November 12, 2014

Chuckie Campbell (@ChuckieC2) "All I Meant" featuring Cole Jonique

I shouldn't have to say this but, Hiphop is more than burners, bling and bitches or Boom Bap. Have some people tell it, you're either a purists or you're a sell out. That's hardly a train of though that supports the evolution of art and culture. Let’s call this piece a short film that sits off center in a gray playing field; the teams involved of course are black and white.

The vid for Chucki Campbell’s "All I Meant" featuring Cole Jonique is ambitious in it’s presentation. It feels like an upgraded twist on old school music videos from movie soundtracks that blend in footage of the main characters with shots of the performing artist and of course interpretive dance scenes. This is obviously conceptual. The track sonically is atypical for rap vocals and as far as content goes, well there aren’t many songs about relationships and one’s responsibility within them, considering everyone actually has them. It doesn’t fit the description of what ‘real’ Hiphop is or what dying terrestrial radio would deem ‘hot’. To say the least it shouts a genuine attempt at honesty within the music and visual creativity never mind it's par with the look of most of today’s high quality, big budget music video offerings. Whether or not it actually 'works' is for you to decide? (Truth be told I’m mostly affected by the vocals of Cole Jonique and dance movements of Precious Lanee.)

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