August 30, 2006

Beatboxer Entertainment: Freakout

Beatboxer Entertainment: Back Story

August 28, 2006

Pagan :1st Movement 1968

Artist of the week: Hot Karl

Artist of the week: Hot Karl
"In My World - Hot Karl" play hifi : download
The first time I heard Hot Karl’s The Great Escape I was hooked. The album's opening song, “Let’s Talk,” which features Karl and 3rd Bass great MC Serch having an argument in rhyme over the art of Hip-Hop vs. potential commercial success, was on repeat before I could even get to the rest of the CD. Born and raised in Calabasas, CA, Karl now lives in LA and in addition to his music he co-owns an art gallery and has a book about the toys of the 80’s coming out in 2007 on Abrams called “Products of the 80's.” He’s recorded with DJ Clue, Fabolous, The Black Eyed Peas, Kanye West, 9th Wonder, Redman, Sugar Ray, Mya, DJ Lethal, MC Serch and She Wants Revenge and performed live on bills with Snoop Dogg, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Kool Moe Dee, ToTo and Ray Parker Jr. (not a joke), Sugar Ray, Jurassic 5, Living Legends, Phife Dawg and Gerardo (again, not a joke). Karl, whose real name is Jensen-Gerard Karp, became Hot Karl as a youth when Ice-T heard about him destroying (also referred to as “shitting on”) MCs at a show. This would mark the start of a wild journey for Hot Karl. “I was the all-time LA Radio Roll Call champion turned Interscope golden boy turned Interscope whipping boy turned Indy rapper.” Recently Karl sat down with me to talk about that journey, his thoughts on Hip-Hop in the suburbs, and how pro-wrestler Viscera once made his day. Read More...

August 21, 2006

A Quarter Century Of MTV

A Quarter Century Of MTV

It seems everyone except for MTV celebrated MTV’s 25th birthday last week. Apparently the network felt being 25 would make it uncool to its current viewership. Thankfully they also have VH1 Classic, which came up with my personal favorite celebration, the rerunning of the entire first day of MTV’s programming. To say there were some poorly made videos would be an understatement. They were the Fiats of music videos, especially in comparison to what Michael Jackson would introduce to the world just a few short years later when blacks were finally allowed on MTV. Other than the VH1 Classic celebration numerous writers and television personalities weighed in on their favorite MTV moments. Well, I guess it’s time I join the list, but my list will be decidedly different from the others you may have read before. Rather than just list favorite moments I have a few extra things to throw in, so enjoy! Read more...

Dr. Octagon: Aliens

Artist Of The Week - Kameko

Artist Of The Week - Kameko
Soul, how many singers really have it? The idea of the soul singer is one that seems to have gone by the wayside in favor of R&B singers who stick strictly with love songs. While loving women is great, whatever happened to the artists who brought up real issues in their music? Kameko is here to bring that very feeling back to music. He started by giving listeners Evalt: Evolutionary Alternative, an album that featured both powerful songwriting and incredible vocal skills. In 2006 he’s returning with Evalt: Chapter 2. For this particular project Kameko worked with Michael Jackson on the track, "Down and Out" as well as M-1 of Dead Prez on "Tired Of Being Broke." Previously Kameko's worked with Vanessa Williams, Toni Braxton, Grace Jones, Peabo Bryson, CeCe Peniston and a host of other major recording artists. Evalt 2 may not be hitting the streets until October, but you can find out more about this talented individual today as Kameko is this week's Artist Of The Week. Read more...

August 20, 2006

SumKid Speaks with

Come out and see SumKid Live on August 25th. Friday night at The Bowery Poetry Club, SumKid unleashes his wrath upon the crowd. The co-creator of the EP 'Batmilk' makes an appearance as featured artist during Say Word Entertainment's monthly event Fourth Fridays. For more info check out

August 14, 2006

A.O.T.W. - Storm The Unpredictable

A.O.T.W. - Storm The Unpredictable

Remember when Hip-Hop felt good and rap music involved having fun and could even be described as uplifting? This week’s Artist Of The Week (A.O.T.W.), Storm the Unpredictable, not only remembers those times, he’s been creating them in Maryland for a number of years and is ready to explode onto the national scene this month. While continually performing at clubs, colleges, and showcases including Showtime at the Apollo, Nuyorican Cafe, the Philadelphia Music Conference, and Motown's Black History Month Conference Storm earned himself numerous awards and accolades. The Washington Area Music Association named him their 2002, 2003, and 2004 Hip Hop Artist Of The Year and his music has received praise from publications including XXL, The Source, Elemental and Insomniac. Storm honed his skills with the D.C. Hip-Hop organization Freestyle Union and now a few singles that have charted all over college radio later he’s hitting listeners with A2: What Should Have Been, on Ty-She Ent./SPP Waxworks/Domination Recordings. Make no mistake, though he may have a lot of soul, this is no Quiet Storm. Read more...

August 7, 2006

"Electronic Citrus - Presence"

In comes a new reviewer with a new review. welcomes Montag Faber to the family and he brings you his thoughts on Presence's album, Ready Your Ears. Read it...
"Electronic Citrus - Presence" play hifi : download

Artist Of The Week - Substantial

Artist Of The Week - Substantial
Hip-Hop heads in New York City, Maryland and Japan already know all about Substantial. He’s a member of both Extended Famm and The Plague. He penned the underground classic “F.Y.I.R.B (#@$% You I Rhyme Better).” He’s been on tracks with Heltah Skeltah, Das Efx, Masta Ace and a long list of others. He’s headlined two tours in Japan. He’s co-CEO of UVInk / Ope Entertainment. And to go with all that he just released Sacrificial Lambs, which is the prelude to his next official album, Sacrifice. Anyone who’s seen Substantial perform live knows he’s a superstar just waiting for his big break, but until then you can catch him at various venues making people Make Da Face. If you’ve slept on Stan until now it’s time to wake up and recognize this talented MC. Read more...


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"The Unbreakable Heart" Performed by Trouble Club. play hifi : download

Check out for more info on the band.

All Hiphop Week 2006

All Hiphop Week 2006 - Jigsaw from talks about the upcoming events.

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Real Name, No Gimmicks. Lee Tillman

One of the blessings of writing music articles is that I get sent a lot of press releases and mix tapes from new, up and coming artists. One the curses of writing music articles is that I get sent info on A LOT of press releases and mix tapes from new, up and coming artists. There are some great unheard artist out there that deserve to have your ear but there are even more garbage artist that deserve no recognition at all. I'm happy to tell you that Ameer falls into the first category. I'm not the only one that feels that way. Other established artist like AZ, Erykah Badu, CL Smooth and others have provided him with a helping hand in establishing himself. Recently I had the privilege of discussing what Ameer has learned from being around some of the great ones, his belief in God and what being nice with the barber blades can get you. Read More...
"Ghetto Serenade - Ameer" play hifi : download
"The 25th Hour - Ameer" play hifi : download
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Something of substance? Jesus and the Koran

by Ehren Parks
There is a definite and distinct difference in the portrayal of Jesus in the Bible and the Koran. In the Bible, Jesus is shown as the King of the Jews and the son of God, the prophesized savior of man. In the Koran he is shown in a different light. He is included in the long list of venerable profits of God, listed alongside the likes of Abraham and Isaac. Read More...

Who Is Jonathan Stephens ?

Jonathan Stephens
, a multi-hyphenate artist (Photographer-Director-Designer), is the founder and creative designer of TIMEBANDITS Watches, a hot new company delivering fresh accessory styles for men and women. Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, Jonathan moved to Los Angeles in ’94, completing his studies in Cinema and Television at the University of Southern California. Along with his personal film projects, Jonathan was commissioned to work on the production and direction of several Rock and Hip Hop video shoots. He was also asked to shoot still photography for the television show The X-Files, which served as a spawning ground for the cultivation of his extra-curricular creative efforts. Read more..

August 3, 2006

Some may think that it all began when a rogue group of corrupt NYPD pigs kicked in my door. Their minds were racing with murderous thoughts, and their guns blazing with evil intentions. They attempted to take everything away from me…even killed the one I loved.

But, I trace everything back to the day that I lost my parents at the tender age of thirteen, to a crazed drug addict on a PCP fueled rush. That day, my innocence was lost. That day, I met the man that would forever change my life.

I will forever be defined by the choices I have made from that point in my life forward. Murder, Mayhem , Revenge and Redemption .Before you judge me for what I became, I only ask that you take the time to fully understand what I was forced to become. I didn’t ask for this. It came looking for me. This is the story that Five-0 didn’t want you to know. The untold truth that forever corrupted my innocence. This is my story…

-Nathan Jones

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