June 30, 2007

An Intelligent Move

In response to the INTELLIGENTNEWZNET article "Can I Get Just One," we were contacted by CNN who requested that Wise Intelligent appear on their station in a “discussion” with leaders of St.Sabina, the south-side Chicago church responsible for the "TRASH" rappers billboards. Wise Intelligent, being aware of the fact that the game is chess, not checkers, respectfully declined the offer to appear on CNN.

My reasoning is that, the Euro-American mass media is NOT and has NEVER been the appropriate forum to discuss let alone resolve matters concerning the African-American community! I am more than well-aware of the fact that CNN or any other mainstream American media outlet, for the most part, does not offer a solution oriented platform for black issues, but on the contrary, the platform offered is extremely conflict oriented. As a matter of fact one of the things that the whole Don Imus situation revealed was that these “reporters” and “journalists” are contractually encouraged to be argumentative and controversial. What the network wanted was for Wise Intelligent and the members of St.Sabina to get on national television, attack each other, create further divisions, and exacerbate the problem without addressing some mutual and realistic solutions.

On a 30 minute show with 15 minutes of commercials and 15 minutes of edited dialogue, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY any real understanding or solutions could have been discussed. Knowing that it would have played out like Wise Intelligent and Hip Hop is against the Black Church and the Black Church against Hip Hop; I refused to appear. It was more than obvious to me that CNN could not and does not have the Black community’s best interest at heart! The plan was to supply both of us with weapons and watch us attack each other in classic tribal fashion!

No disrespect but, I am NOT Cam'ron, and I refuse to be used in that way. As I said in the song "UNDA FIRE" from the Blessed Be the Poor album "I don't do this for lack of attention!"

So, being who we are and what we stand for at INTELLIGENTNEWZNET, INTELLIGENT MUZIK, etc. we called St.Sabina and spoke with Rev.Micheal L. Pfleger directly and informed him of what we felt CNN was up to, and that we were not going to allow aliens of the Black Community to sow the seeds of separation and discourse between comrades in the same struggle. Our article/blog was NOT an attack against the Church and their right to post billboards, our intention was to expand the dialogue to include the deeper issues that create and shape the environments in which we live.

When we discuss this or any other issues concerning OUR community, we will do it in the basement of the Church, or in the Intelligent Muzik conference room, NOT on CNN. Their eyes (cameras) should be banned from all discussions, meetings, and gatherings designed to solve our problems and address our concerns with each other! Do they EVER call us up and ask us to appear on CNN to discuss white kids "huffing", pedophilia in the Catholic Church, White on White crime, drug and alcohol abuse amongst the youth in hollywood, and where in the hell are those Weapons of Mass Destruction? Of course not, so why should they be offered a set at the table when we are dealing with our issues???


June 28, 2007

Talib Kweli - Hot Thing

Is this a dedication to the woman you said you had to put in check at that party at 50 Cent's house Kweli?



June 27, 2007

...If Magic Made It

On June 5, 1981, the Centers for Disease Control printed an article that turned out to be the first scientific report of what is now known as AIDS. It's 26 years since and throughout the world the epidemic has only gotten worse. According to a study published online by the journal "Science" the virus that started the global pandemic passed from chimps to humans in Africa. Read more...

June 12, 2007

The Mooney Suzuki’s “Have Mercy”

The countdown is on for the Mooney Suzuki’s long awaited fourth studio album, Have Mercy on Elixia Records. The album, which has already been garnering critical raves, is slated to hit stores on June 19th. However, iTunes users can purchase Have Mercy beginning June 12th with an exclusive one-week pre-release. In addition, the digital release of the album will include a total of four never before heard bonus tracks, two of which will also be included on the physical version of the album.

“Leap of Faith,” “You Never Really Wanted to Rock n’ Roll,” “Caroline,” and “Say That You Will” are previously unreleased tracks recorded by the Mooney Suzuki during studio sessions for Have Mercy.

Sammy James, Jr. comments on the decision to include bonus material on both the physical and digital versions of the release:

“It was not easy leaving “Leap of Faith” and “You Never Really Wanted to Rock ‘n’ Roll” off the original tracklist [when the record was slated for release on V2], but we [originally] wanted to keep it to a lean and mean 10 songs.

The title “Caroline” had kind of been the unloved, bastard child of the bunch, but eventually grew on us.

The album Have Mercy came together in tribute to Graham Tyler’s father, Robert, who passed away in 2005. He had always been a huge supporter and one of our greatest influences. “Say That You Will” was originally written and performed by Robert’s own high school band, so we wanted to record our version of the song in his memory.”

If current single “99%” is any indication, Have Mercy is bound to be the Mooney Suzuki’s best album yet. The band will be taking the new material on the road in a nationwide tour of the USA with The Photo Atlas and The Dark Romantics followed by selected dates in Europe. For a sneak peek of what to expect, see Blender’s footage of the band’s SXSW performance below.

Listen to “99%” by Mooney Suzuki from Have Mercy (Elixia Records)
MP3: http://www.templarlabelgroup.com/mooney/99%.mp3
Windows Media: http://www.templarlabelgroup.com/mooney/99%.wma
Real Media: http://www.templarlabelgroup.com/mooney/99%.rm

Watch Mooney Suzuki at SXSW: http://www.blender.com/SXSW2007TheMooneySuzukiInterview/video/822.aspx

What press is saying about “Have Mercy”:
“The rebirth of garage.” – Alternative Press

“It’s The Mooney Suzuki grown up, the natural evolution of a quality rock n’ roll band.” – Harp Magazine

“…nothing short of a miracle…” – PitchforkMedia.com

“The Moonies have paid careful attention to rock’n’rolls history – mod, Motown, the Rolling Stones – but for the first time, it seems they have finally learned from their own.” – Alternative Press

“Mooney’s are at their most pedal-stompin’ petulant, [James’] charismatically soulful pipes cut through the noise with impressive clarity. – PitchforkMedia.com

Digital pre-release album tracklisting:

1.) 99%
2.) This Broke Heart of Mine
3.) Adam & Eve
4.) Ashes
5.) Rock ‘n’ Roller Girl
6.) First Comes Love
7.) Have Mercy
8.) Good Ol’ Alcohol
9.) The Prime of Life
10.) Down But Not Out

Bonus tracks:
11.) Leap of Faith
12.) You Never Really Wanted To Rock ‘n’ Roll
13.) Caroline (digital only)
14.) Say That You Will (digital only)

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