February 28, 2012

Q & A With Thinker (@Thinx19)

What was your introduction to production?  What about producing keeps you interested?
I'd have to say that I was introduced to the process of music producing by one of my closest friends and mentor, Onree Gill. Spending time with him in studio sessions with the likes of LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane, Easy Mo Bee and so on... this made me realize that producing was something that i wanted to do. Music is my true passion. I find inspiration in almost everything so this keeps me interested in producing, I'm always eager to find out how my inspiration might manifest it's self.

Why Maschine?
In my opinion, Maschine is the best product out there. I'm a huge fan of all things Native Instruments because of their obvious commitment to excellence. Maschine is the perfect pairing of hardware and software. The hardware is light yet sturdy with durable pads and knobs while being aesthetically pleasing. The software is user friendly, it reacts fast and it's super convenient to be able to open it up as a plugin inside of your DAW.

Why are musicians Bill Evans and Chick Corea so fascinating to you ?

Composers are to a musicians what architects are to carpenters. The process starts with the vision and I've always been fascinated with the idea that one person can basically look into the future by writing and arranging parts for multiple instruments much like an architect that envisions a final structure. Bill Evans was an amazing composer. I grew up listening to Chick Corea, He might be my favorite musician of all times. His music captures so much more than my sense of hearing. There is a spiritual quality that I can feel and even see in his music sometimes.

What artist of the past would you have liked to produce music for and which
producer would have liked to construct a project with? Why?

I wish that I could have produced music for and with John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix. They were both supremely talented and they also represented ideals that helped mold my current state of awareness in regards to the rights that we all have as humans.

How often do you seek out new sounds? How do you discover new music?
I can't say that there's a scheduled time for me to seek new music but every so often when I've been listening to familiar sounds for too long I need to cleanse the musical palate. When it comes to new music, I tend to discover it via the web. Tweets and Facebook posts. Sometimes I'll get a link via gchat and other times I'll just chance upon something new while I'm browsing the net.

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