March 15, 2013

Post TRAP E.R.A. Promo

Stay Tuned for the TRAP. Post TRAP E.R.A. LP to be released in 2013. This promo clip is DumDum RePurposed by Lil Young Conscious prodiced by Baauer (of MadDecent).

Full song can be heard and downloaded at the following link:

Song is the from the forthcoming Post TRAP E.R.A. Mixtape the lead up to the Post TRAP E.R.A. LP.

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Verse 1

I ain't no molly popper, but Molly I'd probably pop her
I like that white meat this week, next week I gotta choppa
NASDAQ, I got her poppa, Phantom of the Opera
Put that mask on'em, no cuffin, I ain't trynah lock'er
I ain't trynah rock her - No kilt, No jeggins
No jump, No broom - No royal weddin
Anchor to Pyrex no sir, Singing siren tried to chop me`
Surveys say, was sposed to chose her, no carbon copy
My borrowed time piece, my life of crime sheet
I watch the signs, skeet, then move on at a Modern Times speed
I learned my lessons undressin the specimen no misdirectin,
no room fullah yes men flexin, with too much S-dren
Surprised at how I killed the game with no loaded weapon
I keep it tame, keep my shirt on, I ain't David Beckham
you sippin lean, ain't on your deen with crippled fingers
there ain't no I but there's a me in team and I'm your leader

Full song can be heard and downloaded at the following link:

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