat generation!’ Timeout NY called the beatboxers in the series ‘masters in the art of noise.’ Doug E Fresh said, ‘Kid Lucky is doing something I wish I would have thought of’.

Kid lucky is a regular Skype user and jams with beatboxer Zede in Switzerland amongst others. They’ve been using Skype for over a year and both have tried other audio methods of jammin’ but feel that Skype is the best for clarity. It’s become a very popular way for International beatboxers to jam together. Without Skype they would never be able to appreciate their different sounds and beats. In Europe the sound is more vocal percussion-based, secondary to drum beats. In America, the sound effects are much more important and the sound is centered more around Hip Hop.” Watch skype video...

Dunn Deal is amped to announce that on June 20 Belief, the versatile producer who’s laced Jean Grae, C-Rayz Walz, Murs, Vordul Mega and a list of others with his signature sound, is dropping his debut solo effort Dedication through his own imprint Worker B Records. The man himself describes this project as a “recurring cast of characters”, with repeated appearances from mic vets Wordsworth (Lyricist Lounge, Rawkus), Vordul Mega (Cannibal Ox, Def Jux), Murs (Living Legends), and C-Rayz Walz (Def Jux, Stronghold). Pumped full of street stories, positivity and straight rugged lyricism, this album is a raw tribute to Belief’s tastes, told through his music and the MCs surrounding him on this first outing.

The four mic heavyweights sit around the fire, make war plans, and toss concepts around in a meeting of the minds over Belief’s signature bi-coastal sound. The balance of rhymers couldn’t be architected any better, as C-Rayz and Murs’ energetic and in-your-face approaches even out the contemplative and sometimes dense philosophies of Words and Vordul. The beats all have that underground sensibility, but the shakers, cymbals, signature high hats and funk-awareness give the music that smart commercial edge which makes Belief stand out among independent producers.

Belief keeps you focused on the music, lacing the album with enough instrumentals to remind you that this aint just a showcase of rappers. The personality at the core of the album is in those moments… cool, steady, classy and sturdy. Dedication succeeds on several levels - showcasing Belief’s skills as a beatsmith, instrumentalist, and producer, and living up to its name threefold as a testament to his devotion to his craft, his good friends who he came up with, and the artform that has given his life so much purpose.

For more info on Belief, visit www.beliefmusic.com.

Poor Artist Management by Adam Bernard
Everyone knows there are a lot of shady folks out there. I was going through some old emails and wanted to pass along one of them that exemplified this with stunning clarity. I had been playing, and still continue to play, a song by an artist by the name of Young Harden. Harden used to be part of a group until that group kicked him out. His management, however, felt they were still owed by him. Not only did they think they could retain him as a client while not giving him any management services, just taking a large percentage of his money, but their plan was to try to extort money from college radio stations playing his music. Case in point, this email.....

Chuck D (of Public Enemy) - The FreeMix Radio Interview.
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Action Alert :: Ensure access to video services for all!
Congress is about to eliminate the ability of local communities to ensure all their residents have access to affordable, competitive video services and that they'll be protected from unscrupulous company practices. Right now, communities can require any video provider to meet community needs. That's about to change. Read More...

A Bright Future In Zane Rodulfo: Interview by Les-tor Manchestor

Les-tor drops us an exclusive feature interview with a young man from Trinidad that looks to be yet another strong soldier for progress. FHHN finds it ever so important to support and encourage our youth, because quite simply they are our future. read it...

Calling all folks, calling all folks... by Ehren Parks read it..

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