October 31, 2007

Art For Progress presents, "A New Spirit of Progress"

Nonprofit arts collaborative Art For Progress (AFP) will host their annual group arts show, "A New Spirit of Progress" from November 2 - November 16, 2007. Held at World Culture Open in Chelsea, the show will exhibit works from their talented stable of underexposed and emerging visual artists. The diverse exhibition encompasses works that speak of progress, whether it is political, cultural or emotional.

Art For Progress holds the philosophy of Victor Hugo in high regard. The artist and writer spoke of artists coming together for the greater good, and to form a community that speaks to the world at large. "A New Spirit of Progress" was curated with this message in mind.
The show will feature works from AFP's most gifted visual artists. Philip Simmons' solo show opens on Friday, October 26th at Williamsburg's Front Room Gallery, while Melanie Prapopoulos will show at this year's Florence Biennale. Carol Caputo's show "Drawing Conclusions" recently ended on September 28th. Juan Pajares and Gabe Kirchheimer both had successful shows this past summer in France, and Lance Dehne had a solo show last year at NY Arts Gallery in Beijing, China.

Along with these recent newsmakers, we're also very excited to be featuring works from the following AFP artists: Sima Schloss, Jacquie Gouveia, Yuri Bobrykov, Wiktor Szostalo, Natalie Kates, Max Greis, Martin Deegan, Sara Conca, Michael Lorenzini, Diane Laraja, Kenneth Yee, Drew Maillard, Don Sipley, Aimee Hertog, Marina Reiter, Frieda Block, and Liza Lambertini.

The opening will be held on Friday, November 2, 2007 from 6-9pm. AFP artist Pete Nawara of Chicago will be creating live pieces for auction as part of the opening on November 2nd and also for the special performance of AFP's theatre production, Dossier: Ronald Akkerman on Saturday, November 3rd 8pm. Opening night will also feature a musical performance from an AFP artist. In addition, there will be a second performance of the play on Saturday November 10th also at 8pm.

World Culture Open is located at 19 West 26th Street, 5th floor, showing by appointment November 3rd through November 16th. For a private viewing of the exhibition, contact Art For Progress via e-mail at groupshow@artforprogress.org.
For more information on the particpating artists click here.

"Supporting artists while sustaining the arts for children"

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