March 27, 2011

12's (Beamer, Benz Or Bentley), by iAreConscious

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All my life been rollin on 12’s or 11 and uh 1/2’s/
unleavened in the stash, green thumb but never, horticultured grass/
modern day, it’s a horror culture clash/
chameleon in The Town wit a flyin nun mask/
iAreConscious wit a magnet, Attracting all I have/
Ab Fab, Comedy of Eras (Errors) with a Monty Py past/
to the moon with these Alice’s that wonder how I last/
wonder why I’m fast (I fast), well Wonder Bread is bad/
bleached flour got yah by the collar, now wonder why yah lag?/
wonder why you’re last… born to be first/ now it’s norm to be worst/
perform, do the jerk/preparing for a hearse/
inspect the purpose of this verse/
diggin in the dirt… man, what will you unearth/
do a bid stretch, what will you rebirth/
stretch marks, after life of the girth/
the metaphor purports to growth and
or enlightenment in post…/ Midnight, he a poet,
you don’t know it yet, just remember line end quote
most definitely, prominent when spoke
no apprehension of this apparition
i are gone.. i are ghost…

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