September 17, 2012

On Monday I was harassed by NYPD (@TahPhrumDuhBush

You've seen him on FreeHiphopNow before. He's one of Brooklyn's most creative artists when it comes to self-promotion. Today though we share with you his words and some video from a confrontation he experienced recently at a train station in Flatbush only a few blocks away from his home.

Peace y'all... Monday September 10th was a bit disturbing. In the last 6 months I have been harassed by the police in my neighborhood more  than I have been harassed since I was harassed by bullies in grade school...

Someone sent me a video of the most recent incident. I also have video of part of what transpired beforehand... I will put that up soon.

A description from my point of view is below.

I got off the train at Church Ave to go home. The police were all running on the platform. When I get upstairs there were approximately 20-30, literally 20-30 officers on top of one Black male, mashing his face into the ground and holding him down. So I pull out my camera phone and record until they drag the guy out of the place. The police are telling people to keep it moving. So this one officer, (Stines) looks at me and says something to the effect of "yeah, what are you looking at with your damn video camera". He and other officers and several other people go through the turnstiles and the open emergency exit gate to leave. I follow to go through the emergency exit and he tells me to go around. I ask why and he points to the sign that says "emergency exit" and says, "Do you see this? Can you read?" So I go around and walk through the turnstile.

He turns around and looks at me and I shake my head and said "This guy". He races back over and says, "What did you say?" I said, "I said 'this guy.'" He then says, “I should give you a ticket for walking through the emergency exit”. I said, “but I went around as you instructed, it seems like you just want to find something to hang on me.” He told me that it is illegal to walk through an emergency exit in a non-emergent situation. I said that “30 cops were in a mêlée with one person, that seems like an emergency to me, besides I walked through the turnstile as requested”. 

So he comes over and says let me see your ID. I said for what? He pokes me in the chest and asks me what is my problem. I asked him why he is touching me. He says get out of here before you get locked up. So I sucked my teeth. He then says "your asking to get locked up" I asked, "Am I being detained?" He says “Oh you want to be detained huh?” and pulls out his handcuffs and starts reaching to grab my wrist. So I ask, "What are you detaining me for?" and then I yelled "Cameras out!" and a bunch of people in the train station started to film.

So the cuffs disappeared but a swarm of cops came inside and surrounded me. I said "Now you're surrounding me like a gang, this is ridiculous" Stine says something like "yeah we're a gang" (don't quote me on that one exactly but it was close). 

So he says give me your ID again I ask for what and he says I'm getting a summons. I ask for what... he pauses for a few seconds and thinks and then says "for disorderly conduct" I asked “are you serious?”

I asked the other cops if they thought I was disorderly and they all looked at the ground because I guess they didn't want to go against this guy. But they didn’t answer me. After a while I was speaking to the other cops who were actually level headed didn't want to have conflict with the other cop, they were like “why didn't you just go home? This guy has been on the force over 20 years and he's burnt out it’s not going to be a good look for you”. 

The cop took my ID and left the building, I was very upset at this point and as I was explaining the situation to the other officers that were surrounding me one of the officers said, “you are speaking really loud and it is causing a lot of tension so please bring it down a little I know you are upset but this is just going to make it worse.” So I did.

The other cops told me it is best if I just don't say anything to him. Then officer Stines comes over with the summons and my ID and says, "I hope you have a good night", I’ll see you in court on December 6th, and asked me if I had any questions for him. I opted not to answer him as the other officers counseled me to do and he left.

I filed a report with the Civilian Complaint Review Board. 

You know what? 
Fuck the Police...
Comin' straight from the underground...

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