December 5, 2010

Crafting A Lane: An iAreConscious Triple Play

In an effort to reach new fans and satisfy those that already follow him. iAreConscious is releasing a brand new song or verse every week. That is, at least for the rest of 2010. All material is furnished with lyrics but there will be followups after each song has begun to make its way around the net. The followups will include breakdowns of the songs and insight on what they really mean. This information privy to those that are currently subscribed to his website, have purchased his music or downloaded it via iAreConscious is crafting his own lane and in doing so is showing fans and artists alike that what he creates and shares is rooted in purpose. There is a definite meaning behind all of the 'art pieces' and he hopes that people will appreciate the experience of listening to music in a less conventional manner. With so much 'Free', iAreConscious is attaching genuine value to the work he shares by thinking beyond the normal methods and making an effort to make a connection with listeners. He encourages his audience to share the music and discuss it. To say that the listener is 'important' is a massive understatement for without them, what exactly is the point?

To get you caught up with what you may have missed we're making his first three songs from this series available for listening here on Free Hiphop Now.

P.S. Be sure to download the songs so that you can received the exclusive followup correspondence about them.

Michael's Faith

Devil In A Bubbled Vest

Maybe, Rob Reiner


Anonymous said...

I'm not that familiar with your work, but I enjoy your tweets. "Michael's Faith" is cool and "Devil In a Bubbled Vest" is giving me new life (I've heard this one before many times. But where? How?).

Admin said...

The track for "Devil In A Bubble Vest" is from Kanye's most recent album. That's possibly why it sounds familiar to you.

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