November 28, 2006

Hiphop Subway Series On Fuji TV

November 27, 2006

Intro - New to The Group Home.

I was having a conversation with a fellow emcee about where to find instrumentals online. Like full length albums. So Tranquill and I got around to the possibility of recording over all the tracks to an old Group Home album...

I already started writing...

Recorded a little rough joint early this morning. You were probably alseep.

Intro - It Is What It Is... mp3

it is what it is.. the biz is the biz
mind yah biz for you wind up find yah wiz
in the fiz... kidz in the hall takin falls makin calls from out they bid
must be out they wigs.. wet snitching to the pigs
is you is or is you not ready for the steady shots
in the summer when the block gets hot..
for the fur coat rockin and the fiends detoxing..
slap boxin, get familiar.. conscious and tranquill
buildin.. knockin down pillars...
turn yah broad to salt for lookin back...
summer salts in somerset..
snatchin backpacks and chains
right offah empty brains...
for inspiration i kiss the rain

Artist of the week: Jewn Sabbath

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Born in Hawaii, but a California native since the age of five, Jewn Sabbath has been making a name for himself in the music world with his mixture of reggae, blues, rock, Hip-Hop and soul, all the while playing his guitar. He’ll soon be releasing his debut album, Absinthe Minded, which was conceived and written while on a vacation from, well, everything. You see, Jewn, at the time, was in hiding. He describes the album that has come from that experience as a reflection of his time in Hollywood, a time that very few, if anyone shares. Recently Jewn called in to my radio show and we talked about some of those experiences, the 180 he’s done in life since then and what his goals are now that he’s a changed man. Read more...

Hip-hop with a porpoise

NOV 27, 2006

MANHATTAN When Terry “Kid Lucky” Lewis isn’t organizing the bimonthly Sunday Hip-Hop Subway Series — where rappers, singers, beatboxers and even tap dancers jam in transit — he’s running his own production company, Beatboxer Entertainment. In his spare time, the Brooklynite has been reading about dolphins and dreaming of a way to unite his armchair research with hip-hop.

He recently won approval from the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, Fla., to send a team of seven beatboxers to perform and conduct research with dolphins.

“I’m trying to figure out musically what we can do that will bring out something unique with the dolphins,” said Kid Lucky, who expects to stage the performance in October 2007. “But it’s not just about music, it’s also about science.

“In hip-hop culture there have been questions about how to get the youth exposed to more about science and math,” he said. “We have a spiritual base and we haven’t complemented it with a knowledge of science.”

Kid Lucky wants to know if dolphins will respond to beats.

“The concept of dolphins being able to work with music isn’t anything new,” he said. “Dolphins are very smart.”

Mary Stella, media relations coordinator at the Dolphin Research Center, sent an e-mail to Kid Lucky last month with some ideas: “We envision some performers standing in the water on one of our special DolphinSplash underwater platforms to perform. Our trainers would then ask the dolphins to come in close to interact and, hopefully, make some sounds, too.”

The performers, who will be about hip- to waist-deep in the water, depending on their height and the tide, won’t use any lyrics. They will use clicks, pops and whistles to create their musical compositions.

Kid Lucky acknowledged some people might find the dolphin project gimmicky but, “I don’t want that amusement to stay amusement. I want it to progress into something greater. We have a scientist who’s a beatboxer, we have teachers, we’ve talked to research scientists.

“Sometimes you need to take risks, like the risk of being laughed at and losing it all,” Kid Lucky said, “to do what you know is right.”

Article taken from Metro New York: Here

November 25, 2006

The Heights Flow

Redhead "I Like" (redspace video)

Great video...! Very creative mister Redhead...

November 23, 2006

Pilgramige Mixtape ::: The Gray Kid & People Food

THE PILGRIMAGE: Ya'll Some Turkeys, The Gray Kid's Thanksgiving Mixtape, includes sneak peaks at new and upcoming GK bangers, as well as classic mixtape style rhyming on hit records by Clipse, Bjork, Masta Ace and others... FREE @

S @


1. The Gray Kid (Dipset) - “B Thru Z”

2. The Gray Kid - “Dirty Don’t Love Me”

3. The Gray Kid (Dead Prez) - “Race World”

4. Mi$ter Be$t - “EH MAN (Chop’d & Screw’d)

5. The Gray Kid - “EH MAN”

6. The Gray Kid (Jeru The Damaja) - “Gittin’ Some”

7. The Gray Kid - “Do The Misfit”

8. The Gray Kid (Jay Z) - “Kingdoms Come…”

9. The Gray Kid - “Too Much”

10. The Gray Kid (E.F.P) - “NYLAthing (Annihilating) Feat. Kobayashi”

11. The Gray Kid (Clipse) - “Mystery Too”

12. The Gray Kid (Young Jeezy) - “So Dope Boys Feat. Ali Bey”

13. The Gray Kid (Masta Ace) - “Shittin On Domes”

14. The Gray Kid - “Another Day In The Life”

15. The Gray Kid (Mobb Deep) - “It Get Twisted”

16. The Gray Kid (Bjork) - “Stephanie B. Microscopic”

17. The Gray Kid - “Roll The Thunder”

CONNECT: YouTube | Myspace | Website | Blog | People Food

The Hip Hop Subway Series

On November 26th 2006 at 6pm The hip hop subway series starts off at the *back of the F train at the **2nd Avenue** station to the last stop at **Coney Island*. All vocalists and percussionists are invited to take part in the hottest hip hop jam session in NYC! Human beatboxers, emcees, B-Boys, singers, spoken word artists, dancers and more make up the hottest hip hop subway party. On November 26th and every other Sunday, come to the hottest party in the underground. We hope you spread this email to all your friends. I hope to see all my old friends and new ones join in. I am looking forward to some good old fashion hip hop jam session with some of NYC's hottest hip hop artists! Like I always say: There will be *NO* *drums or kazoos or small portable* *amps! Pleased do not bring drums there are enough things on the subway you can use to provide a beat! I look forward to seeing everyone. Also visit about what we are doing check out some video, look at pics, and we are also available for bookings. *

*For more info contact Kid Lucky at *

November 22, 2006

Sum Majere "Popeye's Livin"

You know what, this guy is one insane character. An insanely talented character. You gottah buy the album folks. You must! Buy 'The Lil Folk' today!

November 20, 2006

Artists of the week - Track Lacer & Phat Daddy Bu

You don’t hear about a lot of rappers from Milwaukee. Most people would assume Hip-Hop doesn’t even exist there, but Track Lacer & Phat Daddy Bu are doing everything they can to try to put their city on Hip-Hop’s radar. About an hour and thirty minutes from Chicago, IL along the shore of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is probably most known for beer. Track Lacer says it’s not an easy place to perform, noting “it’s too violent a city to support much live, local Hip-Hop. Every time we've ever had a weekly venue booked, it got canceled due to idiots fighting or shooting.” This goes against everything the duo stands for as they point out “we are role models, by default. Hip Hop is raising kids across the U.S.A. If we don't accept responsibility for what we say negatively, then we in turn won't take responsibility for how kids act as a result of our negativity. Milwaukee has led the nation in teen pregnancy rate for 7 out of last 10 years,'s not parents raising our kids, it's basically Momma and Young Jeezy.” This week I sat down with Track Lacer and Phat Daddy Bu to discuss their role as role models, their music and some of the issues they’d like to open people’s eyes to. Read more...

November 15, 2006

Sean Price "Jesus Price Supastar" Album Cover Unveiled

Jesus Price Supastar is produced by 9th Wonder, Khrysis, G- Unit's, Ill Mind, MOSS, PF Cuttin and more. The album features: Buckshot, Smif N Wessun, Rock (of Heltah Skeltah), Sadat-X, Little Brother, Ruste Juxx, Chaundon, and the Loudmouf Choir.

Lean With It, Rock With It, Stop With It...

I'm in the house recently, cooking up something for the kids while my oldest is flipping the channels looking for the next best thing to watch on the tube until her favorite show Degrassi comes on. From a few seconds of MTV Cribs re-runs to VH1 and then she finally decides to leave it on BET.

At first it was all good – I was bobbing my head to one of Beyonce's recent bangers then Busta's "Touch It" jam came on, but it slowly went downhill from there. I thought I had put too many onions in the dish that I was making but then I realized that I was beginning to shed a tear at the garbage that I was hearing.

I won't say any names of the groups and artists that were played but I honestly believe we are not only at a state of emergency when it comes to the politics of this nation - we are also in a state of emergency when it comes to the negative and repulsive music that's aired on TV and radio.

As I continued to listen, I found myself standing completely still, staring at the television in disappointment as I heard more about ass-shaking and drugs in two songs than I have heard in one week of listening to several CDs. What hurt the most was that these songs were categorized as hip-hop!

I really don't think that the average listener of top 40 radio knows what hip-hop is. Hip-hop is not rap, and rap is not hip-hop. People often say, "Hip-Hop is a culture, and rap is what you do within that culture," which is true to some degree, but it's more than that. Hip-hop is not only about beats and lyrics, but it's about unity, love, peace, spirituality. Hip-hop was created to bring people together to speak about various things on a common ground with common goals in mind.

When listening and viewing the so called "hip-hop" today, I don't see much unity nor do I see anything that truly uplifts the community, I see more negative things that brings down our community. From songs that glorify drug selling, to prostitution, to simply killing another person, when is it going to end? How does it affect our young people, our next leaders? Our kids are dancing and singing this crap at home, with their friends, and at school. This is part of the reason why we have kids having sex early, getting killed and going to prison – because the music is raising our kids, not the parents.

When it comes to the next generation of leaders, I feel sorry for this nation, most people my age and older grew up listening to songs like "What's Going On?" by Marvin Gaye to Queen Latifah's "Unity," "If I Rule The World" by Curtis Blow - songs that motivated me to question injustice and join to end it. But the songs out now are not motivating, just brainwashing.

In the end, change begins with you, stand out, be yourself. I was told that the people you hang around will be the people who you will end up acting like; and I believe that the music you listen to fits the same mold. Be yourself, listen to music that will motivate you to reach your goals and don't follow suit. The trump card sits within you.

Parents, it's your responsibility to keep you child's mind as pure as possible while they are under your roof. Make it happen to the best of your ability.

Much love and respect.

- Chosun

Lord Death Vs. Mr.Liquid - Psychoanalyst Ft. Cardiac

November 14, 2006

GWEN STEFANI | Official Music Video for "Wind It Up"

Artist: Gwen Stefani
Title: Wind It Up


Bowie, MD – October 27, 2006 – Many of us are able to remember those days as a youngster when that dreadful wintertime cold came over us. We would come in from school or from playing outside with a red nose, itching eyes, drippy nose hoping that mom will be able to work her magic and heal the aches and pains. Many mothers were able to take one look at our face and know exactly what medicine to grab, and knew precisely how to give you the medicine. For those who hated taking medicine, there was a technique that is still used widely today called "putting the medicine in the candy," as a result disguising the medicine inside of a treat, a method that grew to be very effective; paving the way for many medicine products today that taste, feel and look like typical candy from the corner store.

The hip-hop industry is sick ladies and gentlemen, every time you turn on your radio it's like stepping outside in 30 degree weather without a winter a coat, the end result being a virus that gets into your soul and marinates until you get one thing – Candy Medicine. The concept is simple, medicine that is not apparent, but instead transparently working its way into your system inside of candy that you are used to.

Let's face it; listening to mainstream hip-hop today can be a sickening experience for some and its time for the hip-hop community to heal. What happened to hip-hop music with soul, with heart? What happened to hip-hop music that didn't glorify material wealth but instead hip-hop music that focused on keeping the culture alive? This type of music still exists, from your Common's, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Dead Prez, Kanye West, Little Brother, but the top 40 virus has it in its control, and only releases like Candy Medicine can free it.

Candy Medicine is the latest effort from revolutionary emcee and producer ScholarMan, previously known as Scholar. Scholar is now legally ScholarMan, separating himself from the many Scholar's in the music industry, not only by name but by sound as well. Candy Medicine consists of 12 tracks, solely produced and written by Scholar with one goal in mind – to heal. How does it heal? Through tunes you can nod your head to, and gain something from, real hip-hop. On this album ScholarMan explains his view on what real hip-hop is, and it's worth a listen. From pounding beats, inspirational lyrics and an underlying message on every track, ScholarMan sets himself apart with every track.

This holiday season; pick up "Candy Medicine" if you enjoy classic hip-hop music with a message. "Candy Medicine" is coming soon to CD Baby, iTunes, eBay, and other retail chains. Please contact the Else Where? Music Group for discounted wholesale orders at:

Else Where? Music Group
3540 Crain Hwy #381
Bowie Maryland 20716

Music For Ur Soul - Shadow Zu

"Music For Ur Soul - Shadow Zu" length: 04:42
Blackouts.gifStream HIFI Music For Ur Soul - Shadow Zu play HiFi (mp3)
Download HiFi Music For Ur Soul - Shadow Zu download (6.47 MB) is looking for contributors.

Free Hiphop Now is looking for contributors. Get in where you fit in! If you like to write or just have an opinion that you'd like to express about anything, NOT JUST MUSIC!, send it right on in and we may distribute your content on our main site or one of our connected blogs. Free Hiphop Now wants to spread the word from your pen to a community of eager listeners. We receive tons of music to review from mainstream, independent and so underground it's dirty artists and labels and we look to put out honest critiques of their work. Here's an opportunity to voice your thoughts about anything. Educate! Entertain! & Empower! Do you know someone that writes and you think they'd be a perfect fit? Tell them about us. Send all writing submissions to

Sav Killz

Sav Killz is a gritty emcee whose voice can either inspire you or break you down depending on what his goal is for a particular track. After taking a listen to his latest CD, Determination Through Time, it becomes crystal clear that Sav has some incredible skills. Personally, the album reminded me, at times, of old school Wu-Tang and there’s a really good reason for that, he’s been down with the Wu for over a decade. Wanting to know more, I sat down with Sav Killz and got the full story. Read more...

"The Slaughter - Sav Kills" length: 02:45
sav-back.jpgStream HIFI The Slaughter - Sav Kills play HiFi (mp3)
Download HiFi The Slaughter - Sav Kills download (2.53 MB)

Buy it now!

November 11, 2006

J DILLA - New Video, Hats, T-Shirts on the way!

J Dilla’s legacy continues to shine
New Video To Be Released For ‘Shining’ Album Track 'Won't Do' exclusively on imeem (

As word continues to spread on the recent release of J Dilla's final work 'The Shining', a steady chorus of praise is making itself heard. From major magazine features and newspapers nationally to NPR, television and more, this final work by one of Hip Hop's most innovative creative forces continues to be held up as proof that J Dilla was one of the most significant Hip Hop artists in recent memory.

The release will now see further play with a new video currently in post production for the track 'Won't Do'. The video is directed by Mazik Saevitz (of Blood of Abraham fame) and will feature Dilla's brother John Yancey as well as cameos from Common, Will.I.AM, Black Thought, Talib Kweli, Karriem Riggins and others. Styling for the video was done by Las Vegas based Fruition ( Expect a surreal CG driven visual journey that will celebrate Dilla’s legacy while staying true to ‘Won’t Do’ as a song.

The video will premier on 12/4/06 and will be exclusively available on imeem for 2 weeks following the premier. 2 weeks leading up to the premier exclusive stills and behind the scenes footage will be available on imeem. imeem is a next-generation online network for social media, bringing people together through shared creative passions by combining social networking with innovative digital media features and instant messaging. imeem allows people to upload user-created video, audio, photos, and blogs, attracting an independent and diverse community of artists, bands, filmmakers, photographers, DJs, video nuts and fans.

Listen to "Won't Do" on - Register now and embed the song in your blog, website or profile!

J Dilla X New Era - 'The Shining' Branded Hats to hit stores on Black Friday
J Dilla 'Shining' New Era hats will be released on Nov. 24th, 2006. There will be two hats released, each will correspond to the color of the shining album and instrumental album. Pictures are posted now on

The hats will be sold for $74.00 each. 74 commemorates the year that J Dilla was born. The black hat will include a copy of The Shining instrumental CD album and the crimson hat will include a copy of The Shining CD. The hats will be limited to 144, of each colorway. All proceeds from the hats will go to the J Dilla foundation

The hats will be available 11/24/06 at:
New York - Union NY 172 Spring Street Tel. 212.226.8493
Los Angeles - Union LA 110 South La Brea Avenue Tel. 323.549.6950
Toronto Goodfoot 431 Richmond Street Tel. 416.364.0734
Montreal Goodfoot 3830 St. Laurent Boulevard
Calgary Goodfoot 736 17th. Ave. SW Unit B (Upper Unit)
Vancouver Goodfoot/Ransom 36 Powell St.
In Toronto INQMND, GOODFOOT and SMPLSZ will host a fundraiser and hat release party on 11/23/06 at Supermarket 268 Augusta Ave. Doors open @ 9PM and donations are $5. For more info go to

November 10, 2006

New Project Pat Video

Project Pat

Add to My Profile More Videos


Available free on i-tunes and at

Peace All,
Good stuff this week as we get a bit deeper this week with another "reality and rhymes" edition of the show. I'm glad to see similar themes reflected in the results of yesterdays vote. If you went out in the bad weather the other day to get in your say you get props over here. I got a line in a song that goes "the vote is a joke, I still do, I'm devoted to hope". To me it's just important that the powers that be witness the masses taking some kind of action that shows they actually care about what's goin on. The people have spoken and I see a day comin when both red and blue get voted out by the true. And if you can't agree with that then we can at least share in the
relief of not having to watch anymore of these dumbass attack ads. (I'm Breez Evahflowin and I approve this ad) (paid for by supporters of live music and freelance graphic design)

here's the playlist for the show


Pens and Needles feat. Breez Evahflowin & Monte Smith
Produced by DJ Bussy Bownlow

TOO HOT (unreleased exclusive)
Produced by the Trackheads (I lost their contact info, if anyone knows
how to get at these seattle cats lemme know)

INDIAN2 (from the upcoming "Global Domination" project)
Produced by DJ Tweak

Poet Monte Smith
Produced by DJ Soundmachine

WHY (from the EP release "FLY" available on I-tunes soon)
Produced by DJ B-Ski Rocks

30 MINUTES (unreleased exclusive)
Produced by DJ Static
Feat Ria Mate

RADIO SONG (from the upcoming collaborative album between Breez
Evahflowin and producer Burt Fox "Yes you")
Good lookin out on all the support and love. Got some great jams comin
from some dope homies in the near future. To my peeps in the north
west, God bless. Y'all in the middle of something serious out there.

Some changes on the way for
Stay tuned
Stay safe
Stay warm
Stay supporting that Stronghold material


Buckshot To Join Talib Kweli on US Tour

Buckshot is joining forces with Talib Kweli on tour. Starting November 19th in Seattle, WA, Buckshot and Talib will perform at mostly House of Blues venues throughout the Westcoast.

Sean Price and Ruste Juxx travel to Italy for 3 shows over Thanksgiving.

Sean Price, "Jesus Price Supastar" in stores January 30th. Fans, write a comment on Duck Down's Myspace Page with your Favorite Sean P verse!


Buckshot and Talib Kweli Tour Dates:

  • November 19th: Seattle, WA, Showbox Theater
  • November 20th: Portland, OR, Crystal Ballroom
  • November 21st: Santa Cruz, CA, The Catalyst
  • November 22nd: Anaheim, CA, House of Blues
  • November 24th: Las Vegas, NV, House of Blues
  • November 25th: San Francisco, CA, The Fillmore
  • November 26thL: Los Angeles, CA, House of Blues
  • November 27th: San Diego, CA, House of Blues
  • November 29th: Phoenix, AZ, The Clubhouse
  • November 30th: Albuquerque, NM, Sunshine Theater
  • December 1st: Denver, CO, Ogden Theater
  • December 2nd: Park City, UT, Harry O's

November 9, 2006

Dreams - Innvisable Men

"Dream - Innvisable Men" length: 01:53
men.jpgStream HIFI Dream - Innvisable Men play HiFi (mp3)
Download HiFi Dream - Innvisable Men download (1.73 MB)

Currently I have in possession a pretty interesting album, said to be basically, journal entries by the emcee and never meant to be heard by anyone. I personally feel the album should be heard by as many as possible in this time of katz shouting hiphop is dead. It's not. Less you dead. You couldn't be reading this post if you were. Inspired by the great literary work, 'Invisible Man' written by Ralph Ellision, the album 'Innvisible Men' is a great contribution to the art by the un-named emcee accompanied by production from yet another nameless character from the west coast. Currently there's talk about releasing this piece digitally. We'll see. Until then listen to Dreams.

My PPP Story.

Well let's just say I stumbled open yet another great opportunity to make a little money doing something that I've done for a while. Even as a professional there are times when you do a lot of pro bono work, for me most of the time it's for a good purpose so I have no real complaints. Just recently I found out about PayPerPost and of course when first taking a look I was suspicious as any sensible person should be of programs online that deal with money. But, I was actually quite pleased with the way the system worked and the method of payment was cool. I'm sitting on a wopping five bucks right now that's pending and you know what, I'm gonna probably spend it on a yet another domain name, or I can donate my earnings to charity, one of the options you have using this program. I think the site in very appealing. Pay Per Post is easy on the eyes and simple to navigate. Perhaps the ease of use is what hooked me. After getting over the intial wait for my blog to be approved I was happy to click on and complete my first opportunity. Now I want to get my bank up like the highest ranking bloggers on the homepage. How long will it take me to make a G. I guess we'll see!

November 8, 2006

The Hip Hop Subway Series November 12th 2006

Beatboxer Entertainment presents

The Hip Hop Subway Series


On November 12th 2006 at 6pm The hip hop subway series starts off at the back of the V train at the 2nd Avenue station to the last stop at Forrest Hills . All vocalists and percussionists are invited to take part in the hottest hip hop jam session in NYC! Human beatboxers, emcees, B-Boys, singers, spoken word artists, dancers and more make up the hottest hip hop subway party. On November 12 th and every other Sunday, come to the hottest party in the underground. We hope you spread this email to all your friends. I hope to see all my old friends and new ones join in. I am looking forward to some good old fashion hip hop jam session with some of NYC's hottest hip hop artists! Like I always say: There will be NO drums or kazoos or small portable amps! Pleased do not bring drums there are enough things on the subway you can use to provide a beat! I look forward to seeing everyone. Also visit about what we are doing check out some video, look at pics, and we are also available for bookings.

For more info contact Kid Lucky at

6pm Sunday Nov. 12th, 2006

Meet up on back of V train platform 2nd Avenue in The East Village

For more info contact Kid Lucky at and visit

If interested in booking Beatboxer Entertainment our EPK is

New Hi-Tek track Featuring H.D.

"Split Second: Hi-Tek ft. H.D." length: 03:01
milkcrate.jpg Stream HIFI Split Second: Hi-Tek ft. H.D. play HiFi (mp3)
Download HiFi Split Second: Hi-Tek ft. H.D. download (4.15 MB)

November 7, 2006

The Actor's Rap Staged Reading

The Actor's Rap! is an outrageous comedy about a group of actors who are frustrated by the "rappers turned actors" who keep stealing their roles. Taking matters into their own hands, the actors kidnap today's hottest rapper in order to secure a coveted role in an upcoming film. Will this insane stunt succeed? Or will the actors catch a bad rap? Find out in The Actor's Rap!

November 6, 2006

The Flow

I Are 100% Pure Rokstar ?


FreeMix Radio: FM7
The Original Mixtape Radio Show

Music: Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Sizzla, Ghostface, Spinna, Hi-COUP, Blitz, Pharaoh Monch, Wildchild, M.O.P., Flawless Blak, Nas, Papoose, D'angelo, AZ, CL Smooth, Serious Jones, Premier, Common, Dead Prez and more...

News/Interviews: DC Radio CO-OP interviews Dead Prez plus: Johonna McCants discusses Carceral Studies and the Prison Industrial Complex, Nas and Pharoah speak and Mumia Abu-Jamal and Snoop talk pimping

Note: The mixtape as emancipatory journalism is just now coming ready for its DC-area distribution. Here is the exclusive online edition which we encourage people to copy, burn, distribute as widely as possible. Those interested in receiving copies of the actual mixtape(s) please contact us.

Announcement: Those interested in publishing academic articles, essays, poems, etc. should check out the Journal of Global Culture from Words, Beats and Life:

Download and Stream options available at:

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