May 30, 2008

YRB Magazine Featuring N.E.R.D

NEW YORK- May 22, 2008- YRB Magazine unveils its Motion & Ink issue #83, one of their most explosive and dynamic issues to date. This issue features the return of N.E.R.D and their new, long awaited album, as well as exclusive interviews with Gnarls Barkley, Disturbed, Lil Jon’s & BME Crew, and Niko Bellic from Rockstar Games.

“YRB’s latest issue featuring N.E.R.D. is another testimony and achievement of recording a visually stimulating and literal insight to the constant evolution that our hip, artistic, rebellious, and ground breaking subjects affect our world,” adds Publisher, David Ishay.

With the celebration of Motion & Ink, readers are put in tune with the hottest trends in tattooing and automobiles while the biggest stars come out to let you know about their new projects.

The following features are broken down YRB style:

The art of Motion contains a special on the incredibly talented and innovative auto body customization shop that creates the tricked out cars seen on MTV’s Pimp My Ride, and highlights the hottest and newest rides for Summer 2008, including the hydrogen powered car.

The art of Ink focuses on some of the biggest and baddest tattoo artists from all parts of the United States. These professionals specialize in all kinds of tattooing from Traditional American, Traditional Japanese, custom designs, and “the stuff no one else would touch with a stick”. The feature also includes some of the best tattoo parlors across the country.

N.E.R.D (cover story), the hip-hop/rock star musical group set the stage with an 8 page spread owed to the release Seeing Sounds, their first album since 2004. In this issue, the trio Pharell, Chad and Shae discuss their dedication to the music they create, their descent from The Neptunes, and their accomplishments in bridging the gap between hipsters and hip hop heads. This exclusive interview gives an insight to music junkies as to how Seeing Sounds is unique from the boy’s first two albums, and guarantees to blow fans away.

Gnarls Barkley the infamous duo, who did the impossible by creating an album so fresh and clean it was a ground breaker in the music scene, is now back with a second album. The dynamic couple speaks with YRB about the release of their second album, The Odd Couple (named for the albums recreational purpose, much like the popular television show of the 1960’s) and how they are doing it all over again, in typical Gnarls Barkley fashion, ‘their way.’

Disturbed is back with what critics are calling their most disturbing album yet. YRB has the group’s story of their motives and misconceptions behind their latest album, Indestructible. The band defends the album, saying it is not meant to be evil, but is meant to inspire and strengthen listeners while eliminating fear and inhibition to allow its fans to conquer the world.

Lil Jon’s & his BME Crew have done the impossible and formed the ultimate BME (Black Market Entertainment) Action Sports crew. The click is made up of Olympic medal winner and snowboarding hero, Danny Kass; Action Sports commentator/celebrity and snowboarder, Dingo; seasoned professional skateboarder and all-around cool guy, Greg Lutzka; California pro-surfer, Travis Mellem, and MTV reality-show superstar Ryan Sheckler. The crew gets together through their sponsor Oakley, and shares with YRB why they are the ultimate “bad ass crew.”

Skateboard champ Terry Kennedy and BMX warrior Rick Thorne Get Up in Each Other's Grill to represent their sides of the extreme sports spectrum. They both tell YRB how they found their sport, and why they are the kings of their worlds.

The release of Grand Theft Auto IV has sparked a whirlwind of craze for gamers, with its most realistic and lethal main character ever. YRB’s sits down to interview Dan Houser, VP of Creative, at Rockstar Games and explores the controversy surrounding the GTA series, main character Niko Bellic, and where the concepts behind the series stemmed from.

In addition to the special features in the Motion & Ink issue, YRB shares with you its album, gadget/electronic, and video game reviews.

May 29, 2008

C-Rayz Walz and Kosha Dillz

May 29, 2008

Modular Moods recording artists break the mold with a record that explores the art of freestyle versus written rhymes

New York, NY, May 20, 2008 - CMJ wrote, "It's not quite an indie hip-hop Postal Service, nor is it necessarily "Ebony And Ivory," but the new collaborative LP from Jewish MC Kosha Dillz and beloved backpack favorite C-Rayz Walz is both a statement of cultural solidarity and creative open-mindedness. "Freestyle Vs. Written" finds Dillz, a yeshiva-trained wordsmith, trading well-crafted verses about his faith and his homeland of Israel with freestyle responses from Walz that were inspired by Dillz' lines. And the whole thing was laid down in less than 24 hours, which was, by Dillz' own admission, as much a matter of necessity as studio synergy."

It's an album that breaks borders and pushes boundaries. Songs like "I Love Jews" and "Ariel Sharon" are packed with classic hip rock samples and party moving sounds. Boasting collaborations with Murs, Matisyahu and MF Doom between them, and gracing the covers of magazines such as Entertainment Weekly and Source Magazine and spots on MTV, the two artists are ready to take the world by storm.

As one of the original members of the infamous rap crew Stronghold, C-Rayz Walz has been a fixture in the New York hip-hop scene for years. He hosts tons of hip-hop shows and events, and has more charisma and energy than most rappers can dream of. But that doesn't mean he's not serious: he's battled and beaten the top battle emcees in the world (including freestyle legend Supernatural), dropped singles that consistently make noise on the Billboard charts, has had a video in rotation on BET and was hand picked by Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan to open for him on his last tour. Walz has recorded songs with everyone from El-P, M-1 of Dead Prez, Jean Grae, Aesop Rock, and Insane Clown Posse. But it is 'Freestyle vs. Written' that sets him apart as a one of a kind emcee, flaunting his freestyle technique to the fullest.

Kosha Dillz is an upcoming Israeli American hip hop artist that has put the Zionist swagger back in being Jewish. A flashy pinky ring style and gold-star dress code using crowd moving beats and profound lyrics in Hebrew, English and Spanish to shift a person's homeostasis, this unorthodox boom bap-ist's knowledge of emceeing brings the pride back that you might have once lost. URB Magazine wrote that Kosha "presents a rarely seen culture clash in music. He voices his political opinions on foreign affairs and oppression with fresh rhymes. This makes him a universal voice.." Appearing live with everyone from Pigeon John and the Pharcyde to Jurassic 5 and Killah Priest, he has crossover appeal to the hardest of the street at underground rap shows, to the softest of hands at an easy listening rock show. Hard work has earned him a rite of passage like no other, emcee to perform and record with Grammy nominee Matisyahu and land himslef on BET's 106th and Park.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Modular Moods (and its sister company Shemspeed) is the perfect home for artists such as C-Rayz Walz and Kosha Dillz. The label is globally conscious, working with some of the most talked-about Jewish and Muslim acts in the world. Other acts on its roster include Y-Love, Diwon, Smadar, Balagan and Yuri Lane. The company's (and, indeed, C-Rayz' and Kosha's) M.O. is promoting racial tolerance through music.

This soon-to-be-classic record was produced entirely by, 19-year-old Kentron Da Mastadon, who challanges the hip hop mold, armed with an MP of psychedelic rock riffs and jazz chops weaving the perfect backdrop for this Jerusalem Zionist-meets-Black Bronx ghetto aesthetic.

Question? 90! Daze Freestyle Campaign, Day 17!

Question? is still hard at work on his 90! Daze campaign. He's at Day 17, spitting over the classic Black Moon joint, Buck 'Em Down. Check out the playlist from Day 1-17 Below.

90! Daze Playlist (Day 1-17)

1. Tha Shiznit (from Snoop Dogg's "Doggystyle")
2. Drugs (from Lil' Kim's "Hardcore")
3. You Aint' Killer (from Big Pun's "Capital Punishment)
4. Black Ice (from Goodie Mob's (World Party)
5. 3 Card Molly (from Xzibit's "40 Dayz and 40 Nightz"
6. Jump Around (from House Of Pain's self titled debut)
7. Ambitionz AZ A Ridah (from 2Pac's "All Eyes Like Me")
8. MC's Act Like They Know (from KRS-ONE self titled album)
9. Shut 'Em Down (from Public Enemy's Apocalypse Now...The Enemy Strike's Back)
10. Get Lifted (from Keith Murray's "The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World)
11. Bring The Pain (from Method Man's "Tical")
12. You Know My Steez (from Gangstarr's "Moment Of Truth")
13. Unbelievable (from Notorious's B.I.G's "Ready To Die")
14. Royalty (from Gangstarr's "Royalty")
15. Devil's Pie (from "Belly" Soundtrack)
16. Nas Is Like (from "Nas's "I AM")
17. Buck 'Em Down (from Black Moon's "Enta Da Stage)

Download new freestlyes from Question? 's 90! Daze collection here:

Direct Link:

Cinematic Music Group

Download Xanax The Mixtape here:

"Xanax The Mixtape" TrackList

1. Listen
2. Intoxicated
3. Devil Is Here
4. Crashing Down (Feat One Republic)
5. Life Goes On
6. Sharp (Feat Jazze Pha)
7. High School 1
8. Just Look (Feat Devin The Dude)
9. Shiny Boots
10. Pass it Around (Feat Young Buck & Shiest Bubz)
11. Seat Layed Back
12. 30 Thousand Feet In the Sky
13. Neva Been a Fronta
14. Playing Games
15. Rush Rush
16. Good For Nothing
17. This Ain't A Rap Song
18. I'm Gonna Make It
19. Rise And Fall

About Question?

Stop for a minute; forget everything you think you know about rappers from Texas, and open your ears to the self proclaimed “Future of the South. One listen to Question, and it will quickly become clear why industry heads are praising the talents of this exceptionally gifted lyricist from San Antonio, Texas. With a new sound that he has branded “Street Hop,” he showcases a lyrical side not many can duplicate and yet still remains true to the influences of the Texas Hip Hop Sound.
San Antonio born and bred, he’s seen all sides of this under the radar community, so whether it’s breaking down the dope game or making the girls in the club “bounce dey ass,” Question’s got it locked.

But there’s more to his music than Ballin’ and Pimpin’. This former member of the armed forces and father of two looks forward to a bright future in rap that began at the age of 7, when he discovered Kurtis Blow for the first time. With songs dealing with topics such as his father's heroin addiction and being homeless out in the streets, Question? paints pictures with words. “Everything I do is different from what’s out right now,” says Question? with a matter-of-fact facial expression; and the southern movement's newest recruit isn’t just talking smack. Although his name may suggest a cloud of mystery surrounding him, his style suggests nothing but answers.

“A lot of these artists are just copies of what’s currently hot,” says Question? “But I don’t sound like anybody, especially [anyone] out the south, Period. I’m setting a new standard. I’m trying to be a legend.”
Hard to believe? If only every new artist could spit and sound like Question?—mixing style and substance into a mixture that’ll force you to change the way you think about southern hip hop. “I try to use my voice the way most people just rely on their rhyme skills, I feel its twice as important as what your saying,” says Question.

"Those techniques along with putting words together, can take what you do to a whole ’notha level.” Armed with an arsenal of rappers, producers, DJs, and promoters that he calls “The Dope Supply,” Question has begun this new movement in the state of Texas. Question?'s appeal stretches way beyond the Lone Star State.

With production by a slew of note-worthy producers including Midi Mafia, Ric Rude, Denaun Porter and upcoming future production superstars J.R. Rotem and Briss, Quest’s debut is sure to have heads banging from Houston to Queensbridge. In addition, the backing of record industry veteran Zach Katz and the major force of Cinematic Music Group, Question? now has to answer the biggest question of his Career? …What major record label to officially call “Home.”

May 14, 2008

Free Album: The Icon: Madonna Tribute Mash-Up w/ Nina B

Click on album to download.

The Icon Tracklisting
1) Intro
2) Candy Shop
3) Material Girl
4) Into The Groove
5) New York
6) Come Together
7) Rap Star
8) Dress You Up
9) Lucky Star
10) Hollywood
11) Frozen
12) Hey You
13) Bad Girl
14) Outro
15) Bonus: 4 Minutes

Nina B
Ravenel Records
The Icon - Available NOW

May 9, 2008

Q&A With SumKid About The Song, 'Chuck Norris On Drugs'

What inspired such an interesting song? This is a really wild time. There's this unprecedented collision of technology, environmental issues, mass spiritual awakening, war and widespread conflict....the list goes on. There are lots of fun, interesting, saddening, frustrating and beautiful things going on in the world and I think it's remarkable. I wanted to speak on so much, but I don't feel like being preachy. I feel like makin fun shit for people to rock to, but still leave with plenty to think about and digest. It's not about me saying there's anything particularly wrong or fucked up, it's just like "Wow! Look at all the crazy stuff!!". I just felt like my head was exploding with all of the stimuli here on Earth. So that's what inspired this song.... the explosion of my head.

Are there any plans of releasing a video for this song? If people actually show an interest in the song, I'll move on a video.

What if Chuck Norris catches wind of this? Chuck Norris doesn't catch wind. He traps it, tames it, trains it and rides on its back. Hey, if he does, I hope he listens. That'd be cool.

What else musically is on the horizon for you this year? Any word on Pygmy Paul and dem Low folks? The project that "Chuck Norris On Drugs" is on will be center stage for me this year. Also, my project with Belief "The Lone Wolf" is finally coming to life this Summer. We're releasing the first single in a couple of weeks. I've just put my band together so that I can start upping the ante on my live shows.

The Nobody Hole is my biggest labor of love, thanks for asking about it. Being that it's so much more than just a musical project, I gotta take things step by step. It's almost like working on a a feature film. Even after I recorded it, I was at peace with it taking 5 or 6 years to come out if that's what it took to get the visual art, the soundscape, and the platform in the right place to put that project out. It's an intense project. I'm working on character design right now with an extremely cool and talented artist/illustrator by the name of Jared Rogness. Folks who are interested can stay tuned at The Nobody Hole's Myspace Page

Besides that, The VJC and I are plotting our next group project and will probably start recording late this Summer in Atlanta. I'm also doing music direction for my wife's new short film, "The Bohemian" which features music from one of my favorite artists, Conscious.

Just tryna stay busy!

Unreleased Royce Da 5'9" Exclusive "Black Girl"

Chuck Norris On Drugs - Sum Majere [ Explicit Lyrics]

What can be said about American popular culture icon Chuck Norris? After a career of martial arts and action films he found his place on television, making cameos on various shows and in film. He even became the star of his very own tv series Walker, Texas Ranger now in syndication. At nearly seventy years old he's still physically fit and endorses Total Gym in late night infomercial spots. His career will never die as his legend continues via internet spoofing and sites like that jokingly make claims of his super human abilities.(Chuck Norris doesn't wear a watch, HE decides what time it is.)

It's only suitable that an extraordinary indie artist named Sum Majere fabricate the most interestingly awesome conceptual song 'Chuck Norris On Drugs' discussing popular culture while infusing many national and global issues that in ways have actually become 'popular culture'.

Download Song Here:

May 5, 2008

Ledisi - In The Morning

Ledisi is awesome...!

Artist Of The Week - Makana

Taking something old and creating something new. That’s exactly what O’ahu native Makana is doing with his guitar. At the ripe old age of 11 Makana began learning the ancient art of slack key, studying under a number of greats including Sonny Chillingworth. By the time he was 14 he had already been dubbed the youngest master of slack key guitar. Then the innovations came. Makana toyed with slack key and worked to modernize the art. Now with a few albums, and a few years, under his belt, as well as both headlining performances and opening gigs for the likes of Sting, Santana, Elvis Costello and No Doubt, the man whose name means “a gift given freely” is hitting listeners with his latest effort, Different Game. After hearing some of the music from the album I was blown away by both its originality and Makana’s lyrical content, which is why this week I caught up with him to find out more about his work, how some of the old school practitioners of slack key guitar reacted when he started altering the craft, and some of the pros and cons of being an artist in Hawaii. [Read More...]

May 2, 2008

2008 Coalmine Records Sampler (Free Download)

Click on album art for free download...

Coalmine Records is pleased to present our loyal newsletter subscribers with a free download of our 2008 Coalmine Records Sampler as we promote next Tuesday's release of A-Sides From The Archives. Mixed by the extraordinary Mick Boogie, the sampler contains snippets from some of our forthcoming projects. Artists and producers featured on the sampler include Bekay, Canibus, CL Smooth, DJ Revolution, Heltah Skeltah, Juganot, R.A. The Rugged Man, Skyzoo, Torae, Ayatollah, Marco Polo, M-Phazes, Shuko & Young Cee.

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