About Us

Free Hiphop Now was launched originally, with the sole purpose of promoting one album. Our initial intentions were to provide free downloads of this album and to make hard copies of it available by request, where only shipping would be charged to any fan who was interested in receiving one. It’s pretty obvious when you navigate the site that, that idea pretty much transformed into something quite different and larger in concept over time. The funny thing is, we never got around to promoting that first album.

Since our humble beginning we’ve grown substantially, and have remained focused, dedicated to our mission. Our goal with Free Hiphop Now is simple, provide people with various forms of information serving to educate, entertain and empower. We furnish content for visitors of the site that is exclusive. We also embrace the power of syndication, with an aim at retrieving information from sources that do not have the power to reach broader audiences, but none the less deliver content that deserves to be recognized. We invite our audience to contribute in our growing community and interact with people all over the world, sharing thoughts, while creating a powerful beacon for progress. The way we figure it, the best way to affect change is to just do it. We refuse to wait for anyone to get the proverbial wheels in motion. At Free Hiphop Now, we refrain from whining and complaining about what is wrong with our world, and seek methods to create awareness and make changes to what we feel is hindering our collective

We hope that you benefit hugely from visiting our site. Well actually your site. Yep, we built it with you in mind.

Founder of Free Hiphop Now

More About Us:

To be quite honest our about us page really should be entitled ‘about you’ because Free Hiphop Now is really more so about you the visitor of the site. It’s about, you sharing information and networking. It’s about you being educated!, entertained and empowered! We built it so you would come and meet others that were interested in freeing their minds, to grow, to learn and communicate with one another. Free Hiphop Now is a portal to an immense network of arts and communications. Using new technologies to benefit all those who choose to accept it. We’re a platform for artist of all facets to express and display their talents online.

We thank you for deciding to spend time with us. We encourage you to stay a while and let others know that we are here!

Let’s Free Hiphop Now!

More Info And Submission Guidelines:

Although we do not choose to censor people's art we do in fact consider all content that comes through our channels. We reserve the right to not promote entities that we feel do not represent us and our vast demographic which is not limited to Hiphop & Rap participants that frequent our site. If you explore the site you will see that we're building a beacon to not only entertain but educate and empower as well. Therefore, we have a standard that we've set and intend on maintaining. That's about it. Sometimes we get proposals for advertisement from channels that are totally contradictory to our mission. And we are not looking to insult our current audience or possible future visitors or advertisers on FHHN.

FHHN does offer the free service of promoting artist through music downloads. All we require is quality mp3's. We upload those with credits pictures and links to their site. This is a free service. Once again we reserve the right to reject audio submissions. And we also limit the amount of submissions used from an individual artist or group.

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