February 17, 2012

5 Quick Questions for @Likwuid

How'd you come up with your rap name Likwuid? Did you have and other names before it? 

Before LiKWUiD, I had several names Uneeke, Mookie (don't ask), and some other ones.

LiKWUiD stuck as a name that exemplified my style and my personality. Liquid at room temperature flows and adjust to any contents in which its presented, when things heat up it evaporates as moisture, when it's cold it freezes as ice. All of these entities present water in different forms to maintain it's structure in any climate, however the chemical design remains the same. With me, I adjust to my environment musically, but my inner core elements as an artist remain the same. Consistent inconsistency....lol.


What are the pros and cons of working in a group? 
I absolutely love being a part of GNU. I'd say the pros are the creative expansion that a group brings to the table. Each one of us can see the same audio canvas and approach it with a different paint brush...and somehow it all blends perfectly. I guess the only con would be our schedules. We're all so busy and so many folks depend on us for other things that we are ALWAYS multitasking. (If only there were 28 hours in a day instead of 24. Lol.)

What film has most influenced your music? 

Pink Floyd "The Wall", no explanation needed.

What's Grace about? 

Grace is Gummy Bears & Champagne's first live album composed by 2Hungry Bros and my band mates. It's an audio theatrical peace about the life and times of Peach Claudine Brown who spends a summer in the south at her grandmother's house. I've always wanted to write a screen play and after my brief late blooming obsession with RENT, I kinda took a stab at it. It's loosely based on my summers with my grandmother in South Carolina.
If the opportunity came up where you could explore space would you? Why or why not?
OMG, I'm going to the moon tonight. Earth gets boring, I'm pretty sure I don't belong here.

With <3 L Shout out to Conscious, Project Mayhem, 2Hungry Bros and my #lovhers!
L is for Love

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DJ Polarity said...

Respect due to the brotha Conscious on this column. As I did the 1 to this, I became a bigger fan of Likwuid as a person. She was asked substantial questions that had great answers. Free hiphop now. That's what's really good in the hood. PEACE

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