December 6, 2007

The Re-Education of Lauryn Hill

1. Music (intro)
2. Lose myself
3. Rebel
4. The passion
5. Selah
6. Social drug
7. A change is gonna come
8. Motives & thoughts (poem)
9. Take too much (rich man)
10. Guarding the gates
11. The makings of you
12. Freedom time
13. One higher soul (outro)


RaphParis said...

One step forward to the long awaited return of Ms Lauryn Hill.
The new songs are great.
We all thought she had gone crazy, but her comeback will be the denial to that prejudice.

The last song is so spiritual...

There is only one living great artist today, and it is definitely Ms Hill.

Anonymous said...

Some truths of life are not open to those looking to conceal their own iniquity...

This sister is truly inspired by our Creator and the voice she gives to the issues and lessons in life should not be shut;however, comercialism and capitalism are afraid of how this voice will impact the world--let's not forget this voice was heard by millions around the world a decade ago and the message is not different--only it's ripened and has learned and has been slighly scorned by life and how human kind has treated each other.

There is more to come from this voice--in the future, hopefully because those involved with confining this voice will ultimately realize through our support of this voice...we are looking to support the voice and its mission(truth) in time.

As this voice's fanship continue to be creative and show their support in means like this one... this voice will continue to prosper.

Tyrael said...

Lauryn Hill is too talented, wish i could go back to when she was one of the largest people in Hip Hop, 96 with da fugees album and 98 with the misseducation.

Im slacking though i STILL havn't heard the Re-education, alot of people said tis not as good as her first album, i really dont wanna be let down. Ill go for it though soon enuff

Anonymous said...

thank u so much

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