January 24, 2012

Homeboy Sandman "The Miracle" Subject: Matter EP Stones Throw

This is the debut Stones Throw release for New York-based MC, Homeboy Sandman. We could tell you all about it, but we chose to let Sandman say it for himself, all over the record cover: “6 rap songs with content no one has ever rapped about before in the history of rap music. Unfortunately not a very difficult thing to do.” Click the cover below for the rest of the story. Homeboy Sandman has also just recorded a new, exclusive track celebrating the release of the record, “Subject Matter Out Now”. Produced by Audio Games - Listen here: Homeboy Sandman - Subject Matter Out Now by Stones Throw Records On the web - http://stonesthrow.com/homeboysandman On Facebook - http://facebook.com/homeboysandman On iTunes - Homeboy Sandman - Subject: Matter

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