June 14, 2010

Q & A With Emcee Jermaine?

1. What are the Gone in 60 Seconds video promo clips all about?

These promos (there will be three installments) are basically meant to showcase some of my talent as well as my content as an emcee. I wanted to make something just long enough for people to determine if they would like to hear more of me or not.

2. As an emcee what is your main goal?

I would say my main goal is to help bring honest, QUALITY hip hop to the forefront once more. There are already people out there doing this as well, so I would just like to contribute wherever and however I can.

3. What led you to participate in the art form;What have you learned about yourself during the process of becoming an emcee?

I think like a lot of young kids growing up in urban areas, I initially started out by pretty much imitating what I heard on the radio...for me that was the likes of Public Enemy, De La Soul, Rakim, and my hometown group Poor Righteous Teachers. It got really serious for me when I started "battling" other rappers. It made me really sharpen up my presence, my delivery, and content. In most rapper circles growing up I was an unknown, but I wouldn't allow that to deter me.

4. What's your process for rhyme creation like?

For some reason I usually think of a concept for a song well before I've written it. On most occasions I'll just let the thoughts from the concept stew in my head for a couple of days. By the time I sit down to write, the song usually writes itself. There are also other occasions where I'm inspired and am able to write a song literally in minutes.

5. Who do you feel most influences your style?

As far as my style, there are two people who I would have to say were the most influential: Kool G. Rap and Ghostface. I remember Kool G. Rap (in my opinion) had some of the most well constructed verses. Everything made sense and also rhymed almost perfectly. My delivery is where I've been heavily influenced by Ghost. Here's a dude who can say just about anything and make you feel it...because the way he delivers his verses is almost like what electricity would sound like if you put it to a hip hop beat.

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