March 31, 2011

6 Foot 7 by iAreConscious

I’m livin for the weekend,
but please don’t call me Ojay,
no way, gettin even with Steven in Bruno Magli’s bloody hallway
Play list All Day, Tamar Kali girl talk, punk and rock...
no, Nicki barbie STOP!
Now this is why I'm hot...
Fur coat in the summer
clear coat when she hummer
Daru he’s a drummer
I are Mr. Drummond, takin care of black kids
got my 10,000 hours of private practice

Most dangerous game
Shadrach, Meshac, I bet he go in flames
I mean Abednego my name
Blacken both of my eyes and my face
white gloves on, are you entertained?
asphyxiate the game, wa wa watch yah boy hang
like his pants, or a needle in his vain
aim high, no air force, no clear port, no fame
just this independent mane,
so Voltron, you know lions have manes?
five zion on the brain
five zion on the brain
five zion on the brain
five zion on the brain

well you can bring the pain
I’ll bring the piece/peace?
just don’t get stained with the markings of the beast
by default us stained with the markings of the street
rest in peace to my folks got capped
orthodontal heat
accidental tourists of the forest
I am Boris Karloff with a sawed off
worth our weight in soul, you can’t afford us
Who you finna beat street been closed
wire hanger flow, Iceberg grim
put uh fire to your hoe
while you so spare tire, I’m re-tired and go!

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