May 22, 2009

Pay For Play On 'Hiphop' Video Syndication Sites...

In 2009 you know you have to pay if you wanna get play, even on a site that has little or no real content of their own. Making money is making money, so as an independent artist do not expect to get any pro bono support from some of the more highly trafficked sites online, even if you assume because there's no mention of payment initially, you will most likely get an email response after submitting and patiently waiting.

sorry we dont add unsigned hype unless they pay fee

its 300 to paypal per video

our paypal is

once you send payment. email us back here with video title. description of video. video url. and your paypal email and we will add it as soon as payment is cleared

send us Only myspace link, Youtube Link or . if you want HD Quality. upload to and send us link

again all info in 1 email

Your video stays on our site forever. and will get added in the mix like how we add daily videos.

After paypal payment is cleared. it takes 1 to 3 days for your video to get added on our site. if your in a hurry. and want it added same day in less than 24 hours. your welcome to pay Premium Fee which is 100 extra

at 400.00 total

Big shout out to Worldstar Hiphop for doin them and getting that paper!.
P.S. The word is that Worldstar and ON Smash have serious beef.

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