July 27, 2011

Otis For @Daisha_Hunter

oh bother, how do I approach this
on some Louis Vuitton or some Coach shit
White Shadow, Dark Shadows Barnabus ghost ship
blood sucker stuck us with this blue ass hostess
no rest for the weary, clearly a hoes gift
sittin on the dock with ofays, sellin my closes
don't front we all seen the ships comin
only option was, to start runnin or start gunnin
but we ain't never bared arms
i'm told future holds, 40 acre shared farms
so do the right thing, if Jay can sell a pipe dream
well i could sell a pipe self es-steam
Mario Brothers, warp zone to a future fullah clones
wait, i ain't EVEN leave yet, I'mah SLAVE still at home

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