January 31, 2007

Bangin On The System - Adam Tensta

"Bangin On The System - Adam Tensta"
length: 04:16
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January 27, 2007

60 Second Review – Crackheads Gone Wild 2

Let it be known there isn’t very much “wild” about Crackheads Gone Wild 2. There is, however, quite a lot of depressing footage of folks thinking they’re normal when they’re clearly on drugs. Though the voiceovers are at times, very rare times, funny, the main point of this film seems to be to show how delusional a drug addict can get. You have wannabe rappers of all types, people convinced they aren’t an addict because of the few things they claim they won’t do for crack, and some folks who can barely stand they’re so high. Crackheads Gone Wild 2 has the occasional enjoyable moment but at the end of the DVD you’ll more than likely just be depressed that people can live that way and slightly disgusted at yourself if you laughed at a few too many of the scenes. Crackheads Gone Wild 2 is available now.

Adam Bernard

January 20, 2007

Conscious Live! @ Asterisk in Brooklyn

Introduction of a set with Conscious performing the song, 'Justive'. Show took place on January 19th, 2006. Shout out to Mindspray, Concept & DJ Milk Money.

Music Attorney helps DJs avoid jail

ATLANTA, GA - January 17, 2007 - Music mogul, Entertainment Attorney Dedra Davis', takes an aggressive move towards educating DJs on how to make money, but stay out of jail.

The breaking news of the arrest of Atlanta's internationally acclaimed DJ Drama, has brought to the forefront the continuing issue of DJs/producers making and selling mixed CDs. Attorney Davis has agreed to sponsor the 1st 100 radio and club DJs admission into her 5th Annual LISTEN AND EXCHANGE™ event weekend, February 23 - 24, 2007, where they will receive complimentary legal, as well as practical, information about how to make their music, but avoid any brushes with the law. The two day extravaganza also includes a CD listening session, artists' showcase, open mic and plenty of music and food to be enjoyed.

Allhiphop.com reported in the DJ Drama matter, "These guys are actively advertising online. They've got a website that they're advertising from, that's where you place your orders and that's how the orders are shipped out," Matthew Kilgo of the RIAA told local reporters. "Statistics also show that you can make up to a 90% profit just off the resale of counterfeit CDs. So there's huge money to be made in it, and there's no stigma attached to purchasing it."

Music Attorney Davis agrees that DJs are the VIP’s that stand between new artists and the radio waves, the personalities that wake us up and get us through work and rush hour traffic. They are the focused spinners in the headphones behind the booth, with hours of the hottest mixes at their fingertips, and they are at our favorite and most memorable parties, clubs, concerts and events. And, with the latest phenomenon of mix tape mania in popular urban music, collaboration with the right DJ can break an aspiring artist. Equally an endorsement drop from any industry DJ veteran can bring widespread recognition to an aspiring artist. Ask anyone in the music industry from the rookies to the pros about the value of a DJ and they will tell you that the DJs are priceless.

DJs that are interested in the complimentary admission to the 5th Annual LISTEN AND EXCHANGE™ event weekend can contact Music Attorney Davis at 713-981-3861, or DEDRADAVIS@musiclw.com. The first 100 DJs to register will receive the "weekend special" compliments of Attorney Davis.

DJs can look forward to meeting many talented artists, including the newest DJs on the music scene nationwide who have created a buzz and a following in their local communities. Additionally the attending DJs will be some of the first to hear the next future stars of the industry. DJs at the event will have a wide selection from hundreds of the latest, freshest music from some of the industry's most talented up-and-coming artists, producers, and songwriters from all genres of music from across the globe.

The 5th Annual LISTEN AND EXCHANGE™ will be held at the Marriott West Loop, 1750 West Loop South, Houston, Texas on February 23 – 24, 2007. For details go to http://www.listenandexchange.com/, www.myspace.com/listenandexchange or call 713-981-3861.

MEDIA CREDENTIALS: For media access to conference, please submit on company letterhead a written request for media credential with all contact information and how you intend on covering event. Please email the request to the attention of: Dee Dee Cocheta – deedeee@abc-aef.com or fax to: 718.878.4526. Credentials are available only to legitimate newsgathering organizations and are subject to approval by the LISTEN AND EXCHANGE√§ board. All information provided is subject to verification. DEADLINE is: February 16, 2007. Inquiries about becoming a Supporting Media sponsor should also be directed to Dee Dee –deedee@abc-aef.com, or Dedra Davis, Esq., DedraDavisEsq@aol.com.

Entertainment Attorney Dedra Davis, was constantly approached by music producers that wanted their music heard, lyricists that had no music, singers that had no music, movie producers that needed music for their films, film directors that wanted to do music videos, etc. The Worldwide Music Producers' LISTEN AND EXCHANGE™ was Entertainment Attorney Dedra Davis' way to help put all the people together and give them permission to meet one another, talk to one another, and do business with one another. She "dreamed" up the event in October 2002, began planning the event in November 2002, and had the event in February 2003. It took on a "life of its own" and now Entertainment Attorney Dedra Davis has turned this brainchild into a trademarked yearly event. For more info, please visit: http://www.listenandexchange.com/

Entertainment Attorney Dedra Davis’ motto, "Let THIS music lawyer handle YOUR music law issues™," rings true to the dedication of Attorney Davis, who for years has been doing just that… handling business. She represents platinum, gold, as well as uncertified artists, producers, writers, record labels, managers and publishing companies from all over the world. Licensed with the State bar of Texas, she became widely known when she independently represented Saregama India Limited (located in Bombay, India) against Dr. Dre, Aftermath Records, Interscope Records, and Universal Records in a copyright infringement case that could yield record-breaking amounts in damages. Ms. Dedra Davis was also voted the 2002-2003 Legal Executive of the Year for good reason. Not only does this outstanding entertainment attorney provide exceptional legal and consulting services to all genres of the music worldwide, as a credible international speaker and writer of entertainment law issues, she "gives back" by sharing her time, money and wealth of knowledge.

INTERVIEWS with Dedra Davis, Esq., please contact: deedee@abc-aef.com or call: 888.525.0901 ext. 705.

January 15, 2007

Space Age ft. Conscious

"Space Age - Conscious" length: 01:30
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a magnificent tour through the skies
moon shift, pullin the tides.
cestial lady got me drooling and i
wanna retake,
lovely mistake. mishap big bang copulating and thangs
west coast boast 3000 miles and that ain't far
as my femme drive the moon car on moon beam..
2 fast to curious
midnightclub .. time warp, midnight love..
trickle down economically sound..
you could find we where comets is found
the silence is down by the colors
the wonder... universe burst
like earthly fourth of july..
the jewel is her eye
the ruler is wise...
to keep her that heater beside
in the case that
they rob tombs
and the fools get inside
hey we live in the moment.. beauty
is skin deep
night sleep in a comma
space age.. galaxy roamah
star dust boiled in the pitcha
aye what an aroma
and that taurus is comin to get yah..
astronomical the figures...
your money's no good here...
this is space fam we don't do years...
make tracks in the sand
on the face of a planet that's tanned...

January 5, 2007

Right Now - Scholar

January 1, 2007

That Grimy Feeling Mixtape...


You can listen directly via the link, no download.

Raekwon: Yeah, it’s like where I’m from you wear the same pair of sneakers and [if] everybody got them on somebody is going to shoot to the next pair. It’s just out of respect, it’s like alright we know that’s the shoe but now it’s time to move on to the next shoe you know what I mean?

At the end of the day you ain’t even gotta be that talented, it could be a guy out there working harder than you, and you got the same amount of talent, but he’ll make it before you just because he’s working harder. He took every opportunity and chance he got.
-Rich Boy

What Happened to Me on Friday...

What Happened to Me on Friday...

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