May 9, 2008

Q&A With SumKid About The Song, 'Chuck Norris On Drugs'

What inspired such an interesting song? This is a really wild time. There's this unprecedented collision of technology, environmental issues, mass spiritual awakening, war and widespread conflict....the list goes on. There are lots of fun, interesting, saddening, frustrating and beautiful things going on in the world and I think it's remarkable. I wanted to speak on so much, but I don't feel like being preachy. I feel like makin fun shit for people to rock to, but still leave with plenty to think about and digest. It's not about me saying there's anything particularly wrong or fucked up, it's just like "Wow! Look at all the crazy stuff!!". I just felt like my head was exploding with all of the stimuli here on Earth. So that's what inspired this song.... the explosion of my head.

Are there any plans of releasing a video for this song? If people actually show an interest in the song, I'll move on a video.

What if Chuck Norris catches wind of this? Chuck Norris doesn't catch wind. He traps it, tames it, trains it and rides on its back. Hey, if he does, I hope he listens. That'd be cool.

What else musically is on the horizon for you this year? Any word on Pygmy Paul and dem Low folks? The project that "Chuck Norris On Drugs" is on will be center stage for me this year. Also, my project with Belief "The Lone Wolf" is finally coming to life this Summer. We're releasing the first single in a couple of weeks. I've just put my band together so that I can start upping the ante on my live shows.

The Nobody Hole is my biggest labor of love, thanks for asking about it. Being that it's so much more than just a musical project, I gotta take things step by step. It's almost like working on a a feature film. Even after I recorded it, I was at peace with it taking 5 or 6 years to come out if that's what it took to get the visual art, the soundscape, and the platform in the right place to put that project out. It's an intense project. I'm working on character design right now with an extremely cool and talented artist/illustrator by the name of Jared Rogness. Folks who are interested can stay tuned at The Nobody Hole's Myspace Page

Besides that, The VJC and I are plotting our next group project and will probably start recording late this Summer in Atlanta. I'm also doing music direction for my wife's new short film, "The Bohemian" which features music from one of my favorite artists, Conscious.

Just tryna stay busy!

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