March 6, 2012

14KT - "Width" feat. Tony Ozier

The last shot is a powerful one...

"2011. This is a personal piece I wanted to share with you all.
I made it from compiled videos I recorded on my phone.
I made the song dedicated to God, but it's also a dedication to my family and some of the friends He's blessed me with.

As an artist, you can easily get caught up in an endless menu of distractions in life.
Having to please people, facing criticism on your creativity, pressures of living up to your potential, pleasing others, image, all the things that can create fear in our lives. However, when you put your thoughts on the things/people you truly love, LOVE will conquer fear."

R.I.P. My father, Paul Tucker Jr.

"When can they measure the width of our love?
Never a time
Never a time
Never a time."


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