October 8, 2009

A Conscious Twinterview w/ YC The Cynic

@Conscious How do you approach creating a new rhyme/song/verse....?
@YCtheCynic Me? I don't have a set ritual. Its more so a feeling that I'm in a creative mood. Then I try to figure what flow sounds best.
@Conscious How do you go about choosing tracks to rock over?
@YCtheCynic At this point, I just choose tracks that I like. Beats that I'd listen to, on a regular, w/o words. Plus, if it'd fit my style.
@Conscious What do you consider your style to be?
@YCtheCynic I'd say funk or jazz inspired stuff, that leaves space for the words to be heard/felt/understood. Like a Rebirth of Slick...
@Conscious How long have you been performing? What is your goal with this rap thing?
@YCtheCynic My first performance was about 2 or 3 years ago, but I haven't had many, until recently. I've been rhyming for over 8 years now. My goal is 2 provide good music, an alternative to the detrimental stuff out there. Financially, I'd just like 2 live comfortably. I don't care to be rich/wealthy. I'd just like to, not worry about working...and completely focus on doing what I love.


YC The Cynic said...

HA! Original, innovative idea. I should've known you were up to something. lol Thanks.

Final Outlaw said...

I seen YC perform for the first time at NuYorican, and once the live band began playing he exploded with energy! Very rare to find. One of my top 5 up and comers - YC the Cynic!

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