November 13, 2014

Rock-Rap Dynasty: Rise of the Wolves by @VoicesOfTerror

The Voices of Terror didn't break the internet with their debut "Rock-Rap Dynasty: Rise of the Wolves" nonetheless their enthusiasm is duly noted. It’s apparent they believe in their movement but belief in one’s own mission is simply not enough when stepping into the realm of rap, rock and alternative Hiphop realistically, considering the bar set by artists like Rage Against the Machine, Linkin Park and even Kid Rock.

To his credit, Mike Walker (producer) is obviously talented but more than rock sounding production is needed to qualify a project as 'rock'. If the tracks composed were reinterpreted by an awesome band then perhaps Zero (emcee) would have the backing he needs to really command respect on the mic. It might push him a bit, help craft his delivery. His raps sound recited. Passionate but no finesse. The remedy, one hundred hours on stage projecting over unbearably loud live music and an even louder aggressive audience.

In order for these young voices to make a considerable mark, training wheels must come off. No tandem jumps, only fearless stage dive after stage dive. Growth is a necessity. Sometimes with experience, the writing gets better. Depth of the music happens when artists create and learn from their respective journeys and apply it in real time.

The Voices of Terror have a way go in order live up to the name they've chosen for themselves. To say they have potential would be unforgivably cliche. Still, dreaming big never hurt anyone. With that stated, please excuse the following cliche. Only ‘time will tell’ if these pups truly rise to become the intimidating wolves they aspire to be while fulfilling their destiny. The construction of a rock-rap dynasty.

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