February 24, 2013

Dj Seanski : Public Enemy Tribute

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February 14, 2013

@glamirock - Feel [#Video]

First impressions are lasting ones they say. Fortunately for me that isn't always the case. I was introduced to Glam.I.Rock via the song "SMS". Totally didn't 'feel' it. This one though, not so bad. Perusing her Youtube titles I'm sure there's more I'll like. I was also made aware of her talent as a musician, I'm interested in hearing what else she has to offer. (Shout out to @DrPostALot for tweeting me the link to this video.)

February 12, 2013

@ilovenyhiphop New Blog Devoted to NY Hiphop Launches

If you're an artist in New York, you may feel some kind of way about the fact that New York radio simply doesn't play enough of it's own. Instead of continuing the discussion by complaining about what's not happening we decided it would make a whole lot more sense to try and begin filling the void. There's a radio show in the works and some major things cooking, but until then we have the internet. On this blog what you'll get is audio and video from New York Hiphop artists. Cut and dry. Subscribe to the mailing list. Follow us on Twitter. Like the Facebook page and support New York artists. Don't complain about what's not happening. MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN. 


February 5, 2013

The Hangover Takeover Presents:The Pharcyde-"Passing Me By" at S.O.B.'s


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