February 4, 2008

*African Booty Scratcher* on HBO

African Booty Scratcher, short film from the acclaimed filmmaker Nikyatu Jusu, set to premiere on HBO in honor of Black History Month.

African Booty Scratcher is an immigrant/coming of age story told in 13 minutes. It follows one fashionable, NYC teenage girl's decision to stick to family tradition or conformity when choosing her prom dress. It is a crisp and fresh showcase of good story telling, good performing and simply good film making. The cast includes rising actress, Dewanda Wise in the protoganist role of Isatu; the rest of the cast includes Ebbe Bassey, Kadane Clark, Terrance Nance, Sofia Rodriguez, Stephen Hill.

Writer/director Nikyatu Jusu, combined her superb storytelling skills with film producer Artesia Balthrop. This film making team sought out to tell a story about family traditions for first generation American children, but was familiar to anyone who had ever been a teenager. It was shot by director of photography Daniel Patterson, who also shot the short film Midway, which is currently airing on HBO.

Nikyatu Jusu is a MFA Candidate at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. She has been honored by the American Black Film Festival, Director's Guild of America, and numerous other festivals for African Booty Scratcher. She's currently shooting another short as well as her thesis film.

Artesia Balthrop is a production employee of MTV Networks, a film/video producer and a blogger. African Booty Scratcher was her third completed film work, but it has solidified her as an up and coming film producer. She has joined forces with Nikyatu Jusu as well as writer/director, Yvonne Michelle Shirley to create a production company that is focused on creating cutting edge films.

Check out African Booty Scratcher's television debut on HBO beginning February 4th (complete schedule below).

African Booty Scratcher On HBO


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Anonymous said...

Just saw it in my hotel room in NY, totally starving and trying to run out to eat somewhere, but this came on and I couldn't leave! I'm glad it was just a short 'cuz otherwise I would have either starved to death or had to leave it in the middle and been pissed! haha. Truly fucking great!

Every aspect from the acting to the film making was on target. So natural and real. It made me cry.


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