December 28, 2011

Friend and contributor @TastyKeish needs our help.

Earlier today I created a Chipin fundraiser page for a good friend of
My good friend and co-host of "A Monthly Bondfire" lost a valuable tool last night. Someone walked off with her MacBook shortly after our event at BPC. 
Needless to say that it's not a good look to lose an item beyond the cost to replace it, the data contained was invaluable. She just did a two week tour of the west coast so you can imagine the amount of footage, interviews and photographs that were lost. 
TastyKeish is a self employed individual. The majority of her living income comes from the use of her personal computer; voice overs, journalism, etc...
I've set the price to $2,400 to cover the cost of the MacBook, taxes and AppleCare Protection Plan for MacBook Pro. Bare in mind she is still paying for the laptop that was stolen.
All funds go directly to TastyKeish. I'm asking for help so that she may be able to replace her comp before the new year rolls in. All help is appreciated. You will be blessed for your contribution.
          P.S. Chipin uses Paypal. 
          1. You do not have to have a Paypal account to make a contribution.
Thanks again for your support. TastyKeish most definitely is great contributor of much time and effort to help create opportunities for artists in our NYC community as well creating awareness about pressing issues that are important to us all. This year alone TastyKeish has personally funded numerous projects for artists, helped raise funds for Japan Society and Haitian relief and daily lends knowledge, motivates and entertains her online network of followers and fans. Please help me give back to her. Thank you.

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