September 30, 2006

Sunshine or Pure Shade: Tah Phrum Duh Bush

Sunshine or Pure Shade: Tah Phrum Duh Bush

Attention New York and the entire East Coast - The West Coast abstract gymnastic tongue lashing over bass laced fun has back flipped and somersaulted right into your ears and has made a perfect landing. Outlined in a Aceyalone and Project Blowed rainbow, Tah Phrum Duh Bush, brings that odd west coast like hip hop circus feel to the center of New York and you will not want to miss your ticket to the big top of hip hop. Read more...

Bumpy Knuckles Vs. Rakim & Nas ?

Listen Up! Bumpy Knuckles has something to say about Rakim and Nas.
---->Listen Here<----

September 29, 2006

Gnarls Barkley Launches Video for Violent Femmes Cover “Gone Daddy Gone”


Gnarls Barkley is the irony-laden psychedelic soul project spearheaded by producer Danger Mouse and vocalist, lyricist, soul-funk-hip hop-experimenter, Cee-Lo which resulted in one of the most successful albums of 2006 – St. Elsewhere. The album’s soulful first single “Crazy” topped charts globally and was widely appreciated as demonstrated by the slue of covers that quickly surfaced by artist’s as divergent as Nelly Furtado, The Twilight Singers, The Flaming Lips and Ray LaMontagne. Gnarls existed as a solitary performer in the eyes of many until the team took their show on the road and the true culprits appeared, although costumed, for all to see.


Team Gnarls have created a video for their enormously popular Violent Femmes cover “Gone Daddy Gone” featuring a band of fleas of a mission of love. The secret admirers start their journey on the back of their true love’s pet dog and with a song in their hearts, battle household cleaning products just to be near her, eventually dying in a flash of unrequited lust.


The new video premiered September 29 on MTV 2 and is available now for streaming.


"Gone Daddy Gone" Video Streams

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Windows Media (Med):

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September 28, 2006

Ameer’s 25th Hour

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

Ameer’s 25th Hour

MySpace rap reaches an artistic apex of sorts.

Posted In: Columnists, Bol's Saturday Night Workout by Byron Crawford

MySpace is one of the best promotional strategies for an upcoming artist evar, except that it isn’t. As long as it’s been around, the only person I ever heard of who got (somewhat) famous off of being on MySpace was Tila Tequila, and obviously that wasn’t for her singing ability.

[You know Asian people can’t sing. Come on.]

To be sure, there’s been any number of bands, rappers and what have you who had a MySpace profile and ended up signed to some sort of label. Even yours truly (413 “friends” and counting) put a profile up a while before I was down with Interscope making Bugs Bunny money.

But you have to wonder how many of these groups wouldn’t be signed at all if it wasn’t for MySpace, let alone whether any of them will go on to successful careers as recording artists.

Because I live to hate on shit (as the doctor told my mother the day I was born), I just take it for granted that any artist with a MySpace profile is not at all worth listening to. Even I artists I liked before there was a such thing as a MySpace I like somewhat less after visiting their page.

That said, my lifestyle, such as it is, does afford me a certain amount of free time. So every once in a while I’ll go check out some kid’s profile (no boutros), on the outside chance that I might discover the next Skyballs or whatever.

I don’t know if Ameer - or any artist, for that matter - considers himself a “MySpace artist,” but he’s certainly on there, and he certainly uses it to promote himself and his music. His new album the 25th Hour was released (to whom?) this Tuesday, as I’ve been informed once or twice now.

Also, the dude’s got an interesting gimmick. The entire album, which I received the other day via Sendspace, is recorded over backwards music. Like, some dude plays instrumental versions of rap songs in reverse and he raps over them.

Admittedly, this is hardly the most novel gimmick for a rap album. Other artists have attempted this sort of thing at least as far as Supreme Clientele (I think), and it didn’t strike me as a particularly brilliant idea back then either.

But it does more or less work. As noted in the promotional material accompanying my copy of the album, “the music is being played backwards… and it all sounds like music!” And Ameer benefits to a certain degree from rappin’ over beats that were already a hit for someone else, which has been the Clipse’ main artistic conceit as of late.

Also, the dude can rap. I’d compare his flow to Cormega, but with less of a speech impediment, and also AZ, with whom he’s recorded a few records. If you’re into that sort of thing, you might want to check this out.


Speaking of MySpace, it looks like our good friend Rey (er, Rey!) could use a few friends. No Jeff Gannon.

DJ Afrika Bambaata premiered Da Common Cauze debut single The Last Shall Be First on his radio show “ True School” at WHCR

On September 20,2006 DJ Afrika Bambaata premiered Da Common Cauze debut single The Last Shall Be First on his radio show " True School" at WHCR. Bambaata is the second Hip Hop pioneer to endorse Da Common Cauze.

The First being DJ Kool Herc himself at the Advanced Music Seminar, held this past summer at the Pennsylvania hotel in New York City. It was one of the best music events of the summer. Mrs. Emani P. Taylor Esq, put the Seminar together, and she did an excellent job of putting together a roster of top entertainment people for the three-day event. We are talking about Sharon L. McPherson Esq, Deron Tucker Esq, Bert Padell, Jay Hamilton, Maria Davis and Dj Kool Herc just to name a few. This was a three-day crash course on the music industry from the people who make the deals. Everyone from record label executives, A&R's, record producers, studio managers were present.

Da Common Cauze a hip hop duo from the Bronx, NY were the first artist that Allout recording & entertainment CEO Mark " Gangsta" King signed to the label In hopes of putting the Bronx and Harlem back on the Hip Hop map. Da Common Cauze first single" The Last Shall Be First" has been given rave reviews from music industry insiders. Most notably Ray Roberts of RCI Music Promotions "WE CONSIDER THIS PARTICULAR SONG VERY CHART WORTHY AND VERY COMMERCIAL.WE BELIEVE THAT THIS PRODUCT WILL EXCEED IN SALES 10,000 UNITS AT THE LEAST."

Da Common Cauze has 5 tracks on the soon to be released Allout Compilation Hostile Takeover cd. Slated for early 2007. K-Dash A.K.A. Kotic of Da Common Cauze solo single "Da Bronx" is slated for late 2006. It's the ultimate Bronx anthem so put your X up in the air, the Bronx is about to make a big comeback.

The last shall be first

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Another banger from AZ & DJ Premier!

"The Format - AZ - Produced DJ Premier" length: 03:04
p12604o2b86.jpg Stream HIFI The Format - AZ - Produced DJ Premier play HiFi (mp3)
Download HiFi The Format - AZ - Produced DJ Premier download (4.21 MB)

September 27, 2006

MySpace Trumps YouTube in Video

Talk is cheap with videos, and cell phones.

It didn't take long for MySpace to rule the digital video world. The social networking juggernaut, owned by News Corp (NWS) was the No. 1 video site in July, trouncing popular YouTube, seasoned Internet companies, like Yahoo (YHOO) and Google (GOOG), and granddaddy media outfits, like Viacom (VIA).

This is pretty significant considering that YouTube and Google Video have gotten all the press when it comes to who's garnering the biggest video-viewing audiences. But now that third-party figures are available for individual sites, we're beginning to see who's actually attracting those coveted eyeballs.


September 25, 2006

Jair Dynast - Artist Of The Week

When I first received my copy of Jair Dynast’s latest single I had no idea who he was but was instantly drawn to his song “Pull Up.” A few MySpace emails later and he was calling in to one of my radio shows to talk about the record, the serious physical ailment that kept him from pursuing another one of his goals, and what it’s been like living in a myriad of different places (Toronto, Barbados, Connecticut, Texas). With dope music, and an even doper story, Jair Dynast has earned the right to be this week’s Artist Of The Week. Read more...

September 24, 2006

RZA. Interview Part II

Last week we went in depth with RZA about his work on The Protector, the differences between scoring a movie and producing a record, and the possible return of Bobby Digital. This week it's time for part two of our conversation with the Wu-Tang legend as RZA discusses Quincy Jones' unique influence on him, The Protector's nearly four minute steady cam shot, and why he almost never came home after his first trip to China.Read Part 2 of Interview.

September 21, 2006

Diversity: Leaders Not Labels – A New Plan for the 21st Century

Now Available - Stedman Graham’s latest book!
Diversity: Leaders Not Labels – A New Plan for the 21st Century

Stedman Graham, bestselling author of You Can Make It Happen, teaches that in the 21st century your talent and skills above all else will define your value. In Diversity: Leaders Not Labels, Graham shows you how to break out of the box that keeps you from growing to your full potential, and reveals that success is truly based on results, performance, and excellence.

Diversity is literally changing the face of our nations. Workers of all backgrounds are merging into a global marketplace, while businesses are challenged by a shortage of talent and the need to integrate a wide range of cultures. In this global environment, diversity has become a permanent business characteristic; opportunities will be plentiful for both people and businesses. Graham indicates that we do not have to become a member of anyone else’s culture to play a key role, but must maintain and assert our own identities while respecting others’ uniqueness in our workforces and communities. He helps us to understand that developing leaders rather than accepting labels is ultimately the best way to preserve culture and create a legacy.

“What is most important is breaking through labels and understanding who you are,” says Graham. “Realize that everyone brings uniqueness, talents, and skills that add value to our experiences, work environments, businesses and communities. When you operate from this perspective, you will emerge in the 21st century as a true leader to yourself, to others, and to society.”

For more information on Stedman Graham's Diversity Leadership keynote speaking or workshops, please contact S. Graham & Associates at 312.755.0234 or Kristin Andress at 217.585.1682 or


Getty Images

“Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America where we have separation of church and state.”

It took less a than month, and Rosie has caused her first controversy. With those words, she sent the intrawebs abuzz with talk of having her fired or cheers of support. At least she's not promoting wedding products or chest-lifts. And - shock! - ratings are up.

The above information is from AOL's site.

I honestly do not care for her at all. But that does not effect the fact that what hse is saying is actually true. I'm really surprised that she made this statment considering the ignorant things I've heard her say in the past.

- Conscious

September 20, 2006

Judge rules in Princes favor!

Back in April, while sitting ringside at a boxing fight, J. Prince was served with a subpoena to determine the financial relationship between himself and Suge Knight. After several failed attempts to win court cases by the incarcerated Mr. Harris & wife, Lydia Harris who had a $107 million default judgment against Suge Knight and Death Row Records. Harris was unable to collect on her judgment, enticing her to turn in the direction of J. Prince, due to his personal acquaintance with Suge Knight.

Mr. Goldberg the attorney of Michael Harris was quoted on as saying “They have a relationship, they were sitting side by side at the Mayweather Fight, and we believe that Mr. Prince may owe Mr. Harris a substantial amount of money!”

“I look forward to getting into the nitty-gritty of the financial dealings between Mr. Prince and Mr. Knight.” “I plan to leave no stone unturned.”

After being subpoenaed, J.Prince refused to answer questions concerning his dealings with Suge Knight, which resulted in a ruling by the Judge, in Prince’s favor. J. Prince stated that “Harris is a pathological lying snitch!” Prince also says that “he is pleased with the judge’s decision on the court ruling.”

J. Prince had nothing to hide. He submitted himself to the scrutiny of the court subpoenas for deposition (which were actually illegal); then his lawyer, challenged the legality of being deposed concerning Suge Knight and Death Row, which resulted in any questions concerning J. Prince and Suge Knight eventually being thrown out!

Paull Wall and T.V. Johnny join MixCast for new reality TV show

MixCast, a leader in hip-hop and urban lifestyle television, today announced the addition of T.V. Johnny & Paul Wall to the rising number of companies that provide video programming for the MixCast Network. MixCast is a global urban lifestyle channel that offers an insider’s peek at urban culture through the eyes of the tastemakers setting the trends. Now the TV Johnny and Paul Wall Show will be available to viewers worldwide through MixCast’s phone, web, and television distribution.

Full News Story:
More Information on MixCast:

September 19, 2006

Q Burn Media: Emilio Rojas aka Raks One - Keep On Runnin'

Artist: Emilio Rojas aka Raks One
Artist: Wax Reform Music

OUT NOW! "A Breath of Fresh Air," the debut US release featuring guest appearances from Denosh (MTV/ Bad Boy Making the Band 3/ Pete Rock & CL Smooth "It's A Love Thing") Oddisee, Tiffany Paige, Silent Knight, Shadokat, and more! Also featuring production from Illmind (G Unit/ Aftermath), M-Phazes (Supastition, Kenn Starr), Keelay (Solevibe Collective), Anthony Accurate (Bahamadia, Hezekiah), ReaLsoN (Kool G. Rap), and Nick Tha 1dah!


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The Postmarks Say Hello With "Goodbye"

The Postmarks - "Goodbye" [DOWNLOAD]

The Postmarks - "Whether the Weather" [STREAM]

"For The Postmarks, stepping outside of their private, music making world is a brand new experience. Describing the environment where their songs and recordings have been carefully crafted as a "heartbreak factory", the band has decided to open up the doors and allow the world in for the first time. It is an act that reveals the journey the members took from the creative mire of emptiness to the overflowing well of heartbreak. A journey that helped them emerge at the forefront of the nouveau pop movement." [READ MORE]

World's Fair people in Florida, The Postmarks continue their first stint of live shows at Popscene! on Sep 23 @ Dada, Delray Beach. A CMJ showcase is confirmed so stay tuned for more from this fledgling group, who were signed on to Andy Chase's Unfiltered Records, solely on the basis of their marvelous debut recording which has already been receiving kudos from the likes of Ladytron and Tahiti80.

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Read Yellow Romp, Rave, Ravage & Rampage


Read Yellow Romp, Rave, Ravage & Rampage

First, a brand new track from the upcoming album:
Read Yellow - “Soul Sister” [DOWNLOAD]
Next, touring with A Place to Bury Strangers & The Static Age in NY / PA / RI / VT / NH / MA. Click here for tour dates.
Are you ready to rumble? Check out this explosive video of RY live at Middle East in their hometown of Boston.
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The Flaming Lips Torch Oklahoma City Zoo

the f'lips
The Flaming Lips Torch Oklahoma City Zoo
It's all over YouTube!
Pics courtesy of Tap Dig - click here.
Raising the bar ever higher for the greatest rock & roll show around today! Log on to the 'Lips website and myspace to stay up to date on the latest, craziest adventures they have in store.
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Aesop Rock Sneaks You In Backstage to Tell You a Tale or Two

Aesop Rock Book

Aesop Rock Sneaks You In Backstage to Tell You a Tale or Two
Aesop Rock recently sat down with MTVU to answer some very important questions from fans. Check out MTVU's Backstage Pass to read the exclusive interview! Meanwhile,
Upper Playground is proud to present: "The Next Best Thing", a short story about the creative process by Aesop Rock and Jeremy Fish. This 24 page book comes with a 7 inch picture disk that coincides with each page of the book.
Buy it @ Def Jux Pharmacy.

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6th Scents - VOLUME 2!

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2) scroll down, and click FREE
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"it ain't underground, it's..."

6th Sense - Scents Vol. 1

Weekly beat installment called "Scents." Hope ya'll like. Definately
spread it around.


2) Scroll down and click the button that says "Free"

3) Pick a link and download away!

First Look at the Ghostface Doll

4CAST Limited Prepping Release of the Ghostface Doll

4CAST Limited is proud to present the official Ghostface Killah Doll. 4CAST worked side by side with the legendary Wu-Tang Clan MC to bring you this limited edition vinyl collectible. There are only 1,000 hand-numbered units being made available to the general public worldwide. The scheduled release date is November 6, 2006.

Each figure comes with a real GFK silk robe, a real 14k gold chain, a gold chalice with swarovski crystals, an internal sound chip that recites classic GFK catch-phrases and a GFK Doll mixtape. Each collector will also have a 1/500 chance to spend a day with Ghostface himself. As an added accessory, buyers will also be able to purchase Ghostface's golden eagle bracelet.

Ghostface Killah is the first in a series of legendary musicians 4CAST Limited will be working with. More figures are soon to follow, as well as various series of art, photography, and jewelry by legendary street artists, designers, and photographers.

For more information, please visit and

September 18, 2006

Artist Of The Week - X:144

L to R: SPS and X:144

When one hears the name X:144 Hip-Hop may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Once the Orlando MC who goes by that name catches your ear, however, all that will change. As one half of the curiously named duo X:144 and SPS, X:144 is setting out to take the Hip-Hop community back to its roots, back to when the culture was more than just one big MC battle over who has the nicest jewelry and the biggest guns. Recently X:144 called in to one of my radio shows and during our conversation he broke down the root of his unusual moniker, the development of Orlando’s Hip-Hop scene, and what he feels the real job of an MC is. Read more...

Killer Collaborations - Professor Grimm & Makeshift

Killer Collaborations - Professor Grimm & Makeshift
From crew cuts like 'Buddy' and 'Scenario' to more intimate pairings of artists to create full length projects like Jaylib's Champion Sound and more recently the Gnarls Barkley offering direct from the mind's of Danger Mouse and Cee Lo, collaborations in Hiphop as well as other genres of music if done properly can quite simply be, awesome.
GF Scoob & Cardiac moonlight as Professor Grimm & Makeshift to bring us yet another glowing piece to life's puzzle of enlightenment. Take a listen to "Fawkwords - Makeshift", that'll give you a small taste of what this duo has in store for us. play hifi : download.

September 15, 2006

Storm The Unpredictable Named As A Finalist in VH1’s Freestyle 59 Competition

August 15th, 2006


Storm The Unpredictable Named As A Finalist in VH1’s Freestyle 59 Competition

Oxon Hill, MD’s Storm the unpredictable has been named one of five finalists in VH1’s “Freestyle59 Competition”. Beginning September 12th the competition kicks off on VSPOT and the votes roll in on The direct link to vote is . The winner will be announced during the Hip Hop Honors show on October 17th 9 PM ET.'s Freestyle 59 contest is part of the 2006 Hip Hop Honors show in which participants submitted a video of their best freestyle rap performance, and users vote on who should be crowned the freestyle champ. The five finalists were flown to New York City where they participated in interviews, commercial/photography shoots, recording of exclusive ring tones, and a rhyming cipher/workshop with hip hop legend Fat Joe. Commercials are scheduled to air on VH1 and VH1 soul on or about September 12, 2006.

A panel of judges comprised of VH1 panelists and celebrity judges from the hip hop industry selected five (5) finalists (each a "Finalist") from the eligible entries received on and the Website Partners based on the following judging criteria: style (25%), originality (25%), flow (25%), and entertainment value (25%). Between 12:00 pm (ET) September 12, 2006 and 12:00pm (ET) October 17, 2006 (the "Voting Period"), Finalists' Video Entries shall be subject to "survival style" elimination where approximately each week the pool of Finalists will decrease by one after each voting interval.
September 12, 2006- September 18, 2006: Round One, reduce to four (4) Finalists
September 19, 2006- September 25, 2006: Round Two, reduce to three (3) Finalists
September 26, 2006- September 29, 2006: Round Three, reduce to two (2) Finalists
September 29, 2006 - October 17, 2006: Round Four, determination of grand prize winner

This year's Hip Hop Honors honorees include the Wu-Tang Clan, Afrika Bambaataa, Russell Simmons, MC Lyte, Rakim, the Beastie Boys and Eazy E. The show is hosted by Ice-T. The music and influence of each of the honorees will be recognized through performances by classic artists in collaboration with today's hottest hip-hop talent.

Storm The Unpredictable’s recently released enhanced sophomore album/cd, “A2:What Should Have Been” is in stores now as well as being available on internet sites such as,, and The album was released via a joint venture between Ty-She Ent./SPP Waxworks/Domination Recordings and features production/guest appearances from Decompose (DC), Brainstorm Sounds, DJ Symphoni, Danja Mowf, C. Walker a.k.a. Kokayi, The Unknown, Almond Joy, Ty-Riek, Xavier, and Priest da nomad.

X-Clan Wraps Up Tour With Jurassic 5 and Heads Into The “Lion’s Den” With Damian & Stephen Marley

September 15th, 2006


X-Clan Wraps Up Tour With Jurassic 5 and Heads Into The “Lion’s Den” With Damian & Stephen Marley

After embarking on a very successful two-month tour, which included over 40 dates and every key market, X-Clan wrapped up the last leg of their tour with Jurassic 5 on September 13th and immediately scheduled what promises to be a very prosperous collaboration with Damian and Stephen Marley.

Immediately after the last tour date and throwing their respective hectic schedules to the wind, Brother J and the Marley Brothers planned out a two-day recording session to record a new track, “Culture United,” for inclusion on X-Clan’s forthcoming LP Return From Mecca, which will be released on 10-31-06. The track is being recorded in Miami at the legendary Lion’s Den Studio.

“Culture United” will be produced by Stephen Marley and will feature Damian Marley alongside Brother J. Adding Damian and Stephen Marley further bolsters X-Clan’s triumphant re-emergence with Return From Mecca, as the Marley Brothers join Jurassic 5’s Chali 2NA, KRS-One, Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach, RBX, Abstract Rude and YZ and producers DJ Quik, DJ Khalil, Jake One and Bean One.

Brother J and X-Clan are currently setting up new tour dates for the fourth quarter and are available for all interview requests.

September 13, 2006

Five Finger Discounters - Like Mike

The new Like Mike tee is in stock and ready to ship out immediately. Free shipping is still on but not for long….

Biggest Midget in Action: LADY SOVEREIGN

Lady Sovereign
Album out Halloween, 10/31

Lady Sovereign -?LOVE ME OR HATE ME (Dirty)
Windows media (high)
Windows media (low)
Real media (high)

Lady Sovereign -?LOVE ME OR HATE ME (Clean)
Windows media (high)
Windows media (low)
Real media (high)




At just nineteen, pint-sized Londoner Lady Sovereign has all the makings of the next hip-hop superstar?She sneaks nursery rhymes into haughty boast-raps and melds hyper, big-bottomed beats with dancehall, drum-and-bass and?her clever, barb-infested flow.? ? Rolling Stone

Britain?s finest MC is a five-foot-one white girl from the wrong side of town. Lady Sovereign hates being compared to Eminem, which is hard to avoid these days if you?re A) white, B) a rapper and C) really, really good.? ? Blender

Her size, color, sex and nationality may set Sov well apart from the herd, but her flow is just as arresting: an electrifying mixture of Jamaican dancehall ?chat,? British cultural reference points, and a playful wit all her own.? ? Elle

Besides, [Lady Sovereign]?s good: pithy, clever, and able to use her honking voice to humorous effect?with the hedged courage of a teenager determined to take on the world every time she walks out the door.? ? The New Yorker

Sovereign can cultivate a broader appeal because there aren?t any questions about her authenticity?The phenomenon of Lady Sovereign is not just about the rareness of an unmanufactured pop star?her story, up until now, is the story of a teenager in 2005. And like teenageness itself, there is something terrifying and thrilling about that.? ? The Fader

A leading player of the grime scene, Lady Sovereign is poised to conquer America with her debut LP, courtesy of Def Jam.? ? XXL

The diminutive rapper, who recently threw down a few verses in Jay-Z?s boardroom, has the outsize personality that propels artists out of subcultures?? New York Magazine

LONDON, UK???July 11, 2006?? ?Lady Sovereign, blah blah blah.? At this point, if you haven?t heard of?Lady Sovereign, you?ve been living under an effing?rock. The self-proclaimed ?biggest midget in the game? has gone from the bloggers? champ to magazine-cover-vamp on both sides of the pond, having graced the covers of?URB,?The Fader, and?i-D?to name a few?and she hasn?t even put out an?album.

The plus-sized hype surrounding this pint-sized 20-year-old hailing from Wembley, England is the subject of her new single,??Love Me Or Hate Me,??set to impact radio nationwide on?August 7th. All punk-n-grime snot-nosed British attitude over an undeniable 808-fueled electro-pop-n-lock beat courtesy of NYC producer Dr. Luke, Lady Sov snarls on the chorus: ?If you love me then, THANK YOU! If you hate me then, F#CK YOU!?

For Sov, it was a quick leap from bloggers? pet to critic?s darling. The press has been voracious, heaping praise on Lady Sov to the tune of ?The Queen of U.K. Grime,? to ?Hip-Hop?s great white hope,? even likening her to a female Eminem. Sovereign may respond to such comparisons with a hearty ?Eff Off!,? but the hype did earn her a now legendary, if somewhat maligned, audition, and?deal, with?Def Jam President and CEO, Shawn ?Jay-Z? Carter.? ?Sovereign is a pure entertainer,? says Carter. Sovereign?s rapid-fire flow and in-your-face attitude may have caught the ear of some major players, but it certainly didn?t happen overnight.

From growing up in Chalkhill Estates ? one of North London?s rougher housing developments - to dropping out of school as a teen and working odd jobs to support a growing passion for American rap and the U.K.?s burgeoning grime scene, to battling in underground London clubs and pushing her homemade recordings on the internet, Sovereign?s shown a tenacity for self-promotion as vicious as her mic skills. Taking the internet-age approach to punk rock?s DIY aesthetic, Sov promoted her homemade rhymes through her page on, an early version of myspace. The internet helped connect Sov to others in the grime scene around the world, and it was through the blogspace that her tracks like ?Random? and ?Ch-Ching? first got noticed by tastemakers stateside. Today she remains true to those beginnings: she manages her myspace page? - where she?s had some 750,000 music listens - herself, communicating directly with her 38,000-plus friends.

Having just come off a round of successful U.S performances including the Coachella and Intonation festivals and a national tour in support of The Streets, Sov will return this summer to headline NYC?s Central Park Summerstage on July 30, and will appear at the Lollapalooza and Bumbershoot festivals.

Lady Sovereign?s long-awaited worldwide debut album,?Public Warning, is now set for an October release. Stay tuned for more foul-mouthed info on the ?biggest midget in the game??

Oh, and ?F#CK YOU

# # #

Makaveli Presents MuszaMil - Reparation is Due

Makaveli Presents MuszaMil - Reparation is Due

MuszaMil, the younger brother of Outlaw Napoleon, is releasing his sophomore album Reparation is Due presented by Makaveli on September 19. Reparation is Due, which is coming out on X-Ray Records, features never-before-heard verses by the legendary Makaveli as well as Napoleon and H Ryda.

The former 2Pac protégé is currently spearheading a petition to add a 2Pac star to Hollywood's Walk of Fame. The petition will be presented to members of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce as well as Honorary Mayor of Hollywood Mr. Johnny Grant, who also serves as the head of the Hollywood Walk of Fame selection committee.

Reparation is Due is fully sanctioned by 2Pac's estate and has the official approval of Ms. Afeni Shakur.

For all press inquiries please email


01 Outlaw, Outlaw

02 Mr. Muszamil

03 Hollywood feat. Val Young, Triple 7 and Napoleon

04 Last Days of Our Lives eat. Hussler Russel

05 Still Busting feat. H Ryda and Makaveli (a/k/a 2Pac)

06 Interlude/Political Soldiers feat. Makaveli and H Ryda

07 Seike feat. Malcolm X

08 No Reason feat. Stevie Wonder

09 Let It Go feat. Teddy Pendergrass

10 Don't Need None feat. Val Young and T.Scott

11 Make a Change feat. Rey Chester and Napoleon

12 Interlude/Thug Life Outlaw feat. Cabo and Gritty Outlaw

13 Dirty Game

Bonus Track Can't Deny It feat. H Ryda

World's Fair News Blast September 13, 2006

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Alice Smith: One of Rolling Stone’s 10 Artists to Watch 2006!

Alice Smith
Alice Smith - "Woodstock" [DOWNLOAD]

Click here to read the article and listen to tunes.

Alice's tour supporting Citizen Cope launches this week!
Click here for the full itinerary. We are seeking live reviews, photos and clips from the tour - bloggers & editors let us know!

Alice Smith’s “For Lovers, Dreamers & Me” is out now!
Buy it @
| iTunes | Best Buy | AOL Music | Dusty Groove | Underground Hip Hop

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Roger O'Donnell

Roger O'Donnell - "Treasure" Acid Pauli Remix [DOWNLOAD]

“The Truth In Me” has inspired a number of musicians to join Roger in his Moogtastic exploration. Remixes have already been done of a number of the album’s tracks by such luminaries as Jimmy Tamborello of The Postal Service/Dntel/Figurine, Kieran Hebden of FourTet, The Notwist/Console, and Jimmy LaValle of The Album Leaf. First, we offer for your enjoyment and sharing - the hot remix of “Treasure” by Acid Pauli, an alias of Martin Gretschmann of The Notwist.

Read an interview with Roger on DIY Rockstar from earlier this year.

Read an in-depth interview with Roger about his Moog Voyager on Electronic Musician.

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mtvU’s “Freshman” show pits 5 videos from emerging artists to go up against each other for voting on a weekly basis, and the one with the highest votes will get an automatic add into rotation on mtvU! This week, Midlake’s “Roscoe” video, never seen before in the US, is up against a bunch of other sucky bands.

Click here to watch the video and vote!. Fans can also vote via Mobile by texting the word FRESHMAN to 22422 on their mobile phones (Standard messaging rates apply). Voting begins at 11am on Monday 9/11 and ends at 11:59am on Friday 9/15.

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Gray Kid Album Cover

Gray Kid Live Videos - West Coast Wake Up!
Check out some of the Gray Kid live videos here.
Feel it for yourself:
Sept 13 @ PLUSH (9039 Sunset) – Summer Strummer Kickoff Event – 9pm
Sept 16 @ Project (5016 Venice at La Brea) – 9pm
Sept 17 @ Bergamot Station (2525 Michigan Ave, SM) – Summer Strummer – TBA
Sept 26 @ Key Club (9039 Sunset) – SFR Residency – 9pm
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Nicolay Live

Nicolay Reviews, Pics, Video from NYC Launch Party
Pics from Nicolay’s launch party at Canal Room are up on iMeem
See some live video clips from fans in the audience a the NYC release party here.
Favorable reviews for Nicolay’s “Here” are pouring in from: and HHN Live.
Buy "Here" @ UGHH | Virgin Mega | iTunes
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Hangar 18 on Tour with Gym Class Heros
September 14, 2006 – October 12, 2006
Hangar 18 on Tour with Gym Class Heros & Cobra Starship
See all tour dates here.
Clich here to download Hangar 18 on iTunes!
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Vic Thrill

Vic Thrill Plays Rubulad this Weekend (NYC)
Vic Thrill & Saturn Missile take their Circus of Enlightenment to this weekend’s Rubulad - the radical, magical, full-on Brooklyn house party / rave this weekend. VTSM are billed for 11pm; $10 with costume or $15 without. Roving performers, arty artists and plucky mayhem throughout.
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Win a Free iRiver Clix Mp3 Player - Vote for World’s Fair Artists at iRiver
Alice Smith, Nicolay, J Dilla, Hugh Masekela, Midlake and Read Yellow are all featured in September’s Edition of iRiver Music America, powered by your good friends at Brandracket. There are free downloads to enjoy so grab ‘em while you can!
Vote for your favorite artist and you will be entered to potentially win a free iRiver Clix mp3 player!

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