January 17, 2013

Open Letter To Hip Hop... by Donny Goines

Dear Hip Hop,

This is a difficult letter for me to write. Last year, I caused many problems within our community. Whether right or wrong, I made decisions that impacted our culture in a negative manner as a whole.

Some of you have known me for years, others for a short period of time but nonetheless I’ve always embraced my fellow artists and everyone within this realm with a smile and open arms. Humility, love, honor and respect are the four cornerstones of my career and I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t lived up to those standards as of late.

Unification has always been one of my primary agendas as an artist. My passion and zeal helped me create wonderful moments throughout the years that I will never forget but negative actions temporary clouded my judgment. I couldn’t see the damage I was causing but in hindsight the effects were visceral.

I regret nothing because the actions I took helped me to become a stronger and smarter man but moving forward I have to understand how my words and movements can affect those around me. Spirituality, family, growth, knowledge and mentoring have caused me to face the error of my ways and I don’t like the image staring back. With that being said, I have to become the change.

I decided to take on the position of Brand Ambassador for Artists.MTV and continue my BARS series for two simple reasons. The first, I have to rectify the mistakes I’ve caused by showing the world that unity in Hip Hop is important. Secondly, I remember the first time I saw myself on MTV and the elation felt was sublime to say the least. I want to give others the chance to experience that same feeling and this innovative platform provides the opportunity for artists to submit their music directly to the network.

I’m sorry for all the problems I’ve caused, but I’m working on solutions to help us ALL move forward and realize our dreams.

Love, Peace & Respect.

Donny Goines

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