December 10, 2007

Kidz In The Hall Produce Song For Barack Obama's Presidential Campaign

Major League Entertainment is proud to announce that Kidz In The Hall have produced an anthem titled “WORK TO DO” in support of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Go to for a free download of “Work to Do!” In addition, go here to get an inside look at the making of the song. Having followed Obama’s political career from its early stages, Kidz In The Hall’s MC Naledge is very excited to be a part of the movement for change. “From Chicago’s Southside, to The University of Pennsylvania, Kidz In The Hall has always promoted positive change in American communities through social action. The message at the forefront of this soulful anthem is that no one should settle for less than success, because each one of us has the ability to change this world for the better. “Work To Do” is not necessarily a song that was meant as a “campaign song,” but more so a philosophy on how to approach life in general. I think much of what is wrong in my community is that hope has been lost by many of my peers. What many fail to realize is that one person can control his or her own destiny, it just requires due diligence and the ability to fight adversity. I happen to think that Barack Obama embodies everything that is promising for the future of our nation and represents the hope I sought to speak on in the song. Being from Chicago, I have seen his rise to prominence first hand and I can honestly say that I believe he is the best option for our next president.” -Naledge (Kidz In The Hall)

“We are thrilled to participate in this historic and meaningful race for the presidency in support of Senator Obama. Kidz In The Hall and Senator Obama both stand for hard work, focus, and honesty, while acting as advocates for those less fortunate. We hope the song “Work To Do” can help spread the Barack Obama message. This song could not be a better fit.”

-Matt Marcus, President Major League Entertainment
Many thanks to the entire Barack Obama campaign and to Todd Kane for his coordination on this project.

Kidz In The Hall’s sophomore LP, The In Crowd, will be released in March 2008 on Major League/Duck Down Records.

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