May 29, 2009

Keelay & Zaire - "Alright With Me" feat. Dminor and Phonte

Imma Be - The Black Eye Peas [Explicit Content]

The Black Eyed Peas are delivering another high energy project entitled "Imma Be" that is sure to excite any audience. Their highly anticipated album The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies) is scheduled to release on June 9th.

Imma Be - The Black Eye Peas

My Mayor Is A Billionare - Elucid [Explicit Content]

My Mayor Is A Billionare - Elucid

Here's the latest leak from Elucid's forthcoming Sub Bass Diet project. Elucid transformed a bouncy Joker riddim into a summer anthem for those of us who stay perplexed about the state of the economy.

MC Killa - Cavalier

MC Killa Produced by Snafu


Artist Of The Week – Cavalier

Cavalier is the type of artist who is impossible to sum up in just one sentence, or even one paragraph. To call him just an emcee would be shortchanging him. To say he’s trying to make a difference almost marginalizes the actions he’s taken and continues to take. A lifelong Brooklyn-ite, Cavalier says he remembers a time when “you only lived in Williamsburg if you were Puerto Rican or Hasidic,” adding “I was living in Crown Heights during the riots but before Japanese take-out.” His debut record, The Breaking, gave him a nice buzz despite a small press run and his free downloadable mixtape, MC Killa, has helped him to continue to grow his fan base. This week I sat down with Cavalier to find out more about his work, his thoughts on Brooklyn’s changes throughout the years, and the interesting way in which he’s been compared to 18th century revolutionary Thomas Paine. Click Here...

May 23, 2009

Classick by Gif [Explicit Content]

May 22, 2009

Pay For Play On 'Hiphop' Video Syndication Sites...

In 2009 you know you have to pay if you wanna get play, even on a site that has little or no real content of their own. Making money is making money, so as an independent artist do not expect to get any pro bono support from some of the more highly trafficked sites online, even if you assume because there's no mention of payment initially, you will most likely get an email response after submitting and patiently waiting.

sorry we dont add unsigned hype unless they pay fee

its 300 to paypal per video

our paypal is

once you send payment. email us back here with video title. description of video. video url. and your paypal email and we will add it as soon as payment is cleared

send us Only myspace link, Youtube Link or . if you want HD Quality. upload to and send us link

again all info in 1 email

Your video stays on our site forever. and will get added in the mix like how we add daily videos.

After paypal payment is cleared. it takes 1 to 3 days for your video to get added on our site. if your in a hurry. and want it added same day in less than 24 hours. your welcome to pay Premium Fee which is 100 extra

at 400.00 total

Big shout out to Worldstar Hiphop for doin them and getting that paper!.
P.S. The word is that Worldstar and ON Smash have serious beef.

May 21, 2009

Homeboy Sandman on

New Single - I Am KING - Scienz Of Life

The duo of Scienz Of Life is Back with a brand new 2LP Leviathan June 5th!

I Am KING - Scienz Of Life

Identity Theft [Bonus Joint]

THE GRAFF LIFE: a Documentary on Urban Hieroglyphics

POLICE FOUND CUSTOMIZED FIRE EXTINGUISHERS FILLED WITH PAINT AT THE SCENE. Law enforcement raided homes with luxury cars in the driveways, walking out suspects sporting diamond-studded crew insignias around their necks. Authorities project cleanup to run roughly $4 million. All this, the fallout over the half-mile long, three-storey high painting along a portion of the Los Angeles River that has snagged the infamous honor of being the largest illegal tag in L.A. and possibly the world, 400 gallons of paint that spell MTA, an acronym for Metro Transit Assassins, the crew that is the focus of The Graff Life, a documentary by director Randy De Vol. Chronicling a period from 2002 to the present day, De Vol puts viewers front and center for the illicit meetings, nighttime missions and everyday ups and downs that make the life of one of the most well-known graffiti crews in the country. Boasting a soundtrack primarily featuring L.A.'s BLX Crew, graff legends such as Kofie, Rance, Ghost and Gas appear in this no-holds-barred documentary that shines a light on the individuals that take to the streets when the rest of Los Angeles goes to sleep.

May 20, 2009

Adult Swim Music Drops...

Adult Swim's Owls Only bump with the full version of the song Donuts (Intro).

Adult Swim's Traffic bump with the full version of the song "Mash" by J Dilla released on to the album "Donuts"

"Patron (Rhythm & Nuvo)" Lee Carr feat. Yung Joc

May 19, 2009

Higher Learning by Mercury the Maroon [Explicit Content]

<a href="">House of BenJAHmin by Mercury the Maroon</a>

Master Musical Minds ft. Coole High

From the depths of a basement in some undisclosed area of the Bronx, comes the first single from a long over due project, 'Master Musical Minds' featuring Brooklyn's Coole High off the forth coming album, 'Welcome 2 Da Basement'. Rap that's creative, intelligent and melodic. 

Song produced by Thinker of Thoughtful Productions for the group, 'My Brother's Keeper' (L-Star, Skallah, Thinker & Tzo). Artists in order of appearance on track are; Coole High, L-Star and Tzo.

May 13, 2009

HipHopDX Presents Wordsmith & Chubb Rock "A Crack In The Bridge"

With the "Bridging the Gap" album dropping on June 16th, it was only right that Chubb Rock & Wordsmith get you in the mood for some real music courtesy of HipHopDX and Dub MD Promotions. More on the mellow side of things, "A Crack in the Bridge" mixtape is just a small appetizer in comparison to the album. Boasting only soulful singing sensation Kimia Collins on the album, Wordsmith looked to display his Nu Revolution Camp throughout the mixtape. 
Consisting of Kontact, Black Knight & Sly Solomon you have heard these MC's on numerous Wordsmith tracks over the past 2 years. Keeping it in the family and homegrown, Baltimore MC's Soulstice and Articulate are the only outside features. In closing, enjoy this mixtape and support not just real hip hop, but good music in general. Chubb Rock & Wordsmith will see ya'll on June 16th!

01.) Back In (feat. Kimia Collins) (Produced by Strada)
02.) Our Luv (Produced by Strada)
03.) Conversation With My Soulmate (Produced by Strada)
04.) I'm Here Now (feat. Kontact & Black Knight) (Produced by Street Level)
05.) Another Party Joint (Produced by Strada)
06.) The New Street Kings (feat. Articulate & Black Knight) (Produced by Strada)
07.) Top Of The World (feat. Nu Revolution Camp) (Produced by Street Level)
08.) Music For The Millennium (feat. Soulstice) (Produced by Capish)
09.) Virtual Relaxation (feat. Kontact & Black Knight) (Produced by Professa)
10.) Letters Through Time (feat. Kontact & Black Knight) (Produced by Professa)
11.) Bridging The Gap (Snippet) (Produced by Strada)

Subway Girl - Webbafied

'Subway Girl' is a lil on the corny side but even still a cool and respectable tune from artist, Webbafied from his album, 'Too Many Fish'. A well produced dance track with a tight chorus (the bridge is lacking a little). The song plays like a homage to disco/dance era vibrations, a throwback of sorts. It's definitely danceable. Webbafied, most likely will garner support from an entriely different audience then he's used to with this release, but fans of his previous underground works may not be so appreciative of it. You can't please everyone. And you don't have to.
-Jenine K.

Mos Def - Flowers - The Ecstatic

Mos Def - "Casa Bey" - The Ecstatic - 6.9.09

May 11, 2009

Sublime Ft. Peter Hadar & Outasight (Prod. by Buckwild)

One of the greatest things to witness in the realm of music and art, is being able to follow an artist's growth within the craft. To actually see a person with a tremendous amount of talent and great potential, begin to fulfil those potential cells in virtually real time is definitely a perk of the digital age. One such artist is Donny Goines. A Harlemite with the love of music constant on his mind, right along with the general stresses of day to day life as an emcee, but as a man first. His life direction is about refinement mirrored in the music he's releasing with the forthcoming album, 'The Breakfast Club'. He describes this project as a yet another step forward as he diversifies the content within and shows listeners a 'lighter side', providing a more in depth view of him as an artist since the release of, 'Minute After Midnight'. One major difference is his decision to do a record full of collaborations, something he has never done.

Sublime Ft. Peter Hadar & Outasight (Prod. by Buckwild)

Chubb Rock & Wordsmith "Old 2 The New"

The Lone Wolf - The Official Good Look Chat, Part ONE

May 8, 2009

Remember This? Holy Water - Lord Have Mercy & D.V. alias Khrist

If you've never heard this dynamic duo before well get ready to hear one of the best combinations of strong voiced, sharp content wielding emcees on a record to date. D.V. alias Khrist the Hip-hop crooner spits with a grit in his vocal chamber like Nate Dog probably would after being caught in a vocal booth during an electronic storm. Cohort, former Flip Mode Squad stand out member Lord Have Mercy torches this dark track with spooky repetitive piano sample, deep grinding bassline and intermittent thunderstorm sound effects. Can we get these two on a milk carton. They must be found. The extra bonuses on this Lyricist Lounge Volume One track are non sequitur rants by Kool Keith and Sir Menelik introducing the next act Jurassic 5. Of course this was recorded a few years before the falling out of mentor and protege.

May 5, 2009

Q&A with Mercury The Maroon

The gritty city of New York has more then it's fair share of breakthrough indie artists, many of which the average fan of good music will quite simply never hear. We want you to hear, Mercury, so we interviewed him, hoping that you'd add yet another phenomenal artist to your playlist rotation.

What's the difference in the experience of working on group projects over your solo exploits?

t songs tend to come together very organically—someone will have an idea, share it with the team, and we can go off on our own and write. We have developed a trust and understanding such that we kind of know what each other is going to say, before we say it, which is dope. At the same time, Dugout songs can be difficult to write, because each member brings so much energy to a track that it’s hard to fit it all in.

As far as my solo work, I tend to go off of my vibes. I pray very heavily while I’m working on a project, and I try to let the divine inspiration move me. If I feel the urge to write, I let it all out. My first solo album, Higher Learning, was written over the span of a month. Most of those songs were written in less than an hour—I remember writing “Killer Instinct” in one continuous flow! But I also have phases when it may take me weeks, even months, to finish one verse. The EP I’m working on with J. Howells Werthman (of Nuclear Family) is taking me a minute to finish, because I’m trying to perfect a new flow that matches his production style.

When it comes to producing, what equipment are you using? How did you come to using the devices that you do?

Shit, I’ll step on a roach if that shit sounds hard! I primarily use Reason and an MPC 2000 to make my beats. I first encountered the MPC in college, and I loved the way you could filter the samples down to give them that dank, dusty feel. Reminded me of my camouflage and fisherman hat days! I also play a little electric bass, and I try to use it on as many tracks as I can. My bass playing is inspired by the old roots reggae basslines—when my pops used to play those songs on the system, the whole building would rattle! To this day, a track doesn’t sound right to me if my teeth aren’t chattering.

How often do you get the impulse to create? You mentioned to me recently about getting this burst of energy after attending shows and wanting to go straight home and get to making music.

I am ALWAYS making music in my head. I hear rhythm in everything, from the door slamming shut to my stomach growling. Live shows are a constant inspiration for me. The better the performance, the more I want to go home and hone my skills for my next show. My music is in a constant state of evolution, and I draw from everyone and everything around me. I feel like every three or four years, my style steps up a notch. Y’all need to listen up, because I’m approaching that leap year!

What are you listening to currently?

Right now I keep the Iphone on shuffle(my playlist is unfuckwitable), and I listen to damn near every type of music. I don’t get caught up in the mainstream vs. underground bullshit, good music is good music. I’ll bump DOOM’s “Born Like This”, and then Jeezy’s “The Recession”, and then Portishead’s, well, anything Portishead. I will say that I listen to more old music than anything. A lot of new music is pure shit. And that goes for underground as well as mainstream. Too many people doing this for the wrong reasons. Don’t be mainstream for the money, and don’t be underground for the sake of being different. Just make some hot shit, and let the people hear it is how I roll.

How'd you arrive at the artist name Mercury?

StarPower will tell you, I was the king of wack stage names for years. One day, when T-Nice just wasn’t working anymore, I started pouring through names. I went category by category, and when I was in the “Gods” category, the name Mercury just seemed to stand out. When I read and learned that he was the god of communication, I knew it fit.

As I got older and got knowledge of self, I learned that the god Mercury was the Roman representation of the Kemetic(Egyptian) god Tehuti. Tehuti was the scribe of the gods, and represented wisdom and knowledge. Not a bad deity to be named after, I thought.

I later added “Maroon” to my official title, to represent those Africans who broke free from the trappings of European enslavement to establish their own way of being. I had the word “Maroon” tatted on me to always remind me of my duty to establish a new way of being and thinking for my people.

When you listen to new music, what are you looking for? Is it hard for you to warm up to new artists that you’ve never heard?

I would say that I’m overly critical of anyone I’ve never heard. For me, you are presumed wack until you prove otherwise! I am looking for an artist to stand out, say something I couldn’t hear from anyone but you. And sound good when you say it.

As a producer are you concerned with developing a definitive style or sound, or do you just focus on making music and let things come out however they may?

My beats are like snowflakes, b, no two are the same! I get bored real quick, so I don’t think I would allow myself to have a definitive sound. When I produce for people, I like to build the tracks from scratch, to ensure that the music fits that artist perfectly. If I had to define elements of my style, the one constant is that SOUL. My music has to give you those butterflies in your stomach that I felt listening to those old records, or else I haven’t done my job.

Who are your favorite band, group and musician? Why?

My favorite band of all time would be the original Wailers, with Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer. That’s my version of gospel music, for real. Good music will literally overwhelm me and make me cry, and you could easily catch me bawling in my whip when the right Wailers joint comes on.

What artists would you say have had the most influence on your work?

My Dugout brethren are my main inspiration. StarPower is the one who taught me how to rap. Between he and Cavalier, I have a constant source of inspiration and competition. Between the three of us, there is never a lack of ideas. Never.

Though I don’t listen to him often, I am very much inspired by Miles Davis’ life. His autobiography took me to another level with my music. He did what he had to do to achieve the perfect sound, to evolve the music.

What do you hope to accomplish by being an artists? What is your ultimate goal?

I used to want the glitz, glamour, and good green! All while ‘staying true’ to whatever the fuck I thought was true. But age has brought me a new perspective on this whole thing. My music has been heard and appreciated all over the world. I have shared stages with some of my idols, and even ripped it harder than some of them. I produced for artists whom I consider to be amongst the most talented in the world. If it were to all end tomorrow, I couldn’t be mad at what I’ve accomplished. Ultimately, I would love to make my living strictly off of music, but given the state of the industry now, that’s unlikely even for an established mainstream artist. I take all the spoils that may come, but as long as people respect what I do, I’ll find a way to be content with it.

Name 5 artists old and new that people may not be hip to and ought to take a some time to investigate.

I always forget to name people when I’m asked a question like this, but here goes:

1. The Dugout—Best Rap Group
2. Preachermann—My favorite singer
3. The Heptones—Amazing reggae singers
4. Queen God Is—Best Spoken Word artist
5. Frank Sinatra—Every emcee should listen to him, you’d be surprised what you learn about delivery!

Super King Armor - Warganism @ A Monthly Bondfire, Bowery Poetry Club, NYC [Explicit Content]

 Super King Armor - Warganism

May 4, 2009

Artist Of The Week – Sleepwalkas

Anyone who has been to an underground Hip-Hop show in New York City in the past handful of years has, at some point in time, met the Sleepwalkas duo of Ciph Diggy and K.Gaines (pictured L to R). As two of Brooklyn’s finest, Ciph and Gaines have made a name for themselves both with their music and their tireless work ethic. Ciph explains the group’s ideology, saying “we embody that free thinking, no gimmic, Hip-Hop that you can relate to.” This week I caught up with both him and Gaines to find out more about their music, their nonstop networking, the all important “Five C’s” that make up their next album, and how dentures are a part of one of their ultimate goals. Click here...

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