April 4, 2012

Interview w/ "@PlayerHating: A Love Story" Director Maggie Hadleigh-West

Hating: A Love Story's Opening in Theaters in NYC !

Quad Cinema: Fri. April 6 - Thurs. April 12
34 West 13th Street, NYC 10011 • 212.255.8800

Indie Screen: Fri. April 13 - Sat. April 14
289 Kent Ave. Williamsburg, BK, NY 11211 • 347.227.8030

Player Hating: A Love Story

Definition: Player Hating- Someone else is about to shine, and you’ll do anything to keep that motherfucker from getting his cheese — it can be as subtle as negative flow (lyrics) or as extreme as trying to clap (shoot) him. – Trent Bond, Half’s Manager and former NYPD Detective
Half-a-Mill is a 26 year old hip hop artist from the Albany Projects in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. By the time he was seven, Half was sharing a gun with his brother, ‘cause he was sick of people putting their guns in his face in the elevator of his building, and not being able to do anything about it. Half’s been running with the same ten guys, since he was real little, and they’re his crew. But he’s the one that will take all of them out of the projects because he’s been signed by the indie music label, Warlock Records. Half and his crew are doing most of the work to launch his first album Milion, but that’s ok because there’s the chance they’ll blow up, and Half wants that so bad he can taste it, and he’ll do whatever he has to do, in order to support himself, his family and his music.

Player Hating: A Love Story follows Half-a-Mill and his Brooklyn crew, The Godfia Criminals, as they struggle to launch Milion, in an effort to attain money, success and recognition through music. Player Hating delves intimately into the lives of young “thugs”, and takes the viewer into an underground world of poverty, alienation, gangs, violence and music that most audience members have an inkling of, but few rarely see—unless they’ve lived it.



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