October 29, 2005

Fourth Friday: A Few Pics...

Another 4th friday of the month has come and gone, and as always 3rd Party put on a great show. This time around though, Conscious Bootleggers opened up shop right at the show. In efforts to promote the music of not only 3rd Party (LP: Pressed For Time) but also various independents that have well put together material that needs to be heard.

Here's a few images from the evening. (Pictures were scarce. Bare in mind our photographer for the night was also a vendor. It's not easy to snap filcks and collect money for merchandise.)

A hiphop show just isn't a hiphop show without this guy showin up with his very own promotional sign! It's the one and only,(thankfully) Tah Phrum Duh Bush.

Check out his album, 'Sunshine or Pure Shade' available online on Conscious Bootleggers.

Luke... Where is my father ?

Bisc1 - The Basics Ep in stores 11/1/05

The Basics Ep release party

Performances by
Cool Calm Pete
Junk Science
Loer Velocity

On Turntables:
Ese, Lo Kash, 416 & Milk Money

Thursday November 3rd
Alphabet Lounge
104 Avenue C (C and 7th st)
(L) to 1st Ave or (6) to Astor Place
Doors@8pm / Show@11pm

Free Entrance
3$beers / $3shots

www.embeddedmusic.net // info: bisco@iveestusios.com

Tranquil - Makes his first appearance, as solo artist.

Grassroots vending booth...

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