May 31, 2007

Tiffany Paige Offers Free Download - Breakin Boundaries

Check out Tiffany Paige's debut offering Breakin Boundaries in the form of a Mix CD with the help of International (DJ/Tastemaker) DJ Pay out of Amsterdam. Breakin Boundaries gives you a taste of what to expect in upcoming releases as Tiff Paige is setting herself up to be a powerful representation of Hip Hop Soul's future.

Paige is quickly filling a void in the world of Independent Hip Hop and Soul Music by becoming that melodic voice which graces the ears of the underground and even has the most stubborn of back packers humming to her tunes. Encapsulating the soul of an era past while fused with the grit of Hip Hop today, it's been years since an album commands the listener's undivided attention as does Breakin Boundaries. Possessing a positive vibe with a sultry mentality, Tiffany bridges the generation gap of musical taste, winning the approval of the streets and the hearts of hopeless romantics on one sonic canvas.

The Breakin Boundaries release covers the entire spectrum from the jeep beat bump of "A Day in Cali" Produced by and featuring K Hill all the way to the laid back composition of "If u only knew" Produced by Detroit Native Zo! The track list boasts a wholesome line up of both mainstays along with the up and coming of the Hip Hop world.

Having worked with the likes of Talib Kweli, MF DOOM, Madlib, Scienz of Life, Shabaam Sahdeeq, John Robinson, Zo, K Hill and many more, she is steadily climbing the ladder of success within the best of both worlds. Outside of her extensive network within the Hip Hop community, another quality that puts Tiffany in her own lane is her work ethic and her ability to record and mix her own vocals too. Don't sleep on this upcoming soulstress as she powers her way to the top leaving very little room for nonbelievers.

Also Look out for Tiffany Paige's Collaborative release with ZO! Entitled Dream Walk and a Full length album on Shaman Work Recordings coming soon.


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