December 13, 2010

Black & Yellow (The Red & White Remix) Aka Shiro by Kojoe

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"Red & White" Remix (English) Translation by Kojoe

Yea uh huh u kno what it is/ (red and white×4)

Yea uh huh I'm so ill with a risin sun on my shoulder holdin a pen that I inherited from my ancestor/

Yea uh huh/ u already know its me/ I'm the only anchor of legend/ that's me/

Imma ride for this island til I die/ (red and white×4)
I put it down for my japs and my kamikazes/

Red dot (hinomaru) with white back drop/
Buzz steady spreadin/ I call it JAP HOP/
A real soldier spits w/ pride and got nothin to hide/
put my life on the line w/ my japs to claim our kingdom/
Money can't buy change but a mic and a pen is my weapon to lead the next generation/
From NEW YORK to Japanese islands/
I'm the truth/ takin the crown/
(Sizzlin noise) hot boiled water/
Watch me carryin YAMATO (Japan) wherever I go
spiitin til I throw up and grindin for gwop/
where all my samurais whose ready to die for honor/
I swear to spirit that's made in japan/ (solute)


Sound of exhausts of kyusha (old japanese gangster's motorcycle)
echo when the rays from the sunset pierce my old wounds/
I'm hustlin for more/ either become a ruler of the under world or a hero of the real world/
pressure is massive but my woofa would blast it off/
better order KOJOE's product cuz it's so addictive/
people can't help but to come back for more/
this is a crime version of intelligence to build short cuts to the top/
you see a dragon?/ spiral staircase/


everybody get up/ always straight talk/ never get swallowed by trends/
if you are chained to the money then you ought to break them/
I'm carrying YAMATO (JAPAN) no matter what they say/
the whole hood is dancin cuz I brought truth with me/
I'm fully loaded/

under the name of YAMATO OMATSURI (we gonna party)


Concept & Promotion:

ENTer. ENTertainment. Tokyo.

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