October 30, 2006

SumKid Majere: The Lil Folk

SumKid Majere, the bi-coastal emcee/writer/entertainer releases yet another creation that debunks any inkling of thought that 'Hiphop Is Dead'. 'The Lil Folk', is the only proof you need to disprove such foolishness. This album will dust you off and set you on the path to perfect peace, while simultaneously allowing you to entertain multiple debaucherous pleasures. It is the maraschino cherry drenched in your favorite flammable solution. The solution to all that ails you.

Album Track List - Listen to album in it's entirety online.

1. The Lil Stranger - download : stream
2. If If - download : stream
3. Ninjas & Flies - download : stream
4. The Foxworthy - download : stream
5. Dude More Blue - download : stream
6. We Be Pubbin - download : stream
7. Ole Gnat Grind - download : stream
8. Sweatervest - download : stream
9. Lotus - download : stream
10. Contra - download : stream
11. Way Hard - download : stream
12. Waterworld - download : stream
13. Popeye's Livin - download : stream
14. The Lil Folk - download : stream
15. September - download : stream
16. The Skeleton's Ball - download : stream
17. The Down - download : stream
18. Lunar Eclipse - download : stream
19. Virgo V - download : stream

link below download full album

Buy it Today!

Review: Razz Mixer

We had one of our folks test out this new flash based recording software called Razz Mixer which is actually a really cool little device. It's something that's basically targeted towards a teenage audience. It can be used to record short messages to complement one's Myspace, or generally any social networking site or blog. The interesting thing that we found were the rather explict samples of Razz recordings you could check out and even use. They were definitely not for your prudish folks and one may question if any parents of younger teens would be happy with their kids having access to that type of content.

We tried the program ourselves with not the best results. The vocal clarity was not near as clear as what we heard in the samples, ( the samples sound more like studio recordings then ones done on a desktop with a standard generic computer mic) and the recording is slightly slurred making the persons voice sound a bit off. Regardless of our first test results the program is still cool and has some nice background music and sound effects. For what it's worth, if the software is adjusted and the vocal clarity is fixed it seems like it stands to be yet another tool that young net users will enjoy and not be able to live without.

October 20, 2006

Take Off Your Badge

"Take Off Your Badge - ?" length: 04:24
tinycuffs.gifStream HIFI Take Off Your Badge - ? play HiFi (mp3)
Download HiFi Take Off Your Badge - ? download (4.04 MB)

So what happens when a person becomes fed up with the police department in their locale? Well if that person happens to be an emcee then he/she might very well write a rhyme to vent frustrations or plain out challenge officers to remove their badges so they can become civillian and get their asses whipped. Take Off Your Badge is a track that makes a statement about the behavior of various persons in law enforcement but makes sure to alert the listener that every officer is not being addressed. All police are not bad. But er uh there sure are a hell of a lot that need to lose their badges because they somehow forgot that they are meant to protect and serve the people, not intimidate them and cause fear where ever they thread.

Don't ask us who?
We don't know, we just found it and decided it was interesting to listen to. Perhaps an officer of the law that raps can rebut...

Yeah and er uh, don't shoot the messanger. We haven't forgotten, 'Contagious Shooting'...

Extra Download Link 1
Extra Download Link 2
Extra Download Link 3

October 19, 2006

Rapper Azeem takes his YouTube blessings and curses all in stride

Posting his music videos on YouTube thrust Azeem into the... Azeem says he doesn't mind the hateful comments he's rece...

Azeem Ismail is a man of many talents. Beginning his career as a nationally recognized slam poet, and later as a member of local acts Telefunken and Spearhead, in the past six years he's put out five underground rap albums (recording as Azeem) on five different labels -- a sixth is expected early next year -- toured Europe and starred in a one-man theater piece. His catalog of albums -- 2000's "Garage Opera" and "Craft Classic," 2004's "Show Business" and "Mayhemystics," and 2005's "Air Cartoons" -- stand as some of the most intelligent, thought-provoking hip-hop music ever to come out of the Bay Area. Yet despite a good deal of critical acclaim, commercial success has eluded him.

Until he posted a few of his videos on YouTube, that is.

Yamaha Institutional and Commercial Services Department Provides Portable Grand Piano "To Zambia with Love"

Karen Jacobsen performs for children
BUENA PARK, Calif. — Yamaha Corporation of America's Institutional and Commercial Services Department (ICS) recently provided a YPG-625 Portable Grand Piano to singer/songwriter Karen Jacobsen for her initiative, "To Zambia with Love."

In 2005 Jacobsen sponsored a child living in the African nation of Zambia, through Children International's child sponsorship program. For a donation of $18 a month, a child in extreme poverty can receive clean water, health care and education. Jacobsen was then inspired to contact everyone she knew to recruit sponsors for 100 Zambian girls in 100 days. She even organized a group called "To Zambia with Love" and invited the members to join her on a trip to Africa.

In August, Jacobsen traveled to Zambia to meet her sponsored child in person.

While there, she gave a concert for 250 children living in extreme poverty in the town of Kanyama. When this project came to the attention of ICS director Mike Bates, the department donated a portable grand piano for the performance. The children performed for their visitors, starting the concert with the Zambian National Anthem, and Jacobsen responded with the Australian and United States anthems. In celebration of the event, all 250 children were provided an extra meal that day, and during the concert sang along to Jacobsen's original songs. The Yamaha piano was donated to the center, and Children International is planning to find a music teacher for the facility so these children will have the opportunity for music lessons.

Karen Jacobsen with children
"Jacobsen's innovative use of music to raise awareness of the situation in Africa has proven very successful, and we were delighted to be involved and donate the piano," states Mike Bates, Director of Yamaha's ICS Department.

Australian-born singer-songwriter Jacobsen believes that "by putting our energies into our similarities as human beings instead of our differences, we can live in a world that works for everyone." Now based in New York, Karen has shared the stage with Norah Jones, sung the anthem at huge sporting events including a New York Jets game at Giants Stadium, and her songs have been heard on "Dawson's Creek" and NBC. Jacobsen's latest CD, Kissing Someone Else, will be released soon. Visit www.karenjacobsen.com for more details.

Yamaha's YPG-625 features Yamaha Style and Voice technology in an 88-key weighted-action keyboard. Ultra modern enhancements include USB MIDI for computer connectivity, USB to device for connecting USB storage devices, and a backlit LCD that displays lyrics and notation.

For more information, write Yamaha Corporation of America, Institutional and Commercial Services Department, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622, telephone (714) 522-9011, e-mail infostation@yamaha.com or visit www.yamahaworship.com.

About Yamaha:
Yamaha Corporation of America manufactures a complete line of musical instruments, professional audio products, customer-driven support products and computer-based products targeted to both the amateur and professional markets.

October 17, 2006

ASCAP EXPO '06 Video Highlights

Watch it...!


Let’s accept it as fact…. music’s greatest duos have been delivered courtesy of hip-hop. Each one of these duos has been a case of chemistry. Take legends like Eric B. & Rakim, EPMD, OutKast, Black Star or even Black Sheep. No one can deny the supernatural effect of two like minds, mics, turntables and personalities blending at the perfect moment. That paranormal science has shaped peak moments in music’s history. Balance is an essential component of any great chemical equation, whether it be life, nature or music. A healthy heap of friendly competition, mutual respect and a vital element of hunger... that very formula can yield magic. Think a minute about the duality of Ghostface and Raekwon, Black Thought and Malik B., or Q-Tip and Phife. They might all go down in history as shining examples of what can happen when chemistry and balance take center stage. As you read this, a new day has arrived for the duo. It’s evolving into an entirely new being, where the days of “you-do-this-and-I-do-that” Old World chemistry is dying. Now the blend is becoming more organic. Imagine giving each member of the aforementioned pairs the gift to both make beats that are universal and innovative. Now, give them both veteran status on the turntables, a knack for playing instruments and a confident swagger on the mic. Finally, mix in the x-factor of them both being raised atop the red clay of the South, and you have an unprecedented concoction. What you have are two young gentlemen with an album called ABBRACADAMN!!!, a charmed answer to the question “where can underground hip-hop possibly go next?” The gentlemen are AmDex and DT, and it is our esteemed pleasure to introduce you to music’s next great duo, Clan Destined.

Some words one could use to describe the meeting of musicians AmDex and DT might be ‘fate’, ‘yin and yang’, or ‘synchronicity’ - but ‘destined’ is the best fit. Both have strong roots in North Carolina, and DT has no qualms shedding light on his small-town upbringing. The 22-year-old describes Hickory, NC as a place with nice neighborhoods, pleasant parks and decent schools, but definitely a city racked by the crack epidemic and poverty. The two scenes are never far apart, and he did his time in both, gaining a sense of perspective at an early age. After discovering his gift for fierce rhyming during a New Year’s Eve party at 12 years old, DT eventually started DJing. The road eventually lead him to Morehouse College in Atlanta, where he would not only learn the particulars of the Black bourgeoisie and murder just about everyone on the battle circuit, but run into his future crew-mates, AmDex and Felix of The VJC. AmDex paints a mirroring image of his neighboring hometown of Raleigh, a bustling yet segregated city in the Research Triangle of North Carolina. Searching for something better, his mother moved to Atlanta and worked hard to give him wider perspective and better options. Young “Dex” started playing with rap when he was about seven years old and DJing when he was 16, right around the time he met DJ X-Ro, founder of The VJC, an offspring of the celebrated Project Blowed. Before long, DT and Dex met on the AUC strip and started sharing ideas on music, DJing, beat-sampling techniques and rhymes.

That conversation has evolved into Clan Destined (Clan D for short), a funk-fest of rolling, rumbling, revolving, relentlessly soulful beats with an electronic sensibility. The vibes range from loungey and chilled-out to all out trunk-rattle. You might catch Dex singing on a chorus on “Read The Signs”, or both of them scratching in their own vocals over live keys in “The Language”. The Yin and Yang aspect holds strong, DT being the more outspoken on the mic, a raw channel of verbal energy in a constant state of explosion, while AmDex weaves a cool, thoughtful spell that’s never short on a clever word. The youngest members of The VJC are poised to make their debut excursion with their album ABBRACADAMN!!!, set for a January 16, 2007 release on Domination Records/VJC Recordings. With an arsenal of visionary beat-craft and an uncanny physics at their fingertips, Clan D is on the brink of giving Atlanta yet another claim to one of the landmark pair-offs of this generation and raising the bar for the hip-hop duo. From now on, alchemy must be part of the equation.

October 16, 2006

Belief - Dedication - Album release party October 17th...

"Hot Nights - Wordsworth, Vordul Mega" length: 03:03
dedication.jpg Stream HIFI Hot Nights - Wordsworth, Vordul Mega play HiFi (mp3)

"Say Yes - Vordul Mega, C Rayz Walz, Murs, Wordsworth" length: 04:19
dedication.jpg Stream HIFI Say Yes - Vordul Mega, C Rayz Walz, Murs, Wordsworth play HiFi (mp3)

Double Happiness
173 Mott St (Cross Street: Broome Street) (DOWNSTAIRS)
New York, NY 10013-4230View Map
(212) 941-1282
Directions: 6 at Spring St
D to Grand
Tuesday October 17th 9:00- 12:00


DJ's: Belief, R'Thentic, Elle, Haylow (Bay Area)

Muti->Hop November 4th

Click on images to see full size.

October 13, 2006

E.B.B. & F.L.O.W.

E.B.B. & F.L.O.W.
Who is E.B.B. & F.L.O.W.?

Download Goodtimes mp3

The hip-hop duo E.B.B. & F.L.O.W. is comprised of producer DeMo (aka J. Lindsey) and emcee Inf [PyInfamous of The Threat] (aka J. Thompson). DeMo is a Boston, MA native whose production style is refreshingly authentic, innovative, and versatile. Through the use of different drums, sampling different and exotic records, and constant reinvention, DeMo stands on the frontline of the music revolution.

To the right of DeMo, stands the prolific emcee Inf. Born and raised in the state of Mississippi, Inf combines Southern soul with unparalleled lyricism that gives the listener a memorable ride every time an E.B.B. & F.L.O.W. track is played.

E.B.B. & F.L.O.W. was formed two years after DeMo and Inf were brought together by a mutual colleague, and after months of trading tracks via the internet, the two finally got together in a Boston, MA studio (The Soul Lab) in the summer of 2006. The result of that session was "Good Times", and the birth of E.B.B. & F.L.O.W.

The Exception is a project that aims to bring back the golden era in hip-hop and give old and new music fans a reason to pick up their headphones and backpacks once again.

I Am The Exception Campaign More information coming soon.

Miss Jones Competition More information coming soon.



Website coming soon!

October 12, 2006

The Navy to Take Sean P (aka Sean Paul YoungbloodZ) to Iraq Today!!!!

ATLANTA, GA --- It’s official!!! Sean P (aka Sean Paul of the YoungBloodZ) is going to Iraq with the Navy. Not for the reasons you would immediately think. The U.S. Navy has exclusively employed the entertainment services of Sean P in the countries of Iraq, Kuwait, and Bahrain. Though Sean P won’t be serving his country as an active duty member of the military, he will serve his country by entertaining U.S. soldiers in the Middle East that are in need of some good ol’ down south CRUNK entertainment. "Everyday, these guys, put their lives on the line for the freedom that we take for granted. It’s because of them that I have the freedom to do what I do. As frightening as it sounds to go over there, the least I can do is spend some of my time and say thanks by performing with them. They are the true heroes," states Sean P.

Recently, the hip hop emcee, commonly known as Sean Paul, adopted the new moniker "Sean P." The Atlanta native is currently promoting his latest record "My Swag." This song, co-written by upcoming producer, RawBeatzz, is receiving phenomenal feedback from DJ’s, radio program directors, music directors, and fans nationwide. "My Swag" is predicted to be one of many records that are to be released by Sean P as the public anticipates the long awaited solo project to be released in early 2007.

The Grammys, Hip Hop, & Power....How are they related?


I wrote an article last week basically chastising the Grammy voting committee. I watched another Grammy ceremony where hip Hop really wasn’t represented as they are ignoring us, hoping that we will go away. So, I decided to conduct some research into the matter, and here are my findings:

My research did not unveil the Wizard of the Grammys pulling all the strings behind the scenes. There was no group holding special meetings to decide who would have increased record sales (a grammy always does that) & what labels can participate. There was no illuminati, or triad, or music mafia, although I sincerely hoped there was. Instead, what I found was a transparent criteria for being allowed to vote, and a simple voting process. (Check for yourself at www.grammy.com) I could be a member of the committee if I chose to do the work to meet the criteria in order to affect change.

In 1999, Jay-Z boycotted the Grammys because of the same issue of artists being overlooked. Unfortunately, the Hip Hop community did not mobilize behind him in order to get some real change. Real change in recognition will come when the Hip Hop community truly galvanizes and recognizes its true power. If it did, we would not have George Bush as the president and we would see Tego Calderon with 5 Grammys. Instead what we have is complaints that fall on dead ears and boycotts that no one notices.


October 9, 2006

Attn: Artists – It’s In The Approach

Attn: Artists – It’s In The Approach
Every couple of months or so I like to dish out the free advice. I’ve been told this is something I could, and should, be charging for, but I’d rather give it out for free and hopefully help as many artists as possible. This time around I’m giving my five golden rules on approaching writers and radio DJs. OK, so maybe I’m also doing this a little for me, because when an artist is doing everything the right way in terms of the approach he or she makes life a lot easier on the writers and radio personalities of the world. Regardless, it’s free information from a seasoned veteran, so take a minute and see if you’ve been following these five major rules of networking.Read it...

Artist Of The Week – Young Harden

Artist Of The Week – Young Harden Interview

“Grind with the miss next to you.” Everyone who saw Young Harden perform this song instantly fell in the love with both it and the on-stage chemistry he had with R&B artist Rain. Rain didn’t originally do the hook, but with her on it the song seemed destined to be big. Destiny has a funny way of being interrupted at times, though. A bad management situation put delays and dampers on a lot of things in Harden’s life, but those times are over as the bi-coastal MC, who resides in both California and Connecticut, is back to making major moves. Recently Young Harden sat down with me to discuss his trials and tribulations, the art of the live performance, and what really went on between him and his former group. Read more...

October 6, 2006

300 hits the Big Screen !

Based on the epic graphic novel by Frank Miller, 300 is a ferocious retelling of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae in which King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and 300 Spartans fought to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian army. Facing insurmountable odds, their valor and sacrifice inspire all of Greece to unite.

Flavor Flav Says It All on Solo Debut

Flavor Flav Says It All on Solo Debut
NEW YORK (Sept. 28) - After finishing up an overseas outing with Public Enemy, rapper-turned-reality TV star Flavor Flav plans to go full steam ahead with his self-titled solo debut, has been in the works for more than a year.

The set will arrive on Halloween (Oct. 31) via his own label, Draytown Records.

"This is my first and only album ever because I want it to be a collector's item," Flav told Billboard.com. "I always wanted to do a solo album but coming up through the years there's been a lot of obstacles in my way that have stopped me from being able to do so."

The new disc features only one guest appearance; Smooth Bee of the '90s rap duo Nice & Smooth is featured on the bonus track "Baby Baby Baby." "This is the way I want people to perceive me so I don't have (any) collaborations," says Flav, who also experiments with R&B on the album. "It has music for all ages, from 10 up 'til senior citizens. I worked hard on it and everything is Flav."

The rapper says lead single "Flavor Man" is his favorite track. "It's because of the heart and soul that I put into it. I'm playing live instruments on there and doing all my lead vocals and background vocals," he says. "I always pictured it being a big record."

Flav is currently relishing the third season of his VH1 reality series "Flavor of Love," in which he attempts to find a mate through a series of elimination rounds and dating contests. Despite its popularity, however, Flav says he plans to put the show to rest and explore other opportunities.

"If there's a connection (on this season) then there might not be a reason for 'Flavor of Love 3,"' he says. "I ain't scared to do it again but I ain't really trying to. I want to do a talk show or something. I've done enough dating on TV. I'm ready to spread my wings and go down other avenues. I don't want to just stay stuck on one page 'cause you don't make it to the end of the book (that way)."

Flav's other ambitions include a solo tour, a book and another Public Enemy album that would be helmed by him. He says, "Chuck D wants to release another Public Enemy album but I always wanted the next Public Enemy album to be done by me."

Nat Turner Reloaded

Nat Turner Reloaded

Core Rhythm's freshmen release, 'Nat Turner Reloaded' has the strength of a senior classman placing anything to follow it in contention for a doctorate in the major of mic management. The album is a tight work that tackles the ever looming issues of race, supremacy and the disenfranchisement of the poor and persons and color on the planet. With guest appearances by artists Creature, Wells Knotty, GrandMixer DXT, Baba Israel and Farbeon are a compliment to the album and serve to help complete this well thought out and prepared sonic offering. The incredible choice of film soundbites throughout are the glue that seamlessly meld each track together. Album cuts provided by DJ Drilla except Track 2 by DJ Center and Track 8 by GrandMixer DXT.

1. For Blues People...
2. Freedon Song
3. New Rome
4. Reloaded
5. Slanguage listen : download
6. Live From Baghdad (Featuring Wells Knotty)
7. Earth Blues
8. Oxygen (Featuring Wells Knotty and Grandmixer DXT)
9. Atomic Weight (Featuring Wells Knotty)
10. Ebony Eyes (Featuring Creature)

11. Mutiny
12. The Road (Featuring Baba Israel and Farbeon)
13. Rize

Executive Produced by Grand Master Core Rhythm and Angelo Rodriquez

Buy it today! Click Here

October 5, 2006

Lyrical PMS

Lyrical PMS

Hey ladies write too... Check this young lady out now!

Mat Weddle of Obadiah Parker - "Hey Ya" (Outkast Cover)

We found this on the So Much Silence Blog. Check out the short article they wrote that drums up some interesting topics for discussion.


LEFTist Update & Upcoming Events

Recently C.O.N.C.E.P.T. & LEFTist's father (Jimmy Crouch) have taken the Hit & Run Investigation into their own hands, as the Police have been uncorroperative & lazy in their own "investigation". The Crouch family came to NYC looking for answers on Sept. 27th, and were told that Dective Bowden (who is handling the case) would not even speak with them until Sept. 30th (the day they were planning on leaving) due to sick leave. The police report given to the family was extremely vague (noting "unknown" for seemingly obvious categories like hair & clothing), looking like it was thrown together in 10 min. Detective Bowden still has made no attempt to contact the family after his return from sick leave, and when called by C.O.N.C.E.P.T. (as Jimmy was too upset to call himself) was extremely defensive towards C.O.N.C.E.P.T. and with no concern or sympathy for the family. After calmly speaking about the incident & his actions, C.O.N.C.E.P.T. asked the Dective to call the family to appoligize who at this point has not complied with that request. Further example of his lack of investigation is that Dective Bowden did not even know the last place (Employees Only) LEFTist was sept18/17 Sunday night/early Monday morning before the hit & run. Basically, we believe they took LEFTist for a homeless runaway & planned on logging it away as "just another hit & run" with no investigation. We have been trying to set up the $10 000 reward through CRIME STOPPERS
but the police have been slow on setting it up. $10 000 Reward for information leading to arrest and conviction contact conceptmindspray@yahoo.com We are now trying to show the police department how wrong they were to make this assumption, and I ask that everyone try to
contact the Highway 1 Patrol asking for Dective Bowden's resignation due to the handling of this incident. It is a tragedy that the Crouch family had to bury their oldest son, but even more so that they were unable to recieve answers to their questions in order to gain closure.

The intersection of W. 12th St. & the west Side Highway is extremely dangerous, and even more so at night. The traffic travels fast, and between two visits to the site during late-night hours many of us have witnessed numerous cars racing through red lights as well as 2 sanitation trucks (one of which we caught on tape) who ran obviously red lights 50-60mph at the exact place where the hit & run occured.

All of the flowers, flyers, etc. that have been left at the memorial are greatly appreciated, but I encourage everyone to keep it alive. We want to keep the memory of LEFTist alive, and the reminder that we are not going to stop asking questions about what happened. Please continue to bring flowers, CDs, flyers, pictures, etc. to the memorial as a sign to the city that LEFTist is not just another number.


Here's a list of our upcoming events:

FRIDAY OCT 6th. 2006
FALLDOWN: A Night of Hip Hop Music and Visual Arts

Live sets by : Bisc1 || Brokendomer || Undakova
Turntable Tracks by : Milkmoney || Complex || D.Spliff
Visual Gallery : Meres || Zimad || ChrisCortez || SonOne || Jayra ||
and a whole lot more..

Doors at 9.30 - till we fallout
7$ / Ladies free before Midnight

258 Johnson Ave./ "L" train to montrose Avenue
Walk 1 block down bushwick to Johnson, make a left on Johnson
258 Johnson, Look for illuminted (*)

Saturday, Oct 14th

Celebrate Life!
The Life and Legacy of LEFTist
Adam B's Birthday
MindSpray's EP "What's inside" release

Lone Catalysts
rack-Lo w/ T-Money
Leroy Brown
Nervous System
Whose Rhyme is it Anyway?
Freestyle Competition
$100 Prize

Doors Open 9pm
Admission: $10 (includes MindSpray EP for the first 100 people)
Hosted by: Euphamism & Dyalekt
DJ Halo & DJ Milk Money

Knitting Factory
Old office
74 Leonard St.
*1 or 9 train to Franklin St.
Walk one block south & turn left onto Leonard

The Sterilization of Lupe Fiasco...

The Sterilization of Lupe Fiasco... from Conscious Blog

I've grown quite fond of Lupe when it comes to a new kat to check for with this rap music bidness. I enjoyed his mixtape with DJ Envy a while back. He recorded a whole lot that most folks that just discovered him after the success of Kick Push haven't heard. With Lupe it seems his fans and naysayers are split in half. Some say he's not that talented, his awfully simple he sounds like Jay. Some are simply bias because of his connection to Kanye West , which in my opinion is just plain bogus. The moment you refuse to listen to an artist due to your dislike for another, that is the exact same moment your opinion becomes illrelevant. Then there are those like myself, that just like what the kid is doing, paying no mind to the pedistal he has been placed on. He didn't do it his self so he shouldn't be punished for it. Read More...

Prince of the City

Prince of the City
For 19-year-old Wiz Khalifa, conquering the world is easy … but winning over Pittsburgh is hard

Wiz Khalifa stands alone.

Swathed in a baggy T-shirt, he’s utterly alone onstage at Mr. Small’s Theatre. His lanky frame sways to the track as he works the packed house, and the mic:

Who’s the kid spittin’ flames, changing the game? His name is Wiz Khalifa, man … I got that Pittsburgh sound, I’m gonna hold this whole Pittsburgh down.

Many see that lone figure as either a mascot or messiah. Many are looking to him to put Pittsburgh’s hip-hop scene on the map. “If Wiz blows up, we all gonna blow up,” is how local emcee and promoter Basick Sickness sums it up.

October 4, 2006

Say Word Entertainment Brings You: HOT-TOBER!!!



3rd Party - Pressed for Time


Scared? Don't be. It's only your pals over at Say Word Entertainment here to fill you in on the month to come.

* Halloween Fourth Friday with PUMPKINHEAD
* Rabbi D DJing 2x a week!
* Hip Hop will march in the Halloween Parade!

Friday, October 27th
Say Word Entertainment Presents
4th Fridays at the Bowery Poetry Club

Featuring PUMPKINHEAD!!!

(Click to print flyer and save $2 at the door!!! This link goes to the old flyer, but we'll still give you $2 off)

The big news:
Halloween Fourth Friday with featured guest PUMPKINHEAD! Park Slope native, member of the Brooklyn Academy, worldwide
underground legend... yeah, that Pumpkinhead. Hot on the heels of his latest release,"Orange Moon Over Brooklyn," and
always on the move, this cat is coming through to bring that trick-or-treat fever to the BPC right on time. If you don't know,
come check out one of the illest doing it on the mic atthe strongest multi-element party around.

As awlays:
-Third Party
-The Freestyle Pyramid
-DJ Showcase
-All Night Dance Party
-Live Art Expos
Magic Hat drink specials!!

Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery btwn Houston and Bleecker
F to 2 nd Ave/6 to Bleecker
Doors at 10:00pm
$7/$5 with flyer

All Ages!!

Every Thursday!!!

Say Word Thursdays
This is a sexy sexy sexy, intimate Senegalese/French spot in the East Village. Beautiful decor, great staff, great sound, great location. I'll be burning smooth lounge, Classic Hip Hop and Sould and some dusty gems. This week is the first one, so help us jump it off in style. If you're ever looking to throw a weeknight b-day party or gathering, this is the new official spot to check!

Help spread the word! These are good peoples and we want to help this spot get large.

158 Avenue C @ 10th St
New York, NY 10
10 PM


Every Saturday!!!

If you don't know already, this is the hottest, free-est Saturday night party around right now. Milk Money and Rabbi D throw down and hands go up. All universe Hip Hop, R&B, Dance Classics, Dancehall, Reggaeton This party pops off week in and week out. Big enough to dance, dance enough to sweat, sweat enough to come back! Great drinks, back patio for smokers and coolin, no BS, beautiful folks, all positive vibes, and the mix is LIVE ALL NIGHT!

Come check us while the t-shirts are still sleeveless and the skirts are still short.

3 Orchard btwn Canal and Division
Needles drop at 11:00pm
Back Patio for smokers

And to build on our Halloween spirit, Beatboxer Entertainment will be holding down a "float" (more like an apparition) in the Village Halloween Day Parade on October 31st. It's going to feature a bunch of beatboxers and emcees rocking via megaphone and scaring the crap out of virgin ears. And check out this article from a Japanese website about the infamous Subway Series: http://www.nyniche.com/soul/hiphop/10_index_msg.html

Please give us an idea of what that quote means underneath the picture of Rabbi D...

80 Degrees in October,
Say Word Fam





El-P's new album, Cut Copy Fabric mix, Brookville tour dates, Midlake videos, & more...

Worlds Fair Logo

This week @ World's Fair:
* El-P Talks to Pitchfork
* Brookville Announces Tour Dates
* Midlake Videos of Van Occupanther Part 2
* Cut Copy Fabric.Live.29 Out Now

World's Fair News [READ MORE]

El P

El-P - I'll Sleep When
You're Dead

El-P is back. Read all the gory details at Pitchfork.

"Four years after the release of his first solo record, Fantastic Damage, Def Jux label head El-P is finally finishing its follow-up, the previously reported I'll Sleep When You're Dead. The always busy producer-rapper said, "It just feels good to be on the mic again," when he spoke to Pitchfork yesterday about the album, which he hopes to release March 6 on Def Jux.

His collaborators on I'll Sleep When You're Dead include Trent Reznor, the Mars Volta, Aesop Rock, Cage, Mr. Lif (whose track "might end up becoming a bonus cut" due to scheduling), Tunde Adebimpe (TV on the Radio), Matt Sweeney (Chavez/Bonnie "Prince" Billy/Zwan), James McNew (Yo La Tengo), Rob Sonic, Mr. Dibbs, and Cat Power (more on that later)." [READ MORE]

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Brookville - "Golden" [STREAM]

More music on Brookville's Myspace player

Finally, Brookville will be taking the full band out on the road all November, co-headlining dates all over the US and Canada with French pop rock sensations Tahiti 80. Brookville frontman Andy Chase produced the 1st Tahiti80 album, and so this tour is a long-awaited respite for fans of hummable, strummable melodies, with class. Details here or here.

Andy will be speaking on a CMJ Panel: "Road Warriors" - Tales from the Touring Trenches. Andy used to play in Ivy, who toured internationally with the likes of Edwyn Collins and St. Etienne, while, Brookville has toured with Goldfrapp. Join us on Thursday, Nov 2, 2:30-3:30pm @ Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall.

Andy also just completed producing & mixing the song "Mr. Loverman" for the movie TRAINWRECK: My Life as an Idiot, directed by Tod Harrison Williams. The song is performed by Brookville with vocals by Gretchen Mol who is the lead in the film. The film is in post-production and is due for release some time next year.

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Midlake: Videos of Van Occupanther Part 2
The videos of Van Occupanther continue this week with a superbly animated video for "We Gathered In Spring". Read drummer Mackenzie Smith's thoughts on the video at Pop Matters, where the video premiered on Monday.These videos will hopefully satisfy our Midlake cravings as the band heads back to Europe for 2 months of tour dates. Next week, stay tuned for another great animated video, back on Spin.com - this time, its "Van Occupanther" himself.

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Cut Copy Fabric

Cut Copy Fabric.Live.29 Out Now
World's Fair is pleased to offer American dancers some bonafide headphone sex in the form of the next installment of the mix CD series from the venerable Fabric series. Australian-based Cut Copy, whose skuzzy indie-disco sound has charmed the world, compile a mixture of their own productions and choice cuts from The Faint, Goldfrapp, Roxy Music and more.Click here to listen to clips and check out the full track listing.
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Moloko Featured on Grey's Anatomy
Moloko's "The Time Is Now" was recently featured in the opening scene of ABC's Grey's Anatomy Episode 37 (Season 3). This great pop/dance hit is on "Catalogue" recently released in the US by The Echo Label / World's Fair. Don't forget, Moloko's singer Roisin Murphy's solo effort "Ruby Blue" was also featured in Grey's Anatomy season 1, as well as more recently on So You Think You Can Dance.
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World's Fair Live in October
Save these dates! Alice Smith, Gray Kid, Nicolay, Pela, Read Yellow, The Postmarks and Vic Thrill are all gigging; and World's Fair is all set to blow up CMJ this year!

Alice Smith
Oct 12 Alice Smith w/ Citizen Cope @ House of Blues, Los Angeles, CA
Oct 13 Alice Smith w/ Citizen Cope @ House of Blues, Los Angeles, CA
Oct 14 Alice Smith w/ Citizen Cope @ House of Blues, Anaheim, CA
Oct 15 Alice Smith w/ Citizen Cope @ The Independent, San Francisco, CA
Oct 16 Alice Smith w/ Citizen Cope @ The Independent, San Francisco, CA
Oct 18 Alice Smith w/ Citizen Cope @ Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR
Oct 20 Alice Smith w/ Citizen Cope @ The Showbox, Seattle, WA
Oct 21 Alice Smith w/ Citizen Cope @ The Showbox, Seattle, WA


Gray Kid
Oct 9 Gray Kid @ Spaceland *FREE*, Los Angeles, CA
Oct 26 Gray Kid B'day Show @ Rock n Roll Hotel, Washington, DC


Oct 5 Nicolay @ The Agenda Lounge: Universal Grammer, San Jose, CA
Oct 6 Nicolay @ Poleng Lounge: FutureClassic, San Francisco, CA
Oct 7 Nicolay @ Grand Star Jazz Club: Boombox, Los Angeles, CA
Oct 29 Nicolay @ Planet 6 Records Launch Party @ Bella Festa, Wilmington, NC


Oct 7 Pela w/ Gomez @ Bowery Ballroom *Sold Out*, New York, NY
Oct 19 Pela @ Mohawk Place, Buffalo, NY
Oct 20 Pela @ Beachland Ballroom Tavern, Cleveland, OH
Oct 21 Pela @ Oregon Expres, Dayton, OH
Oct 24 Pela @ WOXY In Studio, Cincinatti, OH
Oct 24 Pela @ The Poison Room, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 25 Pela @ Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL
Oct 28 Pela @ DC 9, Washington , DC


The Postmarks
Oct 14 The Postmarks @ POPSCENE! @ Dada, Delray Beach, FL
Oct 21 The Postmarks @ POPLIFE @ The District, Miami, FL
Oct 26 The Postmarks w/THE ALBUM LEAF @ Respectable Street, West Palm Beach, FL


Vic Thrill
Oct 4 Vic Thrill Music, Movies & Memoirs @ Mo'Pitkins, New York, NY
Oct 18 Vic Thrill @ Southpaw, New York City, NY


World's Fair @ CMJ Music Marathon, NYC
Oct 31 Pela @ B61 Halloween party, Brooklyn
Oct 31 Read Yellow @ Club Europa, Greenpoint
Oct 31 Gray Kid @ TBC
Nov 1 Beans, Mike Ladd, Vic Thrill, Gray Kid @ Canal Room
Nov 1 Read Yellow @ Midway
Nov 2 Roger O'Donnell, Brookville, The Postmarks & Christopher Willitz @ Mo 'Pitkins
Nov 2 Gray Kid @ TBC
Nov 2 Pela @ TBC
Nov 3 Pela @ Sin-e

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